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  1. On 2/19/2024 at 8:16 PM, Baronbob said:



    To update this list

    - Do not push the "Quote" button. (It creates a copy that the next person cannot properly update).

    - Instead: Find the most recent post with the list. 

    - Select and copy all of the text in that post, including these instructions, except the previous poster's "change notes". (copy from To update this list down to <Copy to this line . . .>)

    - Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the  "Reply to this topic..." box. 

    - Paste your copied text into that box to create a new post.

    - Make your modifications to the list.

    - Add your "change notes" at the bottom.

    - Click the   Submit Reply   button just below your new post.

    - Confirm that everything is correct! You can edit for up to 20 minutes after posting.

    *Dates under ship name reflect the voyage from which the most recent photo of officers was shared here on CC.



    Cruise Director

    Entertainment Director

    Director of Restaurant Operations


    (Dec 3, 23)

    Vincenzo Lubrano (leaves Jan 2024)


    Ozren Marelic (leave)

    Gary Golding

    Luke Bonney

    Oscar Perego


    (Feb 6, 24)

    Domagoj Cuculic

    Pat Carlos Milino 

    Lauren Meyer [photo with Jason]

    Joachim Rothe


    (Dec 12, 23)

    Christopher Lye (leaves March 2024)


    Vincenzo “Renzo” Lembo (leave)

    Jody Miles (leaves April 2024)

    Kylie Chappell

    Mariusz Czemarmazowicz


    Paolo Arrigo


    Stefano Ravera (leave)

     Mikiko Ikemoto

    Tim Donovan Fahey



    (Dec 19, 23)

    Alessandro Genzo (leaves Jan 2024)


    Tony Ruggero (leave)

    Cole Bockman departs April


    Kristoff Greyling takes over April to June when Cole returns




    Kyler Mann

    Catalin Ionel


    (Feb 6, 2024)

    Giuseppe Castellano (leaves March 2024)


    Fabrizio Maresca (leave)



    Kevin Tugwell

    As of Feb 3

    Geof O’Rourke

    Rui Pereira


    (Dec 8, 23)

    Mario Ciruzzi


    Nick Nash (leave)

    Jayson Douglass


    DuVaul Gamble joins in February

    Caroline “Frenchie” Desbuquois


    Francisco Patricio (Jan 2024)


    Nicola Furlan (returns April 2024)


    (Dec 16, 23)

    Raffaele Di Martino


    Michele Bartolomei (leave)

    Karen Rogers

    Matthew Joseph

    Jean Paul Musiu


    Marco Cataldi (leaves Mar 2024)


    Paul Slight (leave)

    Jaclyn Friedlander (leaves Jan 2024)


    Andi Sanders (returns Jan 2024)

    Susan Rawlings

    Daniele Rosafio


    (Dec 10, 23)

    John Foster (leaves Jan 2024?)

    Nikki “Nikki Jayne” Robertson

    Ron Goodman

    Douw Steyl


    (Nov 12, 23)

    Aldo Traverso (leaves Jan 2024)


    Tim Stringer (leave)

    Allie Ambriano

    Martyn Moss

    Francisco Patricio

    (Left Jan 2024)


    (Oct 23, 23)

    Andrea Spinardi

    Lloyd Flay

    Andrew Berghout

    Paul Ciobanu


    (Jan 20, 24)

    Steven Lewis


    Mario Tani


    Jaclyn Friedlander

     Natalie Costa

    Francesco Ciorfito


    (Feb 6, 2024

    Paolo Ravera (leaves March 2024) 


    Todd McBain (leave)


    Fernando Duran  (As of Feb 3)

    Ben Powney

    Mario Propato


    (Dec 9, 23)

    Heikki Laakkonen

    Marco Fortezze (leave ~Jan 19/24)

    Aaron Hawkins

    Caitlin Messerschmidt

    Ciprian Hoidreag


    Gennaro Arma


    Nick Nash (relief)





    Craig Street


    Paolo Arrigo (relief)

    Dan France + Corinne Steel (CD duo)

    Neil Rose

    Claudio Giuliani


    <Copy to this line so there is space to type "change notes" after this line


    added Gary Golding to Caribbean Princess

    Screenshot_20240219_194240_Instagram 1.jpg

    Does anyone know how long Gary is staying? I'll be on the CP on March 31st for the first time and know nothing about Gary. Thoughts on him as a CD? 

  2. I'm taking a cruise out of Port Everglades on the Caribbean Princess on March 31. Does anyone know if this ship participates in the EZ Check program and if so, do I need to do any other prep work besides printing out a copy of my airline ticket?  Thanks so much in advance!

  3. With the holiday madness, I completely spaced out and forgot to book spa services. I'm wondering how good the concierge is at handling this once onboard? We are sailing in an Owner's Suite so we have access to this perk, however, I'm asking because it's a holiday sailing and is sold out.  Any input is appreciated- thank you!

  4. Sailing in a suite with my two teens next week and am curious to learn tips and tricks for sending laundry out. Any warnings about what not to send, etc.? Also, if I send a large order out two days before disembarkation, can I expect it to come back in time to pack the night before cruise ends?  

  5. 10 hours ago, karatemom2 said:

    UPDATE: I called and spoke directly with Vallarta Adventures this morning and Las Caletas is already reopened and operating as normal and will be totally fine for our Jan 3 excursion. Yay!

    Thank you for checking! So a few weeks ago I received an email reading "emergency notification" stating that my Las Caletas excursion was going to be switched to Majahuitas due to "no sand due to the recent hurricane" at Las Caletas. I just cancelled my shore excursion through Princess and purchased through Vallarta Adventures. I saved some cash thanks to you so I owe you a few drinks;-)! 

    Question: you selected Puerto Vallarta and not Vallarta Nuevo as the pick-up point, correct? 

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  6. Just got word that due to the recent storms, our excursion to Las Caletas would be replaced with the Majahuitas excursion. They are not comparable in my opinion but would like to hear from others! Am I missing something? Any other suggestions more along the lines of a nice beach day? TIA!

  7. I have this cabin booked for an upcoming cruise with my two teens and am wondering what the experience has been regarding the smell of smoke? I just now figured out that this (very expensive) cabin is right above the smoking section outside the Vista lounge (sigh...). Any input from people who have sailed in this cabin is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  8. 16 hours ago, Crystabel said:

    We were on the Discovery Princess in an aft suite, Starboard side, on Dolphin deck, and a smoking area for crew and passengers was below us on Promenade deck. We could not use our balcony because of all the smoke, which also at times, seeped into the cabin. Aft suites on the Port side of the ship rarely if ever have that problem. A lot depends on if the ship is in motion and how the wind blows. But I would never book the Starboard side again. 

    How long ago was this? Did you complain, and if so, what was the response from Princess? I have booked the Owner's Suite (E729) for an upcoming cruise and am now second guessing this decision. UGH!

  9. I was on the Discovery for a 10 day Sea of Cortez last year that began on 12/28. Christmas decor was still up and disappeared on Jan 1. I'm also booked on this years 12/30 sailing and am curious to see if they use the turn over time on the 30th to strip the ship of Christmas decor (I hope not!). 

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  10. Following as I just booked the Owner's Suite on her, also for a MR sailing. The price difference between the cabins you're looking at and the OS was about $1,200 for the three of us (I'm taking my two teens:) but the square footage was a sizable amount, so worth the upgrade IMHO.  None of the Penthouse cabins you mentioned were available for our sailing but I'd love to learn more for our next jaunt!

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  11. 22 minutes ago, PacnGoNow said:

    This has been going on since they announced they would start shipping to Canada and started updating the App.  

    Only option was to pick up at the port.  

    The last time I was able to pay $10 for shipping was on May 14, 23 in the App.  And that was for a cruise this year.  

    The ones for next year do not have that option.  Port pickup only if you’re on standard.

    Cruise departs 12/30 this year so I'll keep checking the app to see if shipping option changes!

  12. I just made final payment on a 12/30/23 cruise out of San Pedro on the Discovery and the app would not allow me to have the medallions shipped. This is my 15th cruise with Princess and the first time I've run into this problem. Any idea what is going on? The only option available is to pick-up the medallions at the port.

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