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  1. The gratuities are included with the coffee and drink packages.
  2. You may already know this, but just in case you do not. When searching, I always click the “this forum” choice instead of the default “everywhere”. If not, I usually cannot find what I need.
  3. I will admit that I may not fully understand the issue. I thought the issue is related to not be compensation for the extra two nights in a hotel.
  4. I would think the on board spend credit would be the OBC perk. Did you read the OP’s first post on this subject? The cruise credit was implied to be something different. (2nd perk) If the OP never comes back, we will never know for sure.
  5. It does make one wonder if the OP is confused, especially since they state that new bookings currently have the same offer. Perhaps the cruise credit is a discount to the cruise fare if no perks are selected? Perhaps nenesmum will return and explain the cruise credit, so we might be able to help. P.S. I just checked this cruise for the current booking offer and I do not see a mention of a cruise credit perk. Nenesmum, perhaps you have gratuities, internet, or drink package as you second perk? Also I believe the $150 OBC is just for the first two people booked in a cabin. Good luck coming to an understanding.
  6. True, but the non refundable deposit is actually mostly refundable anyway. Just a $100 charge per person to cancel. Also I believe you can change it once without any penalty. IMO, Celebrity’s cost for a fully refundable deposit is in the potential revenues loss from close in cancellations. (Forced to increase cabin prices based on a potentially false demand and then a large reduction to sell “open cabins” ) IMO, anyone that pays a significant penalty to avoid a potential $100 per person cancellation fee is making a questionable decision. (Probably without understanding all the different costs).
  7. Papaflamingo, I was wondering if I understood correctly. Regent allows you to take a cruise credit for one of the two flights? Or were you doing a B2B? I also consider cabin size to be a significant value when selecting cabins/cruises. Thank you.
  8. Based on my understanding, you would not keep the unlimited Persia. garden access. It is a benefit of the Aqua Class. You do get to keep your “perks”, but you lose the benefits associated with Aqua class. You do get all regular benefits associated with the Suite Class, but no additional “perks”.
  9. Except no one actually ordered 6 lobsters. 2 or 3 according to the post.
  10. I use one of these on almost every cruise for my CPAP machine and light. Occasionally I find the lamp is hardwired and it prevents me from using this approach.
  11. Someone who thinks they will probably cancel? It might stop people from booking multiple cruises for the same time frame. A backhanded way to make deposit non refundable.
  12. Great question. I suspect there is some kind of misunderstanding or a bug on the website. Perhaps Princess is double counting the people in CC dining?
  13. They probably meant that WiFi calling can be enabled, since it can be easily turned off in setting. (At least on an IPhone)
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