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  1. Hi just out of curiosity where is you cruise to? We are in the U.K too and O cancelled our June cruise from Tokyo to San Francisco. our agent booked flights separately . We had our refund, deposit first and then the balance within 10 days of their cancellation. Did you take O's flights or has your agent arranged them for you? We have now booked an October cruise with O and our agent has transferred the the flights for us with no loss of funds. I do do hope that this works out to your satisfaction. It's such a worrying time all round. Incidentally have you looked at your cruise on cruise retail site such as six star cruises or Igloo to see if you can find any information on there? You can do a 'dummy' booking best wishes Josie
  2. Cruise Law News ! Jim Walker is an ambulance chaser!
  3. We are flying from the U.K directly to Tokyo. where we have a one night hotel stay before joining Insignia for (East West Explorer) for it's cruise to San Francisco. Our cruise starts when this one ends. So far we haven't heard from O or our travel agent so fingers crossed that it will go ahead as planned. This is a 'leg' of the current RTW cruise. Insignia does call at a number of Japanese ports before Tokyo. I am hoping that Japan is on top of this as the Olympic games are held there this year. best wishes Josie
  4. They show the film 'A man a plan etc ' on board before you reach the canal
  5. We have just returned from this cruise and I must admit that the standards of dress has dropped, even to the downright scruffy. I did wonder if the cruise hadn't been sold out and the "spare" places sold off cheaply.
  6. Thank you all for your ideas and advice, I have now booked with a company called LA VIP, it's cost a mint. but it's got to be done after such a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong flight. Please remind me not to sail from L.A ever again! Hope that you all have a soopper doopper Christmas and a merry new year Josie xx
  7. Thank you! I have completely lost where I am upto with this! We need to be met inside the airport. We can lift our suitcases onto trollys, but on and off buses is a huge problem I have clicked onto black car limo,but they dont seem to offer this service Josie.........................................feeling frantic
  8. SuperShuttle, the long running airport shuttle service with the distinctive blue-and-yellow vans, is going out of business at the end of the year. Airports were notified this week that SuperShuttle and sister sedan service ExecuCar will cease operations on Dec. 31. SuperShuttle general manager Alan Gildersleeve, in an email to Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport officials in suburban Phoenix Thursday, wrote, "Unfortunately, our parent company has decided to cease SuperShuttle and ExecuCar operations nationwide effective 12/31 so we will not be continuing our service agreement into 2020.'' I've cancelled ! Hoping to get a refund! Edit or delete this
  9. Hi all On Friday we will be travelling from LHR to LAX and onward to our precruise hotel in San Pedro, I have arranged for 'curbside pickup' I've just been reading that curbside pickups have changed. We are not using Uber or Lyft and have booked (and paid) a company called ExecuCar,I have messaged them the question,but I'm hoping that someone here can also help. Does anyone on here know where pick up is now? We are going to be tired (and fractious) after a 14 hour flight+ customs of course.. At the pre cruise planning/checking stage now! Thanks Josie xxx
  10. There's usually someone in Terrace Cafe standing by a screen(monitor), they will have all the reservations on there and will help you too find a reservation that suits you Have a great cruise Josie
  11. No no no please no shorts in the restaurants..........................this is Oceania, and while we're at it no jeans or baseball caps Jx
  12. Hi This is where we stay inn Southampton ( travel down from Manchester on the train) https://www.leonardohotels.co.uk/hotels/southampton/leonardo-royal-hotel-southampton-grand-harbour Ask for a view of the port.you will see your ship come in and they do a shuttle service to the port on sail day. If you wish to visit the New Forest, travel by public transport and buy a ticket for a HoHo bus whilst on board. have a great trip Josie
  13. what will happen is: the little cupboard will be moved from the side of the bed and placed inn the centre of the two beds. Still the same amount of room Jxx
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