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  1. The day that will definitely beat any Black Friday deal is the day when we are all "Told" It's Safe To Cruise Again.
  2. One of my all time favorite via the Carnival Cruise line fleet. Doesn't matter as long as you are sailing. The ship is great from an inside cabin to a presidential suite. Enjoy!!!
  3. Also let's not forgot to mention that we (the American Public) were left out of the early conversation. Maybe I am wrong but that was not a very smart move by our Bureaucrat formerly at the top.
  4. I really feel that people in general are so "desperate" to cruise that the thought of just being on a ship pleases their mind sets. They may regret signing up if they are going to possibly be subjected to future quarantines, sickness and isolation. Too risky for me. No thank you.
  5. When the vaccine is certified by all the powers to be and the Medical experts say that it is good to go then the vaccine will become more acceptable. Too much historical "old baggage" and rushing to make me feel comfortable that we are being told the truth.
  6. My family and I have been sailing with Carnival for many years. We have yet to get any "perks" for cruising. Still doesn't stop me from being loyal since they have provided us with an excellent vacation experience time and time again. That's enough perks for me.
  7. Let's hope that this miracle vaccine is made available to everyone; not just the privileged. We all need to share equally in whatever it's going to do. I feel a "proven" vaccine will play a huge factor in determining who and how many book cruises. Otherwise we are all still awaiting the "All Safe" message.
  8. Still way to much uncertainty. I am waiting on an "All Clear" signal before booking.
  9. All I will say is WOW. The Fred Flintstone era has passed us by.
  10. Not in a million years. There would still be "test" passengers that tested negative upon initial boarding and a few days later begin to show symptoms. Stop rushing the process and allow the Medical experts experts to provide their valuable input. Oh and let's all listen to them please.
  11. Sometimes we just have to let go and relax. Carnival will cruise to wherever, whenever as soon as all "safe" elements are enacted. We will all cruise again; just may take a while longer. Safety First.
  12. Would ask that we all remain patient. Carnival will work it all out in due time. They are not the number one Cruise Line by accident.
  13. Team still way to much speculation and uncertainty. I am hoping and praying that the Carnival "Beards" as Heald refers to the leadership team is "Dually" concentrating on getting us back to "Safe" cruising. Let's get back on the Water.
  14. Again your points are well taken. In conjunction with this case, the Federal Government should start an outright campaign to bring to justice all Corporate offenders. We continually see and read stories regarding companies that are continuing to outright "pollute and harm" the communities where they operate. I actually just saw a documentary about a small Parish in Louisiana where more than 50% of all it's residents are suffering the cancerous effects of toxic air produced by this chemical company. I am not in any way condoning the Carnival actions; however, it should be as concerning for the
  15. Points well taken. However, they are a Corporation made up of Souls. Those same souls are unfortunately guided by "Fleshly Behavior" which sometimes causes us to make irrational choices. Corporate or not Human Nature rules our decisions. They made irrational decisions and now we have to pray and hope that the Lessons Are Finally Learned. If not then they will continue to suffer the wrath of the Courtroom. Nothing is worse that not being able to Control your Own Destiny.
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