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  1. @chengkp75Thank you for your input. I was hoping to hear from you on this,
  2. I'd be curious how many people does it take to run the ship without passengers? I'm not sure how many officers, engineers, maintenance, cooks and medical they have to have as a minimum.
  3. Allianz has several year round policies. We just get their one trip insurance per cruise. You can see more of their "All Trips Prime" here. https://www.allianztravelinsurance.com/find-a-plan/alltrips-prime.htm
  4. I couldn't agree more @twangster. All the speculation and Monday morning quarterbacking does no good. Your spot on assessment of these simple facts are the root cause.
  5. and that he has to eat in his cafeteria (kitchen??) I never heard someone refer to their kitchen that way. How big is his kitchen? Windjammer size???
  6. We flew in Orlando, and stayed at the Radisson at the Port which picked us up at the airport. It worked out great.
  7. Wish I would of fast forwarded. First 5 minutes was stuff I already knew from seeing the statistics. A lot of editorializing imho, He does sound frustrated with the CDC.
  8. @suzyluvs2cruise I saw that the other day. Interesting read. Thanks for pointing out the link for others too.
  9. Now that's a smoking thread! Looks great
  10. Yeah boy from shuffleboard to skydiving and ice skating. That's evolutionary thinking. 🤪
  11. I couldn't agree more John ! I think the CDC has done a lousy job of not only communication with the cruise lines, but I wonder if they even have a positive attitude for the industry.
  12. I agree. They were suppose to have a meeting with the CDC I think this week but from what I heard it was more about plans for getting crews back home. You would have thought they would of talked about the when they could conceivably start cruising again.
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