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  1. We are on this cruise and as we have booked concierge, tours will open up shortly for booking, I would suggest you look to the roll call for the cruise before this one as well as this cruise there seems to be quite a few doing the B2B. Look forward to seeing you on board.
  2. All UK cruisers just be aware that whilst air corridors are open to a number of areas, the UK Gov are still advising against cruising. That being the case your travel insurance may be null and void. As a result of this we have just cancelled our November Caribbean cruise😭 Now looking at a Norway cruise from Copenhagen next year. Stay safe and happy cruising if you can. H
  3. That is what I found and just scrolled down The Europe list was directly below the Caribbean. Unfortunately I am not computer literate I am more monkey see monkey do🙈
  4. Just been on the website and they have all the cancelled cruises listed by destination. My Norway cruise the 5/28/2020 has officially been cancelled. Will have to hope my Silversea cruise in November takes place, I need the break.
  5. You are correct in your assumption, from the end of this month the UK arm of x will be bring in the basic cruise then add your perks. I just wonder if the cost of OV and above cabins and above will reduce in price now that the ‘free drinks package’ will no longer be included? I am not holding my breath on that we shall wait and see.
  6. I have been following this thread with some interest and it has just struck me whilst our friends across the pond choose their perks when booking, on this side of the pond the classic drinks package is ‘free’ and included in the fare for ocean view and above. Does anyone know if this ‘supplement’ is applied or going to be to UK bookings? Harry
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