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  1. Must be random as we didn’t have one in our verandah cabin on B2B on Journey July/Aug
  2. A Canadian lady on Journey who books the future cruises sorted it for us, she needed to check overnight with Miami. Possibly because we were already on 2nd part of B2B it was ok. I agree it would be handy to see the rule in writing.
  3. Slightly different situation but we were actually due to move up a level at end of B2B in August this year but were able to get the new higher discount % when booking a future cruise onboard during the second leg of the B2B. cheers Neil
  4. Hi Bonnie, just a note to let you know I emailed the LCV ambassador as you suggested late Saturday and the redeployment letter magically appeared in my email within 12 hours. The contents of the letter were fine so all is now good. Thanks again for your assistance. Neil
  5. Sounds like a plan, thanks Bonnie
  6. Thanks Bonnie. I don’t have a TA for this cruise as we booked onboard Journey in August this year and didn’t transfer to a TA as we don’t get much value from them in Australia. We got 5% discount, 2 free nights and $300 OBC. I guess I should ring Amazara Australia next week unless there is someone I can email?
  7. Our cruise is visible again, although the cabin we have booked is shown as vacant
  8. Yes Bonnie we will be keeping our booking. I have just retired after working in Australia for a Japanese company Fujitsu for over 20 years so really looking forward to my first trip there.
  9. We haven’t received the notification in Australia either Bonnie but your copy of the letter gives us the required information for the moment. Kind Regards Neil
  10. The cruise before out of Singapore is the first after the dry dock which can be a risk depending on what they are doing during dry dock
  11. Thanks very much for sharing this information
  12. Yes I suspect you are right, thanks for the info.
  13. Yes agreed, thanks for the quick reply 😀
  14. Thanks but it is all the cruises for Pursuit for a few months in 18 months time and was plenty of cabins available a couple of days ago.
  15. The cruise around Japan we have booked on Pursuit for April 2021 is now not visible, as are most of the Pursuit cruises for early 2021. Is there a simple reason for this or are they possibly changing itineraries for this period?
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