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  1. I'd probably have a cocktail party every night if I had the chance! I'd invite you all in! I love making new friends and why not share the bounty! 🙂 Sigh... alas it would need to be an upgrade for me.
  2. By "Live" I am assuming you mean virtual and not local and in person.
  3. Yeah I don't think that Alaska Cruise is going to happen... just restless here. And remembering how nice it was. If we did it it would be a VERY last minutes decision to book. I've been figuring a less than 50/50 chance we will be on the Jupiter in July cruising the Norwegien Fjords and on to Iceland... slightly better odds if we have a change of attitude towards masks etc. n the US come January. We shall see.
  4. Sigh.... Haven't checked in for a while... My husband noticed Princess cruises was offering discounts on Alaska... That was our first cruise and we enjoyed it and I wonder if we left out of Seattle and stayed on board for the Canadian Stops we could go? (If our Norway/Iceland cruise gets called off... ) Feeling pretty cooped up. But we are healthy and working and have a roof over our head and food on the table. Could be worse... Sigh...
  5. Interesting am article on the various options for cruise ships at this time. https://apple.news/AIjLPe9-1SjCUJtrtWyfJoA
  6. We were handling our own for the June cruise that got cancelled... but we are going with Viking Air for the July 2021 rebook for exactly this reason. Now we have 2 years... maybe 3... I'd have to dig up the papers... to use out Iceland Air Future Flight Credits.
  7. OMG... I finally found the search bar! And when I put my cabin number (4046) in for my July cruise to Norway, Faroe Islands, and Iceland this post popped up! I'll be on the Jupiter but staying in 'your' room! I feel so special! How exciting! Doesn't take much to excite a person these days I guess! 🤣
  8. Sigh.... I didn't get to enjoy the spa on the Sky this summer... but will look forward to using the one on the Jupiter next summer. I saw this old post and thought ... HEY! I should book a spa day here in my new city of Nashua, NH... and then I thought again... duh... damn pandemic.
  9. Soo... because there's not much else to talk about till we can sail. What are you thoughts on Cabin 4046? On the Jupiter... not that that makes a big difference. 🙂
  10. Just settling in to a forward facing chair with a glass of wine... what a view! Regarding cameras... Back in the early 70s my younger brother convinced my father to convert an old closet for him to use to develop film. It was a short lived hobby, as often is the case with grade schoolers... but I still remember the smell of the chemicals. I also remember lots of fuzzy images handing from string. Alas I have not actually be on a Viking ship yet... but I'll tell you why I THINK I am going to love them... We have dear friends in Canada, Shawnna and Larry
  11. Nope. I tried but that was a no go. They already bought the tickets from Iceland Air. If Iceland Air won’t refund they can’t either. Makes sense.
  12. I've wondered if the reason Viking waits to cancel, even knowing they must, is to stagger the work load. Dealing with just amonth at a time...
  13. We had booked with Iceland air using our Wells Fargo "Go Far" points. (We would have been flying out later this week to begin our Iceland's Majestic Landscapes adventure) While we could not get a refund of points we did get FFCs (Future Flight Credits) good for 3 years... if Iceland Air exhists that long! So we shall see! We are rather excited to perhaps take a separate trip to Iceland or use them as a stop over enrout to Ireland or Paris someday. For now of course we shall just dream... We are rebooked for our original adventure in July of 2021 and are letting Viking handle the f
  14. Wait... what? No steel drums? Ever? I don’t mind an occasional talented steel drummer in the right climate with a nice rum drink. Not every night... but at the right moment.
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