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  1. Thanks, Jimbo. Might leave my small collapsible cooler home this time!
  2. One more question: is there a fridge in the room?
  3. Great review! Glad you had a good cruise and welcome to the 60's! Ain't as hard as it seems lol. I have never been on a ship with a Seafood Shack. But LOVE lobster rolls. We will be doing the Canada/NE cruise on Sunrise 10/6. Would you have a lobster roll on ship or at port? Prices on ship? I am going to have to put my cruise splurge of a Caribbean Colada (will leave it to you, Patti!) and go for the Raspberry Martini. As another poster said, everyone has a different experience and I'm glad you had a good one!!! Happy cruising to you!
  4. Just put a few boxes in your back pockets, make it look like a cell phone. Just remember not to sit down....
  5. Anyone want to search for booze smugglers threads to get some ideas on how to hide cereal boxes in their carry OFF bags? 😎
  6. I know, it DOES sound crazy. With all the posts about favorite or worst food opinions we are talking about BOXES OF CEREAL. It was just an easy snack to throw in your back pack for shore excursions. I am sure parents of little kids would agree but if you read my post a few back, sometimes I feel kind of "woozy" from whatever when we are ashore and the sugary cereal makes me feel better! It's just something people did and now they are being told they can't...so takes time to adjust LOL!!!
  7. Have read all your reviews and loved them, and when I found this, read it all at one time. What a riot! We cruised on the Sunshine from NY and love the ship. HMC is gorgeous. Have been there a bunch of times and there is nothing like it. Your mom sounds like a firecracker! Envy you cruising with her! Hope your leg is healing and happy cruising to Bermuda. Been there a ton of times, on land and from sea and she's a little diamond in the ocean.
  8. Okay, since I am back on this post/topic, I am thinking....our next cruise is to Boston, Portland, Halifax and Nova Scotia. Does anyone know if they have the same rules as an island about non sealed food? AKA cereal in ziplocs lol.
  9. Neither did I! Even a pack of gum or lifesavers lol. But some of us like to bring boxes of cereal ashore for snacks and now that cereal is in dispensers, it has been reported that we can't just bring along some baggies and put some cereal in them, that they will be dangerous for the ports we visit. I am still scratching my head over it, but I go with the flow!!!
  10. I LOVE LOVE this response and your attitude! There is something magical about each ship and we are the same that we enjoy sailing on the same ship more than once. We even had wrap aft balconies on Pride, Spirt, Legend and Miracle, same #8248 and it was like going home! Someone mentioned the Sensation which I would not want to sail on again, but it was really because we went with a group of people/couples who were fighting and miserable the whole time and made the cruise awful and I guess I associate that ship with that. I simply LOVED the color changing lights on the Liberty and would love to sail her again. My favorite is the spirit class like many others. I am an "atrium snob" and love sitting there and watching the action and seeing the elevators and just looking up and up and up! So I don't think I would enjoy the Vista or Horizon. There are things I like and dislike on every ship I have been on. And btw, I LOVED the lido on Sunshine where others hated it, so everyone has a different experience. We are going on Sunrise a month from today and I'm a bit nervous with all the votes for her, but I'm sure we will be okay. It's fun to exchange ideas and opinions!
  11. EXACTLY! This is EXACTLY what I think/thought. I am in the "health field" and know a little about these things and this just defies logic IMO
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