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  1. Prepay parking? Guess I need to check on that option for NOLA.
  2. MississippiMom

    passports for minors

    We have never cruised without passports for everyone in the family. The peace of mind is worth it. Plus, I am of Hispanic descent. My children tan very nicely. We don't need any problems getting back in the U.S. (And, no, this is not intended to be a political rant, just a comment about reality.)
  3. MississippiMom

    Carnival drink menus

    This is what I"m counting on. :)
  4. MississippiMom

    Merida Zoo

    I realize this is an old thread, but was hoping resurfacing it might bring out some newer information. Have any of you been to a zoo in Merida recently? Which one? Would you recommend for children ages 3, 8 & 10? Thank you!
  5. What did you do in Progreso with your younger children? The ruins seem to be a great excursion for older teens and adults. I have not read a single comment that makes me think the beaches in Progreso/Merida are going to keep little kids’ interest for very long. Any unique recommendations?
  6. MississippiMom

    Cruise Disappeared?

    A 2020 cruise? I would call and find out why it has disappeared. That sailing could now be a charter, and no longer available to you. It’s been YEARS, but we have had that happen to us. Unfortunately, we only had a few months notice, so we wound up booking a land vacation to Cancun, and skipped the cruise.
  7. MississippiMom

    Allegro for The Day

    Anyone spent the day at Allegro recently? The day pass on their own website is very reasonable. Curious if it’s as nice as it looks on-line. Before anyone thinks they are being helpful, I do NOT want a pay-as-you-go beach club recommendation.
  8. I debated on whether or not I should post, considering some of these replies. But . . . here I go . . . I wish it were easier to find the FunTimes, just to read over them and get excited about the possibilities of our specific cruise. I’m not the kind of person who would be demanding a refund if there was a change, though. I’ve been on cruises before, so I know there will be plenty to keep my family entertained. Our next cruise will have five family members sailing who have never cruised before, and they aren’t “convinced” about this type of vacation. If they could see the Fun Times, it might be easier for the parents to figure out how they might like to juggle the children. (Really, I guess they just need to know more about the kids’ activities.)
  9. Sometimes the reason you hated that “something” is due to the person/persons you experienced it with. I have a spouse who HATED his first cruise experience. It was on one of those no-longer-exists cheap lines from the late 80s/early 90s that his first wife INSISTED they vacation on. They did very few things together, and she wouldn’t even get off at the ports, so he did the excursions alone. He felt like it was a waste of money and a waste of time. It took me YEARS to convince him to try a cruise, again. His cruise #1 and cruise #2 were about ten years apart. He loved his second cruise, and all of the other cruises we have taken since then.
  10. MississippiMom

    Ship Capacity & Cabin Capacity

    I suspected that I might just need to call on a regular basis to see if this might work for us, but was hoping someone would say something like “30/15/7 days out, they will release it.” It’s incredibly frustrating to see the open cabin on many websites, but not be able to book it.
  11. MississippiMom

    What is a spring break cruise REALLY like?

    That’s a cool website. I had NO idea it existed. As for Spring Break cruises . . . We are heading out on one this March, and we are traveling with lots of family, including kids. I can’t imagine that it would be any different (people-wise) than a July cruise. When your vacation time works around your kids’ days off of school, that’s when you travel.
  12. MississippiMom

    Ship Capacity & Cabin Capacity

    For those who really know their cruise line stuff - For Spring Break cruises, do you have any idea how close to sailing date the cruise ship might start maxing out on capacity? We (extended family) would really LOVE to book a currently available cabin for three for only two of our family members. Our TA spoke to Carnival about a month ago and they would NOT release this three person connecting cabin for us, even though our group has the other (next door) three person connecting cabin currently booked. The TA recommended that we keep calling in closer to sailing to see if Carnival might release it. (And, no the TA isn't going to do this, automatically, because we booked through a large warehouse club.) We are currently 39 days away from sailing, and we would really like to move one of our two-person cabins down the hall to that connecting room. There are no available 3-2 combination connecting cabins on any deck on the ship. But there are still several 3-3 connecting, which just doesn't help us.
  13. Some background, so you don't get the wrong impression. My very first cruise, as a 20-something year old, was with two other young females. We had saved up a lot of money to fly to Miami to take this quick 3-night cruise (followed by a few nights in Miami/Ft. Lauderdale), and we wanted to get our money's worth. We might have slept a maximum of 3 hours each night. It was fun, but exhausting. I learned that it's okay to miss a few activities, and actually slow down for your own sanity. We made some incredible memories, but, dang, we truly needed a vacation after our vacation.
  14. MississippiMom

    The plus and minus of the drink package?

    I’m agreeing that the OP does not sound like they need to purchase Cheers. We are purchasing Cheers for the first time this Spring. It will be, totally, worth it for my husband, who only likes certain liquor brands, likes the fancy coffees, and he will drink a ton of sparkling water, bottled waters & bottled teas. I’m in the middle ground. It might be worth buying the package or it might not. I’m not a big drinker, but when I do drink, it’s the $10+ cocktails. I also LOVE a milkshake, and the sparkling water, bottled water & bottle teas. I am looking forward to visiting The Alchemy Bar for the first time, and trying everything on the menu at some point during our cruise. Will I finish each drink? Heck, no! But I will get to taste it, and not have to worry about the bill, because it’s all covered under Cheers.
  15. MississippiMom

    First Time Cheers - Welcome Suggestions

    Right there with you. Love mint, but hate mojitos.