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  1. Seeing as we can’t do the real thing, how about we all go on a virtual cruise together. I suggest we set sail today from Civitavecchia and all have dinner in La Terrazza this evening. Please all post your pics of Rome and la Terrazza. I’d suggest sailing overnight tonight to Livorno for Florence.
  2. And for anyone with only 17.18 minutes to spare, here’s a roundup
  3. And my Silversea favourite vids. Maybe a suggestion for anyone in self isolation with several days to kill. By the end of this year I was hoping to have added a Greek Cruise including a land trip to Meteroa, Norwegian Fjords and Svalbard, Dublin mini cruise from Liverpool and my Greece to venice 50thBirthday extravaganza. All looking slightly less than hopefully right now. Keep smiling friends.
  4. Certainly not SS but I did do a couple of vids on my Nile quickie from November
  5. I just double lock the doors and play my videos at them 🙂
  6. What a fantastic way to welcome people home. Amongst all of this doom and gloom we are being bombarded with it’s great to hear when things are not only done right but handled in style. Well done SS.
  7. Needless to say Stumbles, I wouldn’t be going 🙂
  8. Been waiting for this news. We we’re hoping to be on her 2/10 for my 50th. 😞
  9. I’m twitchy enough with 1 sea day. Just can’t imagine 17!
  10. They'll be fools if they do. Us avid cruisers will be back as soon as we're able to but the general public will need quite a lot of persuading and it will take time to regain their confidence. Combined with the large additional capacity in the industry coming online this year I think they'll be very hard pushed to fill their cabins. I Suspect that the prices are high right now as people will be rushing to rebook but as time goes on they will come down. Maybe just sit on that FCC for a while until things settle down. My partner is a TA and has recently booked some really good deals for next year but that was on another line.
  11. A Wave from Sunny North Wales hear Roma. Keep your chin up. Any idea when you'll be allowed home yet?
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