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  1. NeilWM


    I believe Pursuit is 12 March 2021 in Singapore
  2. That is correct re flights to USA Bonnie. The cutbacks around Asia and some to Europe kick in earlier.
  3. In case people aren’t aware Singapore airlines have started canceling a very large number of flights globally because of downturn in numbers wanting to fly.
  4. We were placed in 4047 on Journey as a Guarantee offer and enjoyed the extra space in our favourite part of the ship for OV Cheers Neil
  5. Yes Riverdance was awesome, our best Azamazing ever 😀
  6. We are similar to Host Grandma and also prefer being on 4 towards the aft, because it’s near Guest Relations, near to Mosaic coffee bar and near Discoveries bar & Restaurant.
  7. We were on Journey around Britain in late July this year and can confirm there is no shuttle in Londonderry so we took “Londonderry on your Own”. For Waterford we docked at Dunmore East, we took an excursion but think there was a shuttle to Waterford which stops right opposite Crystal factory.
  8. Also be aware that restrictions are often placed on the airspace used by flights on Emirates, Etihad and Qatar to that area
  9. As was the 2019 Rugby World Cup that was compromised because of typhoons
  10. We were on a B2B on Journey July/August this year, both cruises 15 nights, and didn’t need to do the muster on 2nd cruise
  11. NeilWM

    Perry Golf Voyage

    No need to worry. We were on a British Isles cruise with 120 Perry Golfers in July, probably many more than you will encounter, and no issues at all. In fact ship was often less crowded late afternoon and dinner as they were still away.
  12. Must be random as we didn’t have one in our verandah cabin on B2B on Journey July/Aug
  13. A Canadian lady on Journey who books the future cruises sorted it for us, she needed to check overnight with Miami. Possibly because we were already on 2nd part of B2B it was ok. I agree it would be handy to see the rule in writing.
  14. Slightly different situation but we were actually due to move up a level at end of B2B in August this year but were able to get the new higher discount % when booking a future cruise onboard during the second leg of the B2B. cheers Neil
  15. Hi Bonnie, just a note to let you know I emailed the LCV ambassador as you suggested late Saturday and the redeployment letter magically appeared in my email within 12 hours. The contents of the letter were fine so all is now good. Thanks again for your assistance. Neil
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