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  1. This is why we book our own cruises through the Carnival website. No hassle and no potential PVP and/or TA drama. Research the cruise of your choice, go onto the Carnival website, input your VIFP information hit the complete button and pay. Then I just wait for the price reduction "ping" on my cell phone or computer and await the new onboard credits. If you are unfortunately intimidated by technology, there are always family millennial members ready to assist. We are moving to an independent world. Let's get Technical Team!!!
  2. Some of you may differ and say that Carnival wants us to keep booking so that they can continue to use our pre-paid dollars as a source of ready revenue? My loyalty outnumbers any motive that we can conceive. True team players don't abandon the "proverbial ship" because it is in temporary rough seas. Support and Believe in your Brand!!!
  3. The concern should be for Cruise Ports like Jacksonville. We were always told that the larger ships were not feasible for sailing due to not being able to navigate under the auto/passenger bridge. Does that mean that the Carnival Cruise Lines or the other cruise lines build a new port that is beyond these lower profile bridges? Or do they close these terminals?
  4. All these US States really need to start enacting a higher regard for human lives vs. greed for profitability. Give the Cruise Industry credit for at least "appearing" to care about our safety.
  5. I believe that most C-Level Corporate Executives are truly genuine and care for people. There are always those with adverse motives to simply delegate all of the tasks "get paid" and move on. The proverbial "Golden Parachute" probably does not reside within the Carnival Organization at this stage of the game. For that reasoning, there may or may not be an incentive for a Senior Executive to contemplate leaving. Parachute or not, when/if the Executive Board says "Go" you pack it up and await the escort to see you out.
  6. It's Human Nature. Some can handle the stress and grey hairs that accompany leadership and some can't. Wouldn't read too much into as people make career moves all of the time.
  7. It's Human Nature. Some can handle the stress and grey hairs that accompany leadership and some can't. Wouldn't read too much into as people make career moves all of the time.
  8. I really think that some of us are severely underestimating Carnival's Executive Leadership Team. To become a Corporate CEO (unless your parental lineage dictates the move) you have most likely been through numerous Corporate downsizing's. buyouts, hostile takeovers, media and wall-street scrutiny, bankruptcies, acquisitions and employee revolts. Trust me when all the pieces fit together via this "World Health Solutions Puzzle" Carnival will be the first to alert it's Loyal Customers that they are back to "Full Sailing". In the interim we can still safely Dream.
  9. Appears they are betting that Cruising will not resume prior to years end. If the Industry can come back sooner with a relatively "fail safe plan" the Cayman Powers To Be will probably soften their stance. I realize the Cayman area has historically been deemed a "money haven". If you are used to controlling large amounts of money then your "greed" factor is probably heightened and you will not miss out on any potential revenue.
  10. Hopefully that is at full disclosure? Could be significantly more? They should be fine. Again the Carnival Board Members are not in business to lose money. They will figure it all out.
  11. I just remain very passionate about my family's vacation choice (Strictly Cruising). The revenue alone that we have helped generate as we have converted and/or initiated many cruisers over the years. Done without any compensation or worry (talk about free publicity). I am in favor of not just "generously" throwing a lifeline to any/all companies that run into financial hardships (some are vastly mismanaged). However, I am for the corporations that have and/or continue to contributed a "hefty historical" dollar amount to your country's bottom line profitability. If I had somehow lost money with Carnival, been unjustifiably denied boarding, had my deposits returned due to unknown reasons, not been rewarded for passenger loyalty (the old past guest parties), denied awards via our patronage and just told that my business was not needed then my feelings would possibly be altered. As long as they continue to follow the old and the new made rules and can return to "safely" cruising they deserve a "USA Red/White/Blue Life Vest".
  12. Per the above exchange for those Cruise Family members that don't reside in Florida this could certainly be a long drawn out episode. Carnival (non US Business Entity) indirectly attributes many dollars to our US economy. The passengers that choose to Cruise from a Florida port are generally flying in the day before (multi Airline ticket purchases and luggage fees), driving in within a reasonable distance (gasoline expenses, food, auto wear and tear), rental cars to both drive to the Cruise ports and/or rent when arriving at the Cruise City airports (added costs and possible tolls), Hotels for the stay prior to the Cruise (booking fees, food, parking if using the park and cruise options), getting to the ports (driving and/or booked transportation fees), possible parking at the terminal (added fees) and Post cruise return transportation and flights and/or driving back home. It's hard to believe with this type of revenue generation (past or potential) that the US would consider not assisting the Cruise Industry. That would be a hard jolt to the past "Partnering" that they have developed.
  13. Can someone please help me with 'How Do You Get These Offers"? We have spent our fair share of dollars in the Casino's on many Carnival cruise vacations. What's the "secret sauce"?
  14. Health is certainly top priority. This certainly will not be our last cruises on Carnival. The US auto industry was bailed out even though we continue to produce substandard products. I can't remember a time when Carnival didn't provide my family and me with superior service and products. Have Faith Family!!!
  15. I totally get your point. Most Business executives do earn their loyal pay. There are always those that will not play by the written rules no matter the outcome or potential circumstances. I don't believe that Carnival's Executive Leadership Team is to blame. They can only operate within their acquired means. Unless they have qualified and retained Medical experts on staff they are probably awaiting the "cure" like the majority of the World. Blame is not what is needed right now; hope and prayer are essential.
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