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  1. Thank you SO much for taking the time to post all of the Compasses for your Majesty cruise. I am one of those that loves to get an idea of the activities on board in advance. (In this case, WAY in advance, actually.) We will have a lot of cruise newbies on our multi-generational family cruise, and it's nice to see a variety of activities and entertainment, even if the ship is small in today's world.
  2. I have absolutely no idea how you spent so little on your bar tab. We took a Carnival Spring Break cruise and purchased their beverage package for the first time, and we, definitely, got our money worth. The majority of our drinks came from the Alchemy Bar (PRICEY) and the coffee bars. Our waiter would even offer to get Alchemy Bar drinks for us with dinner. No beer, no wine, very little sodas, but lots & lots of bottled waters and bottled teas. We learned very quickly to NOT order drinks from any pool bars, as they rarely had premium liquor options available, but the sports bar ALWAYS had what we wanted, if we didn’t want to wait in the Alchemy Bar line. I am hoping that Boleros will have a creative cocktail menu when we cruise on RCCL for the first time.
  3. Wait a minute! How do you know the beverage price for your October 2020 cruise? We have a June 2020 booked and RCCL told me I would have to wait from 6 to 9 months before the cruise to see beverage package and shore excursion options. I also won’t be purchasing at $65 per day. That’s too high for how much I might consume.
  4. This is a GREAT recommendation! Thank you!
  5. Everything at Atlantis is EXPENSIVE. I would also also like some recommendations for a large group - ages 4 to 82.
  6. The late port stop will be a challenge for us, too. Majesty of the Seas is supposed to arrive at 2 p.m. The RCCL shore excursions are not posted, yet, but I hope they will have a varied assortment for us to choose from, because I am not having much luck figuring it out on my own.
  7. Thanks! I went ahead and messaged RCCL, and was told the excursions are usually available 6-9 months prior to sailing.
  8. Tell me more about the Mexican food at night, please. We just booked one one of the Majesty of the Seas sailings out of NOLA, and our teens LOVE Mexican food.
  9. How early are excursions usually available to book? I was hoping to get an idea of our options for June 2020, but no luck. I also could not see prices for the beverage packages, or the internet packages. Hard to budget for those extra expenses, RCCL.
  10. I’m sorry, but I’m new to RCCL, and, definitely, never been to CocoCay. I would love to consider a cabana, but the prices sound CRAZY. Is a cabana the only way to get shade, or can you rent an umbrella for a chair? I’m thinking my parents are going to need shade, but not at $900 for a cabana.
  11. I’m so glad I saw this thread! Our multigenerational family plans on putting deposits down tonight for a Majesty of the Seas cruise leaving out of NOLA. It makes me nervous, because of the many negatives that I have read, but I think it will be fine. I do wish RCCL would spend some money to update the carpets and tiny cabins before Summer 2020, but it doesn’t look like that is in the works.
  12. This is EXACTLY our theory. My husband travels a lot for work, and he stopped locking luggage after all the new 9/11 rules were implemented.
  13. Would you please explain the Schooner Bar? Is it a sing-along to the piano player type piano bar? Or is it a sit & sip cocktails, and listen to the soft background piano music? I am really hoping it's the former.
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