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  1. Jean87510--your pictures are great! What camera did you use? Barb
  2. You didn't mention the ages of family members, but that may influence what you want to do first. When you are checking in, be sure to ask for the deck map of the ship, and for the Cruise Compass which will give you the hours for all the venues. We take those and go to the Windjammer for lunch and use highlighters to mark the things we want to do on day 1. Right after lunch we go to the dining room to check out our table location and make changes if needed. Be sure to checkout 270 that's an all purpose space that will be used for entertainment and it offers an amazi
  3. I'm a Florida native now living in Atlanta(35 years). We've driven to Port Canaveral multiple times for cruises, and I want to list a couple of good tips(many already mentioned): Absolutely use WAZE I75 south to Florida turnpike to 528 is a good route; that said, avoid Atlanta on a Friday after 2pm Approaching Atlanta, take Interstate 285 west/south to get around and south of the city back onto 75. Do NOT take Interstate 16 from Macon east to I95--there was a recent bridge problem that may or may not be repaired, causing traffic back-ups. We usually like to spe
  4. I was able to get into the cruise planner today. I just wish I could see and reserve entertainment for the 9/4 Symphony. We're 45 days out, so maybe soon. Barb
  5. The majority of the items can be booked for my Symphony 9/4 cruise except for entertainment. I guess I'll keep trying... Barb
  6. We've only cruised Quantum Class once(Anthem), but we did not like it as well as Oasis Class. We're in your age group and did not find the walking to be too much. We felt that the "traffic" doesn't flow as well on Q class and it frequently felt crowded in the Royal Esplanade. DH really loves the Aqua Theater shows, and was disappointed in the entertainment on Anthem. Overall, we are solid Oasis class loyalists; we've sailed the 4 sisters 9 times, with 2 more booked. I have enjoyed every ship I've sailed with Royal, but Oasis class wins hands down for us! Barb
  7. I would certainly book now if you are going with a family group so that you can cluster your cabins near each other. It makes it convenient for catching up, or leaving notes. You can reprice up until final payment if you see a lower price. DH really won't consider short cruises any more, preferring at least 7 days. We live in Atlanta, GA, so the nearest port is about 9 hours drive each way; it seems silly to spend most of 2 days driving for a short cruise. I see you are from Houston, so your drive to Galveston is not bad. I do think a 4 day cruise might be a great way to do a fam
  8. Finally, I checked in on my desktop, and my SetSail passes show up on my phone app. Not yet able to access entertainment, but I am very excited to be checked in. Barb
  9. We're also on the 9/4 sailing. I've been watching the cruise planner daily, but still no check-in available. I'm SO ready for a cruise! Barb
  10. I was trying to see what might be available, but there aren't any listings for any cruises departing from Florida this summer. Does anyone have a cruise booked for July or August? Have they cancelled everything for those months? Barb
  11. We're never ready to say goodbye to a loved one, but it helps to have some kind of memorial that helps with closure. Several years ago(2012), we did a Burial at Sea for my brother. We contacted corporate, then made an appointment once on the ship. It must be a sea day(to be in international waters), and the appointment will depend on the weather conditions. We were escorted by security and a staff member to an area that has a small balcony just off a maintenance area. They gave us time to read a memorial poem, and then throw over the ashes. As we stepped back ins
  12. Carnival Fantasy was our first cruise, in 1991. We decided after that to focus on land trips, but returned to cruising in 2006. Since then we've cruised 2-3 times per year, moving up to newer and larger ships. We cruised on Monarch twice and enjoyed those cruises, but I'm glad we've had a chance to sail many of the Voyager, Freedom, Quantum and Oasis class ships. We were looking forward to our May 2020 Baltic cruise from Amsterdam, but we'll see what happens for next year. I'm a major planner, usually 2 years in advance, but I haven't booked a replacement cruise yet. Oh,
  13. We live just north of Atlanta(Sandy Springs), so PC is drivable for us, although we do typically leave in time to spend the night just east of the Orlando airport, then we can sleep well and be on the ship shortly after 11AM. Tampa is also a drive to port, but we prefer the big ships, which don't do Tampa Bay. Fort Lauderdale and Miami are fly-ins for us, but we usually choose FLL, as the airport is small and the port is so close. Barb
  14. Jewelry purchases can be part of a great vacation experience, but too many people don't do a little planning/researching in advance to prepare. You certainly can't expect to become an expert, but a little familiarity will make you a smarter shopper. I've been in the jewelry/watch business for 27 years, and while I love looking at the beautiful things in all the shipboard and port shops, I can honestly say I have never found anything that was such a good deal that I couldn't resist purchasing. Watches--if you are looking at better brands such as Tag, Omega, Breitling, B
  15. Hi SNIT13-- Thanks for the comment about Jewel being a sister ship for Brilliance. I was confusing her with Vision, which is the smaller class ship. Chances are I'll plan this Baltic itinerary again, but clearly there will be a lot of changes to the travel industry. Meantime we'll look back at our photos and memories of our many cruises and land explorations and be thankful that we're still among the healthy. Barb
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