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  1. And Pride is not scheduled to restart cruises till January. How many new crew members are returning?
  2. https://www.cruiselawnews.com/2020/10/articles/disease/costa-diadema-passenger-with-covid-19-disembarked-in-naples-italy/
  3. November IS OUT.......... Should there be a new poll now? like start in December, early 2021, spring 2021, or mid 2021 like March to June?
  4. keep on drinking that Cool-aid if you think Carnival will cruise in December.
  5. Read it on carnival website and john Heald is announcing it on Facebook
  6. You were talking about RCL's ships in this post.. oh They are already to cruise...... ah pleaze ...
  7. https://www.*****.com/2020/10/06/royal-caribbean-cancels-all-november-2020-cruises
  8. So why did they canceled North America's cruises for November?????????
  9. Expect Cancellations for November jmo.. It sounds like the CDC still has the control of decisions of no sail orders, maybe getting reviewed by the White House's task force.
  10. The CDC still could extend the no sail order.... No way the cruise lines aka Carnival will be ready by Nov 1st..
  11. Port of Miami has had cruise ships come and go out on weekly basis for last few months including Navigator of Seas
  12. hmm They overrode the CDC and set a meeting for last Friday, but it was canceled!!!
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