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  1. Doubling the cost of of a cruise (or significantly increasing the cost) and requiring masks to be worn will eliminate the desire to cruise for a lot of people. It would be an easy decision for me to stop cruising. Especially when you consider that there is a possibility that we will never have an effective vaccine. Pre cruise testing and health checks would not be a problem for us. I would like to see non evasive temperature checks a long term requirement for schools and social environments. A new norm. It should help to reduce deaths and issues with the regular flu as well. Of course it will not eliminate all risk.
  2. People are not really saying that it is not legit. We are just saying it is different than our experiences and thus unusual. My TA makes the final payment to Celebrity using my CC. It is certainly possible that a TA could split the payment over two CCs. (Yours and theirs). I might be a little nervous the first time, because I have never done it that way previously. But I am not suggesting that I would not use that process if offered. For me it is not a big deal to have a refundable OBC. I sometimes have a few charges, I get some cash, and then I get a credit for any unused balance. Please come back and share your experience after the cruise.
  3. Hawaii has had the COVID 19 under control for some time and they still maintained “Safer at Home” orders for their residents. They are now opening up, but still have the orders. The way they are interpreting the data and science is very cautious with a lot of support from the Hawaii residents. They still are not allowing anyone to fly from one island to another without being quarantined for 14 days. They have not had a death in several weeks, only occasionally have a positive test result, and must have a positivity test result well under 1%. The irony is that 80% of their positive test results have been traced to returning residents. I am having a hard time believing that if this interpretation/approach continues that they would allow cruise ships with passengers from around the world to call in Hawaii. It is their right and they will be the one suffering the consequences. They have been discussing only allowing residents of select countries to visit while maintaining a 14 day quarantine for Americans from other states. The above leaves me to conclude that cruise ships will not be visiting Hawaii in 2020. They would need to be comfortable with tourist from other states and around the world first.
  4. Celebrity would have plenty of capacity in the MDR for lunch, so there would be no reason they would need to staff the Blu dining room and kitchen for lunch. If I was running Celebrity and I needed to reduce the passenger load, I would focus on the less expensive cabin categories. They may need to get a little creative for the AC and suite categories due to the unique dining rooms. Perhaps convert a specialty restaurant or part of the MDR on a temporary basis.
  5. Neither of my TA’s have failed to deliver as well.
  6. Good for you. Since this is a Celebrity cruise, I would be a little suspicious. Your deposit and final payment are being made directly to Celebrity and not to the TA? I am wondering if the TA is having you pay them instead of Celebrity. You might want to check the pricing on the Celebrity website to make sure the price of your cruise was not reduced. If you quoted price is $700 less than what is showing on the Celebrity website and your CC charge shows Celebrity, then you should be good. The process that you describe with the discount has always been the way it has worked for me with Princess cruises, but not Celebrity cruises.
  7. Obviously you feel confident in this position, because you have stated it multiple times. I suppose it depends on your definition of “no discount” and whether you consider refundable OBC from a TA as being a “discount”. My payment to the cruise line is always given to the cruise line. With Princess the amount that I pay is discounted from the normal price. (True discount). With Celebrity the amount I pay is the Celebrity “no discount” price. The TA then gives me a refundable OBC. Sometimes with other cruise lines, I receive a rebate check after the cruise.
  8. The TA that I use for Princess just offers me a lower fare than the Princess price. It is not shown like yours. I look for price adjustments by capturing the originally Princess price and then monitoring any Princess reduction. When I see a reduction or increase in benefits, I have my TA quote me a revised discounted price. Your example would be easier to manage. I have never had a TA that reflected the discount as a separate line item on the invoice. I can see why you would like it.
  9. Perhaps you were mistaken when you said your TA gives a 10% non refundable OBC, since you did not actually use them to book a Celebrity cruise. I suspect their OBC is refundable. It is good that you have found a PCC that is worth that level of extra cost.
  10. Ken, you might want to consider a different TA for your Celebrity cruises. Most of us get the discount in refundable OBC.
  11. You will be pleased. In my experience any OBC from Celebrity (non refundable) has shown on my account. All OBC from my TA (refundable) shows on my account on board only. My TA does not offer a discount for Celebrity cruises, but offers the refundable OBC instead. I usually get some cash on board to use for extra gratuities and then get a refund for what I do not use. This is our normal process since we also have the four perk package. Enjoy your cruise.
  12. Absolutely. If you have a reasonable expectation that you will not be cruising with Celebrity by the expiration date of the FCC, it would be foolish to take the 25% return on your investment.
  13. It depends on whether you are taking a Celebrity cruise in 2021. If not, go for the cash. If yes, where else are you going to get a 25% return on your money?
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