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  1. Thank you Angela. We will be asking for a refund instead of the 125. Just cant keep all these 125s, while cruise prices are rising. Really too bad, we had extra OBCs for a botched tour. That should be transferable as it is deemed as good will for something that had gone wrong on a tour. But yes it will be lost. So be it.
  2. My question is not unanswerable. You have answered it. Your answer is, NO one knows.
  3. When will we hear that it is cancelled? Have a ton of perks on this one. Would move it further back but only if Viking honors the perks. I know they will not do that. Refund or 125 only, nothing else. So another one bites the dust.
  4. We have a cruise on Feb 19, 2021, flights to be scheduled on Dec 11, 2020. We know it is not happening.
  5. Yes still looking. Seems like its been ages since we cruised.
  6. no of course not...but november will be worse....
  7. And it will just increase until it stops increasing. Next week may be seen as even worse.
  8. I hear all of you....yes hard to let it go...we moved our deposit on this one to dec 2021...hope we get to sail then... not sure about the comment about no hope this week especially....sounds political ...all will be well under control...unless people make a very stupid choice....then it will be hell....
  9. While Covid rages, I see staying on the ship as the only way ships could sail. The ship becomes the destination. Cant see spending that kind of money to be on the ship the entire time. Sure miss the cruises of the past.
  10. in our case, we have several perks moved from cancelled cruises...I was told by viking those would be lost....really awful...may prevent me from booking Viking again...
  11. Called Viking. Even though price is the same, it is for new bookings only. They have no price guarantee, if it goes down you are out of luck. Has that been your experience?
  12. oh I see...you are saying that I can use more than one FCC for a cruise....well I am surprised at that..but also pleased....thank you...
  13. but can you use more than one FCC for 1 cruise....I know NOT....just checking...
  14. I probably know the answer for this one. But hope I am wrong.
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