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  1. My husband wore a dark suit on Gala nights with bow ties/ties... he looked amazing and fit in quite well. He also brought his blue pin stripe- which he wore for the 20’s night! Very handsome!
  2. That is a great itinerary... Here are a couple of things I can recommend from your ports Andalsnes- I love the Trollstigen road as well as the Rauma train Olden- the Lovatnet Lake outside of Loen is absolutely magical there... (picture in post) Flåm- Stegastein Viewpoint, Nærøyfjord boat trip, Flåmsbana rail... all worthwhile Lofoten- The scenery is magnificent there... we rented a car and had them bring it to the port (extra cost And we had to be arranged over the phone but worth it)... We liked the Viking Museum, drive to Eggum, and the drive towards Reine
  3. I LOVED both the Commodore Club and the lovely Midships bar on QE
  4. You will travel further on the Sognefjord to get to Skjolden. With Skjolden you will be closer to the Nigardsbreen Glacier... amazing. (Note: it was a Very physically challenging hike for us- and we love to hike... but there is also a boat option to take you across the lake... it would still require hiking, but less strenuous.) I would imagine that there would also be excursions to Lærdal to see the Borgund stave church... and it is so wonderful. Regardless of the fact that Flåm was cancelled, I would look very closely at the FULL DAY excursions offered by your ship to see what they will offer. They will most likely still offer some of the things that people wanted to do from Flåm... Sognefjord is gorgeous... one of my favorite parts of the world.
  5. The Borgund Stave Church in Lærdal is wonderful. It is in the Sognefjord region... and it might be a part of some excursions. Could be worthwhile to see if you have any options.
  6. Don’t worry at all! We had a “Cunard Ball” Gala Night on our recent voyage and honestly saw every color of the rainbow there. I wore a plum purple gown. Wear your sparkly black dress with absolute confidence. Enjoy!
  7. We very recently were on Queen Elizabeth. For the most part, we enjoyed the food and drinks. We had zero problems ordering what we wanted from the menu in the main dining room on Cunard. Our wait staff were great to bring multiple appetizers on the nights where we wanted more than one- no problem. We honestly had a lovely dining experience in Britannia... some items were better than others, of course, but that is to be expected on any trip The only one time where a soup was absolutely not to my taste, it was quickly replaced with an appetizer I did enjoy very much. The Lido buffet was honestly not great, although fast and convenient for breakfast some days. We have experienced better laid out and better tasting buffets on other lines- and that surprised us. That was the one “restaurant” area that disappointed us. I loved Cafe Carinthia for purchased coffees, the beautiful Midships Lounge gin and fizz menu, and the Commodore Club for lovely crafted drinks, music, plus the gorgeous view. We also had some nice fun drinks from the deck menu during sailaways.
  8. Wow... you would have thought he would have gotten tired of wearing the same exact thing... you were all on a many night cruise! I’ve also seen the designer jeans and sports jackets look consistently coming into play at the nice restaurants in the States in recent years... We specifically noticed last year at a wonderful and famous (jacket required) restaurant we have gone to for years... last year, the amount of designer jeans worn in the restaurant was quite noticeable- where in years before they would not have been allowed outside of the bar area... We will be going to this same restaurant again this week for a special occasion, and I expect we will see it again.
  9. On our upcoming port-intensive Cunard voyage, my husband will be one of the men in a dark suit with tie or bow tie on formal evenings... I know he will look sharp and fantastic with lots of style on the Gala nights. (I’ll report back after we go about what we observe of the % of suits to tuxedos) Regardless of choosing a tuxedo or dark suit, I believe that the effort put into making the formal night special is key. (Last month I was on Caribbean cruise on a different line with family- really great and fun trip- but dress code was essentially non-existent on the line... our family all looked lovely for dinner- but the variety of clothes worn for dinner was vast... so I applaud that Cunard still has a dress code)
  10. It is a valid question and point in marketing, though, to consider . I am in my mid 40s and am about to take our first Cunard voyage. I knew about Cunard and the great romance of classic ocean travel because I love history and classic film... plus my father was a history buff and in the Navy. I am overjoyed about taking my first Cunard trip, and feel certain it will fit my personality. I love dressing up, live music, beautiful meals in beautiful surroundings, traveling, and learning new things while I explore. BUT That said, many friends in my age bracket and below are not very familiar with the brand. I’ve had to explain Cunard to many (or most) of them. These would also be potential customers who love the same things I mentioned above.
  11. When my husband and I first were married, we took part of our honeymoon on a cruise. We had a marvelous time, but we were so very nervous with the envelopes and the tipping- having no idea what was good, appropriate, or right to tip. So with the advent of auto-gratuities, that stress was gone. We pay the auto-gratuities each day- and then we tip additionally when we feel that the service was exceptional. It is a straightforward approach we are happy with.
  12. Jack- on our upcoming Cunard voyage I have watched the prices like a hawk this year, just for kicks- see how we did... it was a popular port-driven cruise... in the end, our deal we got with the perks still was better than the lowest cost I saw after final payment before it sold out... I don’t know about Transatlantics and how they typically fill up Now... I’ve seen some last minute deals on other cruise lines that have unreal low pricing for “drop and go”- but again, if you can’t drive to the start of the cruise you must swing the airfare price last minute. That is where you must weigh the balance of it all.
  13. While we are at it, does anyone know who the Entertainment Director is on Queen Elizabeth right now?
  14. Thank you so much Hallasm... excellent ideas... I love the Norwegian Scenic Routes website! This is one of the days that I am most looking forward to. I will be sure to write my thoughts on it after we have completed our trip. Thanks!
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