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  1. San Luis , Tremont , Moody Gardens , Galvez are comparable to ZaZa . If you flying in you will have two transfers for ZaZa . It seems just where you want to be Houston or Galveston .

    Staying there post-cruise. Was planning on self-debarking then catching an Uber to the hotel. Not sure what you mean by 2 transfers?

  2. I second the advice to tour the tall ship Elisa! I personally also like the Galveston Railroad Museum.


    I'm glad you are going to go to the Houston Zoo. Be aware that it will be HOT. If you are driving yourself, I highly recommend that you be there when they open. Parking does fill up. Depending on where you are staying, there's also the option of taking the MetroRail. Within a short walk of the zoo are Hermann Park and the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences (which is EXCELLENT and has a nice butterfly center, a planetarium, IMAX, etc).

    Thanks for the advice re: the heat/parking sitch. We will be at Zaza so I'll have them drop us off:) Any good restaurants you can recommend for dinner/lunch within walking distance?

  3. Bishops Palace, Moody Mansion, Bryan Museum (one of larger collection of southwestern art and historical artifacts in US), and Opera House are all open for public tours.


    Consider tours of Restored Elissa Tall Ship Sailing Schooner, and tour of Dolphin Sight Seeing on Port , and three short Historical Films at Maritime Museum at port


    Also Tour of wooden tree sculptures from trees damaged during Hurricane Ike is wonderful.


    The Aquarian Pyramid at Moody just completed a 27 million renovation so may be worth it.

    The Rain Forest Pyramid at Moody is wonderful for it's tropical Paradise with birds, animals, butterflies and other species.

    All the 3 D films are excellent at Moody.


    This is exactly what I was hoping for...thanks for taking the time to write.;)

    The wooden tree sculptures sound intriguing and I will for sure go see the three historical films. 27 or 37 million dollar renovation (who's counting?) to the AP may indeed be worth a peek:)

  4. Gaido's is the name of the restaurant you mentioned. It's on the Seawall. Miller's is outstanding for breakfast. You can rent bikes or pedi carriages and pedal along the Seawall. There are horse carriages along the Strand. Bishops Palace does have tours.

    Thanks...will hit Miller's for breaky:p

  5. Also see




    And contact Galveston Visitors and Convention Bureau


    Consider Turtle Rescue Facility by NOAA .


    She would enjoy Rainforest Cafe


    Thanks for the suggestions. I'll check out the Turtle Rescue Facility for sure.

  6. I'll be arriving in Galveston on Friday and am looking for some advice on must sees and good eats? Jazzed that the trolley will be up and running so won't have to rent a car:) So far, I'm reading Rudy and Paco's and Gaedos are good restaurants? I'll be trvelling with my daughter but she is 9 going on 29 and has no interest in the water park, etc. Anyone know what the aquarium is like? We have passes to an awesome one here in Long Beach so am thinking to skip. So far I want to hit the Pleasure Pier, Moody Mansion and the Strand...we are the types who are just happy to walk around and take it all in (I love architecture). Is it possible to gain access to the Bishop's Palace or The Grand Opera? Any suggestions from those who have been? Also, she is an animal LOVER so if there is anything in that realm, I would put it on our list. Post cruise we are spending time in Houston to hit the dog show and zoo!:halo:

    Thanks for helping us!!!

  7. Can you book an Uber or Lyft in advance? Does anyone know the cost for each from IAH to RCCL port?

    Thanks in advance!

    Can't reuqest in advance but is sooo easy. I just looked for you and an Uber X would run $80 (good if you have 2-3 people and not CRAZY amont of luggage). If you need an SUV, cost would be $154. These are quotes one way and change due to time of day/traffic, etc.. I use Uber ALL the time here in Los Angeles...can't beat the price. I plan on Ubering from Hobby to a VRBO I rented pre-cruise, then Uber again post-cruise to Zaza Hotel and again the next evening to IAH. And yes, you guessed it, ubering home from LAX:)

    Hope this helps.

  8. I am getting the same error on my July 16 trip. Called the number and they had to contact some other department. I was given an IT case number. Was told to wait until the end of the weekend and try again.

    I would call and make sure your reservation is included in any fix they do.

    I am as well! Are you headed on the Liberty, too?

  9. I need some advice.... my daughter and I will be arriving at 9:05 p.m. on a Wednesday. What restaurants might be open later than 10 p.m. in the vicinity of 17th St. (near Hyatt)? Something w/in walking distance would be great but we could always drop our luggage and uber (we'll be on west coast time) Thanks!

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