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  1. I've done it both ways, but if you take pics on your phone, just open CC through chrome or any other browser on your phone and attach pictures that way. It's pretty easy.
  2. Not sure I know what you mean by Red Stick? Here is a pic of the menu from Harmony's Schooner Bar that had the ingredients in a "Baton Rouge" cocktail. It was really good.
  3. @BirdTravels Thank you so much for the Schooner drink menu. Question, they used to have a drink called the "Baton Rouge" which was made with rum and cognac, I did not see it on your posted menu. Happen to know if they still serve it? It's a great cocktail.
  4. I'm glad you clarified. For a moment I was amazed that a cat was so articulate in writing. 😆
  5. Great video. I enjoyed it very much. Ledville is a great place. I loved it when I visited there.
  6. That is great. I'm a big fan of EMI. Lots of great artists went through them.
  7. Was that on Royals web site? If so can you provide a link? I am also curious as to what San Juan authorities are saying as well.
  8. Man I wish I would of known you sooner. We could of hooked up. Winsteads is a classic but if you wanted a really good hamburger I could take to some amazing places. Love your car. Next time we will hook up and I will take you to amazing places on my treat.
  9. When were you in KC? Yes Q39 is incredible. Rob Magee is an amazing chef. I remember him when we was winning a lot of BBQ competitions.
  10. We have one at Harrah's casino here in Kansas City. I've been thinking about eating there. Thanks for your comments. They have a good menu but like you said a little pricey, but now a days what isn't.
  11. How is the pool water temp. Last time I was there it was really cold.
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