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  1. As you are flying to Asia, take a look at Celebrity Air's pricing on Premium Economy seating, as it tends to be priced very well. Premium Economy is a different class of seating than Economy, offering a better seat that is slightly wider with more leg room, slightly more recline, more comfort, often small footrests. Premium Economy is booked as an actual ticket class when you book your flight, like Economy, Premium Economy, Business, First. It is often not offered on the domestic flight legs, as many don't have true Premium Economy seats. Economy Comfort, Economy Plus and those similar products are just an Economy seat, usually located towards the front of the Economy section, with more leg room, sometimes a few other services like priority boarding, or beverages, but not a different actual seat. These generally can only be selected after you have purchased your Economy ticket, then you go to the airline and access your reservation and pay an upgrade fee for each leg you want to upgrade. You usually cannot see what the exact fee and availability is until you have booked your Economy ticket. I think for Asia, you will be much happier with Premium Economy.
  2. I'm not sure the terms in Australia. In the US, if you are before final payment and you "refare" your cruise (not cancel and rebook) then your air that you have saved to your reservation does not change. If you need to cancel your reservation, and "rebook" then you will not retain your saved airfare.
  3. I also practice this method and find it works very well for us. We travel internationally about 6 times per year.
  4. You can also have your TA send you a document of the "Gifts" on your reservation.
  5. This brings up something I have coming up. I have a dinner party for 12 people that I am hosting/paying for on Diamond Princess for DH's 60th birthday. I paid the $29 pp fee in advance, as the ship requested, to secure the reservation. Usually, when DH and I dine in a specialty, I leave $10 cash ($5 pp) for the wait staff, unless the service is poor. Based on that, I was thinking I should leave $60 for the birthday dinner, but it sounds as if many think this is not necessary. Thoughts?
  6. I use zip ties to secure the zippers together. This way they can be cut off by security where needed, but for random baggage thieves it's an extra step for them. I also know immediately when I take them off the baggage belt that they've been opened.
  7. I have found EZ air Business class rates for international destinations to be from very good to incredibly good, especially when booked far in advance.
  8. She may have boarded the flight using the new biometric screening. On September 14 we flew Atlanta to Amsterdam, on Delta, and only needed to look at a facial recognition scanner and get a check mark on the screen to board. As to her boarding pass and ID, possibly she misplaced them after TSA or had stuck them somewhere in her belongings and couldn't recall where.
  9. We sailed Hurtigruten's new ship, the Roald Amundsen, in July to Svalbard, and they are working hard to be as green as possible. In our room when we boarded we found 2 refillable Hurtigruten insulated water bottles as a gift from the cruise line. On each floor, there is a water bottle filling station similar to those found at some airports. This worked well for us, and we found it quite a good solution.
  10. I would have waited until after the trip to cancel the card. Many people "churn" credit cards for the mileage and other sign up awards, and this is specifically prohibited by the card. If the card issuer feels that churning is afoot, they are not obligated to honor the perks. At this point, I'd just continue to check my reservation and see that it stays active. When you show up at the airport, if you have to pay for luggage, just pay for it and go forward.
  11. I am happy this worked out, and glad the couple got a cabin. Hopefully, all will be well going forward. As a TA, it disappoints me to see some of the practices in the industry. There are times when we get calls from people who have paid money for trips to other agencies, and the trips don't materialize and they are hoping we can fix it. Last year, someone brought me a flyer where they had paid a $1200 deposit ($600 pp x 2) in check form to join a small group tour to South America and now could not reach the agent, and no details or bookings had been forthcoming, and they were scheduled to leave in less than 2 months. It is disheartening, but I think it's the same in every industry - some great, many good, some bad. As a TA, the best advice I can give to a travel consumer is that when you provide a credit card for a deposit or a payment, this amount should be charged from the actual service provider, not from the travel agency. Whether it is a group or individual booking. Whether it is a cruise, tour, lodging, components, or air. Happy travels, and enjoy your trip!
  12. I'm also scheduled to stop in Toba on a January 2020 cruise on the Diamond. My research shows that you can walk to the Pearl Museum, and to see the Pearl Divers from the ship.
  13. terry&mike


    Some of the Ponant ships also have this feature, a glass wall that faces into the bedroom but has a moving piece of wall that can be slid over the glass wall for privacy.
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