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  1. WE were told by the butler on our last trip that they were not providing laptops any more.
  2. Looks like that from web cam. Good safe trip.
  3. RJB


    I guess we have met some, but who cares. Nice people are nice people no matter what their sexual preference is. Sometimes it is good to see the other side of things that we do not see in our daily lives.
  4. Check the overhead sign board as you enter the terminal as it seems to change all the time. Used to always be J but lately changes all the time. Have a great trip.
  5. This one is not too swift and the menus on Riviera two weeks ago were much worse. Both for lunch and dinner.
  6. As of Nov. 25th when we got off the F& B director was Marc Walter. Never did get to meet him.
  7. From the airport usually a flat rate. Just make sure when you get in the cab.
  8. Freddy is the restaurant manager, not F&B. Very nice man.
  9. RJB


    Should not be any special status for anyone except maybe your Oceania Club most frequent cruisers.
  10. Yes, great reviews. As good an any on these boards. Look forward to reading them.
  11. Yup sure is. You are paying a lot of money for your cruise so don't cheap out on the taxi. Not much fun dragging luggage thru the street.
  12. We will take their reservation any time. The sea bass and duck are both wonderful. As good as anyplace on shore.
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