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  1. https://www.travelweekly.co.uk/articles/378127/fco-advises-against-cruise-ship-travel?fbclid=IwAR1okrFGHn_tDuxVWtehMNqHwA34IMlI9aPewlpPv-DM9TJ6MbggAUgoJis The government updated its advice on Thursday, saying: “The Foreign & Commonwealth Office advises against cruise ship travel at this time.
  2. The first one started with a G and the 2nd with an F if that’s any help brimary 🙂
  3. Tell me about it! We were told 2 weeks ago we could open the Hotel on the 13th for overnight stays and outdoor F&B. Last week they changed the overnight stays to the 11th but didn’t mention F&B. Still nothing is confirmed. Expectation is they will announce on Friday whether or not we can reopen on Saturday at 1 days notice. The Welsh Assembly is playing politics, as is the Krankee. Flexing their muscles is much more important to that pair of ********s than hundreds of thousands of jobs. What an utterly useless, expensive and unnecessary pair of ********s these pair are.
  4. She may as well be sat at Anchor in Ecuador as Rotterdam. Can’t wait to sail on her.
  5. looks lovely JP, I especially approve of the wine choice 🙂
  6. Hi Capri, I’m sorry to hear you’ve had so many cancellations. I’m pleased to hear that you were willing to give SS another go. We are certainly glad we did. I’d love to do a British Isles Cruise. We were supposed to be going on the Moon for my 50th this October but as that is now the inaugural cruise I don’t want to risk it! I Hope you have a wonderful birthday even though it’s not what you had planned and hopefully our paths will cross again one day xxxx 🙂
  7. PoorMr M. His eyesight must be awful. Unless he has a blind eye 🙂
  8. You’d love it JP. I’m not biased, honestly.
  9. I freak, my dear, you may regret holding me to my promise. I can tango through several sequential dawns in a row!
  10. M, wherever you are coming to in the UK I’m coming to meet you! That’s a promise. Xxxx
  11. TBH it’s been a bit rocky here JP. I Own an Hotel so have had zero income for 4 months and you may remember my oh opened his own T.A. Last summer after being made redundant from Thomas Cooke’s. He was about to turn his first profitable month in March but guess what happened? We are both very grateful that we are on the 2nd line as oppposed to you, being on the first line!
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