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  1. Hmm. I often order appetizers instead of main dishes. I hope this is allowed by the time we sail in the summer.
  2. Thank you. I expect to be able to eat some things on the menu (salmon for example) but do not want to eat it every night or for every meal. I will certainly be eating what I can off the menu, but expect to need entrees made for me many nights--when I am not eating the ubiquitous salmon.
  3. Thank you for these comments. I will go to preferences and give them an idea of what I can be eating. It should be easy to accommodate.
  4. Thank you. No special ingredients needed--thank goodness. It should not be that difficult. I just don't want to eat the same thing at every meal.
  5. I am very sad to say that I have joined the ranks of those who need a special diet--with a lot of things I can no longer eat. What is the protocol for asking for special accommodation while on the ship. We will be sailing for 28 days this summer. Do I ask ahead of time? Do I wait until I am on the ship? And to whom do I speak about this? Thank you for any suggestion in this area.
  6. The invitation only cruises did not include a full itinerary or much information. I think the expedition ships are great--for expedition type cruising--all over the world. There just wasn't any information given--or rather not enough given.
  7. I know that Sunprince. There are all kinds of expeditions, but they do differ from classic cruises. I have not been sent itineraries for the invitation only cruises on Venture. They are in the Med. If they are true expeditions, Seabourn needs to send the itinerary and particulars along with their invitation. The way I understand it, Venture (and Pursuit) are doing some cruises which are NOT expeditions--which also means excursions are NOT included as they are on true expeditions. It was not made clear in the "invitation only" cruises which kinds of cruises on the Venture are being offered.
  8. And since we don't eat sushi, our dining opportunities are very narrow. I WOULD try an expedition cruise, but not a regular cruise on an expedition ship. I do think that SB is having a bit of difficulty selling the concept of a non expedition cruise on an expedition ship.
  9. I know that not all Venture cruises are expeditions, but I think the ship is lacking for the regular cruises in terms of dining venues and entertainment. Perhaps that is just me--but if I sail on Venture, it will be an expedition. Your mileage and desires may be different.
  10. I've been bombarded with emails from Seabourn lately. The latest one this evening mentions several cruises which they say are by invitation only (?). How does that work? They are all Spring 2025 and each includes a special event of some sort. The issue for me is that they are all quite short. Once we haul ourselves over to Europe we want to sail a bit longer. I'll take another look in the morning. The email says there is a 20% savings. I am always suspicious. And curiously, where do I go to see the itineraries? If the cruises are exclusive and by invitation only--I am assuming they would not be on the website? But no itinerary is shown in the email. Maybe I am missing something. All the cruises in "the Collection" are aboard Venture, but they are in Spain, France, and the Med--not in areas where there would usually be expeditions.
  11. OK. I thought that would be your answer. We DO prefer lunch in the MDR. And the menu to order in the Colonnade for lunch is very short. When we are on Sojourn for 28 days next summer, I WILL ask.
  12. Do you order ahead of time off menu even when the MDR is closed for lunch? In other words, if planning ot diner in the Colonnade for lunch, can you order off menu ahead of time?
  13. We have received the same emails. I will have to admit to looking askance at most of Seabourn's marketing. We tend to choose the itineraries we most want to experience. Not a money saving decision, but it works for us.
  14. Exactly. Everyone should order what they want--and if they cannot give you a portion for one person, there will be a lot of food waste. Seems silly to me. In the MDR, I sometimes have ask for a cup of soup instead of a bowl. I've been told they cannot give me a cup--can only give me a bowl. I keep asking.
  15. That is good news Nancy--but what chaotic information coming from Seabourn!
  16. Some of the new regulations in Norway were in place last summer as well, but perhaps there are additional new regulations? We are on a SB itinerary going (back) to Norwas this summer (2024).
  17. I corresponded with our travel agent this evening. She says that Seabourn has decided to pull out of Dover starting in 2025. That's all she knew.
  18. I just saw this mentioned in a Seabourn Facebook group. I came immediately here to see what was happening. We are sailing on Sojourn in July/August 2024, so it doesn't affect us--but it made me a bit nervous.
  19. We'll be on a 28 day cruise with Seabourn this coming summer. I doubt that my husband will take his tux. He will take a navy blazer as well as a second sports coat and several pairs of pants to go with them. He prefers to wear bow ties when he wears a tie. On elegant casual nights, he wears either the blazer or his other sports coat--but that's just him. He is not the type for a Tommy Bahama shirt. Everyone is different and we come from different parts of the world and different social cultures (even within the same city or state). I think it is up to each person to decide what constitute's elegant casual as they understand it. There is actually quite a spectrum of dress that meets that term (using the SB guidelines) . As for me, I bring a black dress, some black pants and tops which can be changed up with scarves, jewelry etc. I bring a few dresses because I am a primarily a dress person. Other women never wear dresses and that is ok. I wouldn't let worry about the Seabourn dress code keep me from enjoying a cruise. No one is going to comment on how you dress and you will always be able to find people who are either more dressed up than you are and less dressed up than you are.
  20. Of course I couldn't agree more! I have love our lunches in the MDR. It's a fairly short menu, but has always been delicious and we like the quiet atmosphere.
  21. Thank you. I did figure out that Seabourn.com would be from the laptop. I just have so little confidence in the website that I don't go there very often. The good news is that I got the information I needed and did a workaround for the App with a Seabourn rep. Yes, we have a TA, but not a helpful one! I do appreciate your list of how to go about it on Seabourn.com.
  22. I am always so glad when I hear someone say that. I haven't been on Silversea is years!
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