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  1. The reason they said "my agent" is because this company has storefront travel agencies also, with travel agents who work with clients. The exact details of the inclusions of the sale as to perks, sailing dates included, actual sailings included will be announced on April 24, and the sale will run June 6-8 as mentioned above.
  2. Yes, you will be responsible to pay the current fare for the flights that you wish to change to. Run the numbers on Princess, and compare them with the open market and see if you can have a better outcome. I recently had a client make a similar error in reverse. They were not noticing that the Princess system is set for the departure flight as "date of arrival" and made the assumption that they needed to put in the date they wanted to fly out of their home city. As they are flying to Singapore, that is a big difference. They put in January 2nd, which had them selecting flights that leave from their home city on Dec. 31. I get an auto email each time someone books EZ Air, and as I had just booked their hotel in Singapore, and am also on this cruise, I called them to question it. As it was booked with Flexible Air, and we are a long way out, it was no problem to change it to have them departing on January 2nd, and arriving in Singapore on January 4th, as they had wanted. The fare increased a bit with the change in flights to the correct date, about $80 pp, so not as painful as yours. But had this error been noticed way in the future, they either would have been spending a few extra days in Singapore (not too bad a downside!) or probably paying a much higher fee for the new air dates.
  3. terry&mike


    Thank you for posting this lovely video. I look forward to meeting him in person in December.
  4. No, that date was included in the Sip and Sail promo from this past June.
  5. Very clear and detailed advice, thank you. If there are 2 ships in port, and our ship docks 30 minutes later than the Holland America ship, any thoughts on this? Going to have my Mom with me, so I have to eliminate the Skytrain option, as she cannot do the walk, but will be doing self disembark on the early side.
  6. Thank you. Yes, all the reservations are linked, and my Princess rep has worked on it and put in a request, so we're at a wait and see. I have a couple of other tricks up my sleeve I can pull in if needed.
  7. It actually is a bit of an odd fish, with some confusing results. When the Sapphire and the Diamond sail in Japan, they only offer Traditional Dining, not Anytime Dining. Here is an interesting twist: I currently have 27 people sailing with me on the Singapore to Tokyo, Jan. 6, 2020, Diamond. Most of us booked a long time ago and are confirmed for 2nd Traditional at 7:15pm. Given that there will be some late days in ports with lots to do, this works out well. There are a couple of people who have booked more recently and are Waitlisted for the 2nd seating (at #30, and at #260). Here is where it gets interesting, the current Waitlist position on this sailing for 7:15p is 410, and the current Waitlist position for 5:00p is #178. Given that Anytime is not an option, I keep waiting for Princess to figure this out, as it seems that something will have to give as you cannot expect all these people to eat in the buffet for every meal of a 2 week cruise. I have spoken with my Princess rep and she doesn't know how they will figure it out, but that "I'm sure they'll do something". I have called Princess and spoken to phone reps and most are completely unaware that there is no Anytime and give you some verbiage about if they don't clear for 7:15p they'll be assigned Anytime, you point out there is no Anytime, they say there is Anytime on all ships, you point out this specific unusual circumstance for Diamond and they place you on hold for a long time, and then come back and say, "Oh yes, you are correct, there is no Anytime Dining on that sailing", but then they don't know how it will be handled. I have no doubt the #30 position will clear the Waitlist, as we are far enough out, but I doubt the #260 person will. I'm thinking Princess will just open up a flood of new dining spaces in both seatings, as they obviously have the room for it, but there has been chatter that they may shuffle all the dining to 3 set times at 4pm, 6:15p and 8:30p, which I think will cause a stampede of disgruntled travelers.
  8. Looks like he said its a Transatlantic, so one flight over is international, and the small leg home is domestic. You will be charged a baggage fee for the domestic flight.
  9. Is there a reason does not cancel the air ticket and take a credit from the airline for a flight within the next year? They should be able to do this and not lose all of their money, just lose a fee for the cancellation.
  10. You cannot change the name on the ticket. During boarding, if your friend is a no show, they have the right to assign the seat to another passenger, for example a Waitlist passenger. Most likely, if the flight is not oversold or has no waitlist, the seat will remain empty.
  11. Yes, to get the air discount you will need to "refare" your booking. Run your numbers first, as you'll lose perks from your current booking to gain perks from the refared booking. Many times this is just moving money around, and not always a better deal.
  12. On our booking, cocktails outside of meal times were included at no additional charge. They do have different inclusions based on the country you are from though, so may be different for Australia.
  13. Awesome. It is often overlooked, so I'm glad I could help. Happy travels!
  14. Yes, the option is offered at the start of the EZ Air booking process. There are drop down boxes in the area above the city/dates areas that you can change, one of those is Class of Service, it is pre-selected to Economy, you can drop it down and select a different class of service. As you are booked Flexible, you can now go in to your reservation and click the Change/Modify flights button and change the class to Prem Econ, and then to Business, and compare rates. If you find something you like, go through the process and change your current flights to the new flights. And yes, you can call Princess and pay for your air and have them ticket your current Economy holding in Flexible Air, this then becomes Restricted Air and is fully ticketed.
  15. I understand that "less than ten days" does not apply to all insurance, most are within 14 days, and some are farther out as you noted. I use less than 10 days as a guideline when discussing the purchase of insurance as many people forget, or tend to put it off the further out it is. If you are going to buy it, best to buy it as soon as possible, once you've done your research. As a travel professional, I encourage my clients who are going to buy insurance to buy it at the same time as initial deposit or within 24 hours, this way they don't move it to the back burner and forget it.
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