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  1. Actually the statement is 100% correct. Exercise, weight, eating don't have any bearing on contracting this nasty bug. However, exercise, weight and eating do have a bearing on how the virus affects individuals.
  2. Why bother asking the same question which has been asked in so many other ways in threads. Boring.
  3. They are not even looking at them yet. Expect months.
  4. Given that Amy Johnston crashed and died in the Thames Estuary it did seem an odd choice.
  5. The article doesn't support anybodies view. "nobody wanted to get a placebo" - Absolutely not stated anywhere. They couldn't get people to do the trial. "pressured by libs" - no evidence in the article of that at all. Not mentioned. "hydroxychlorogquine is ineffective" - the study didn't have enough evidence to state that. Other studies have stated it.
  6. I have just got my detailed telephone bill for last month and since booking my RCI cruise I have had to be on the phone to them for over 6 hours in the past month in order to sort out, flights, price match and now voucher use. Thats on including the times they have phoned me. I booked a P+O cruise for next year as well. Total time on the phone to them is nil. I would have used a travel agent and just got them to do the work but I can't use the vouchers without going direct. I think its the wait to get put through, the having to go over the story again and then the frequent let me put you on hold while I check something. Longest call was 80 minutes and I was no further forward by the end of it than I was before I called.
  7. Dreadful company who have been the worst of the worst in continuing to sell cruises when they had not a hope of them selling.
  8. That is my understanding as well.
  9. There are some people who for medical reasons cannot have vaccines. They rely on others to get them in order to provide the herd immunity for them. The problem lies with people who could have the vaccine but choose not to. They are putting those with underlying health issues at risk. That to me is selfish. As for your comments about being critised, this is a public forum for discussion. Some discussons will involve disagreements. Those may be about breakfast being better at table service compared to the WJ or which cabin is better. You cannot expect just to put an opinion on a forum, particuarly one which is contentious to say the least and not get a response.
  10. So in short you want others to provide your herd immunity. Not because you have an underlying issue but just because you are selfish. It would appear you also choose your families choices.
  11. It may be easier to wait for them to go under and get ABTA to give you your money back. It pains me to say it but i have had dealings with three separate cruise companies during this and CM are the worst by far.
  12. Frankly, their interaction with customers has been rubbish. If they go bust and I truely hope they don't then I will get my money back faster via ABTA.
  13. I believe they are well informed and will leave it at that.
  14. I give up. That was not the original point. The original point was that RCI were discounting drinks packages on cruises which were never going to sail in order to entice people to buy the cruise. My point is that people buying cruises do not know the price of the drinks package until they have actually bought the cruise. No straight line from A to B.
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