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  1. We are paying $200 per year per couple for the Essential plan, you can get the upgraded plan, called Choice, with more coverage for $370 per year per couple. The rate may be age dependent though, so costs could differ. It does not go by calendar year, but by when you start the coverage.
  2. We have an annual policy, it is a multi trip policy by Geoblue Trekker. Keep in mind that we are only interested in medical care or emergency evacuation. If you are interested in covering trip loss expenses, then this is not for you. I don't buy insurance for things that I can afford to lose, but more things that can put a significant ding in my finances.
  3. Some of the small luxury lines, such as Ponant, will use charters on occasion to more remote places, such as from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia, or from Svalbard to Oslo, but major carrier cruise ships in the premium category line do not use charter flights any longer. I was not aware of the LAX to Tahiti flight last year with HAL. This reminds me of sailing Renaissance in Tahiti, before they went belly up several years ago, they had great deals on charter flights they ran between LAX and Papeete. I loved that service.
  4. Yes, there is, and it is limited occupancy so you'll want to reserve your space. It generally runs $15 per visit, or buy a package of 5 visits for $60, but the price can be adjusted on a sailing.
  5. If you spend less than $20 for 2 gold bracelets, then yes, definitely, it is not true solid gold. I've never heard them tell anyone that gold overlay products they sell by the inch are solid 14k (or 18K, or whatever) on a ship. They are always very honest. They are selling a gold product, it is a gold overlay product.
  6. Even once your flights are ticketed, I find that BA generally charges for seat selection, even in Business class. If you flight is an AA number but operated by BA, usually same case.
  7. If you bought something, and the item was sold as non-refundable, it does not matter if you didn't take possession of it then, if it was not sized yet, if it had not been delivered yet. If you bought something that was non-refundable, you are not due a refund. The item is yours. Best to find a way to enjoy it.
  8. I had a client make a 10:35a out of FCO after disembarking a few months ago. They did self disembark, had limited luggage so they could move quickly, and had a car and driver arranged. They made the flight, but said they had little room to spare as the airport ate up a lot of their time standing in lines. They said the stress that morning was high and they probably would not attempt it again.
  9. On 2 separate tickets you will need to also pass through security again once you recheck your bags. I personally would not be comfortable with this amount of time for what you are trying to do.
  10. I think you misunderstood my post. I meant to buy a ticket for passenger 1 with miles for the entire route, from home to destination and return. And buy a ticket for passenger 2 with cash for the same thing. Then have them tied together. The reason to tie them together would be that if there were schedule changes on the route that required re-routing or other significant changes, then both passengers would be given the same new itinerary. Sorry if I wasn't clear. She said she didn't have enough miles from home to destination, round trip for 2 passengers, but had enough miles from JFK to destination round trip for 2 passengers. Most likely this means she has enough miles from home to destination round trip for 1 passenger, and could purchase the ticket for passenger 2 with money. Just an option for consideration.
  11. Yes, the next day's port is Kinderdijk for Viking sailing from Amsterdam (Rhine Getaway, or Grand European), which is less than a 2 hour train journey from Amsterdam. Or if they were on one of the Tulip cruises, it stays docked in Amsterdam for day 2. I only mention it as I had a client in the Fall headed to meet a river cruise, and they were delayed from New Orleans due to a bad storm. This was going to cause them to miss their connection for the international flight, so they decided to head home from the airport and called me to find out when they could reschedule their river cruise for another sailing as they didn't want to "have to spend the night in Houston" and miss a day of their trip. After some back and forth with the cruise line, the airlines, and the clients, they were placed on flights the next morning and arrived a day late into the next stop on the itinerary, very close by. They received compensation from their insurance company for travel delays. I think they would have been denied had they continued with their idea to scrap the entire journey.
  12. I don't know the circumstances for your travel in regards to the storm and delays making you miss your connection, but in the case of a river cruise, generally guests continue to make their way on towards Europe and meet at the next stop. If it was Viking and your starting port was Amsterdam, your next port is just a short train ride away. I wonder if this has anything to do with the deny of claim, in that you chose to return home and file a loss for the entire trip, rather than continue on and arrive a day later, and file a loss for a partial claim.
  13. The port in Singapore is easily doable on your own. Close to everything, great public transportation right at port, well signed and easy to get around.
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