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  1. Not us !!! Until we know that we will not be tossed off our ship halfway across the world and have to find our own way back we stay very close to home.
  2. The main reason we will NOT cruise with Seabourn. Don't want to fly for a Carib. cruise. Flying is becoming more difficult all the time. Enough from So Fla. not to have to.
  3. Yes I am sure the office in Miami is over worked and has been for some time. Can't be easy to do this stuff from home so I agree. Cut them some slack
  4. Mine too. How many others out there in the same boat. IRA and other accounts in crapper.
  5. Did the best they could with info. they had at the time.
  6. Like you say, we just have to read the contract. Pretty clear. It also pays to have a good T/A who should keep track of this kind of stuff.
  7. Looks like their whole system down everywhere. Even Alaska. Sucks
  8. The sooner they get here the better. People have been on the ships for too long already. Be safe.
  9. I think a lot of us would.
  10. There are sick people in dire need and have to be taken care of no matter who they are and where they came from. That should be who we are as a country. Would expect the same if I was in a foreign country or even in another state. How could anyone be so selfish as to turn their back on these people. Hope not. And this is just about my backyard so I could be very affected but still not right to turn them away.
  11. You are right on the mark. So what do the rest of us do to protect ourselves?
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