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  1. okay... i'm not here for an argument. I'm just telling you what they said.
  2. On the Equinox in September, the ship's Captain and the Cruise Director addressed the question of Covid cases on Celebrity Cruises. They claimed that, at that time, Celebrity ships had entertained over 500,00 passengers so far in 2021 and had only had 150 positive cases of Covid on their ships. That would be a VERY small percentile.
  3. I always remember this quote. "It's not hard to do the right thing. It is hard NOT to do the right thing, once you KNOW it is the right thing to do." I appreciate your thanks, but it was just the right thing to do.
  4. Quite true. I came down with a very bad sinus infection in September while on the Celebrity Equinox... tiredness, congestion, runny nose, incessant dry cough, fever, etc.. I woke up at 1AM one night and could not stop coughing for over an hour. I called the Medical Center, and they took me in at 2AM. After a very thorough exam by a VERY professional nurse and Doctor, a Covid PCR test, and a $305 bill later, I was told NO COVID, just a very severe sinus infection that was not even contagious. Did i do the right thing going for the test with the possibility of my wife and i being quarantined for the whole trip just for a sinus infection? I have no doubt I did, even though it cost $305 to find out I was not infected with Covid. I could not bear the thought of infecting someone with COVID and then finding out died because of ME!
  5. You may want to check out my youtube videos from the September 17 to September 26 Equinox cruise..lots of pics of the ship and the ports, and of course, my wife and me. You have Grand Cayman scheduled right now..we did two days in Aruba. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTY8CPGV3T9ez3UPuvODrWe2xZ9IKLwao
  6. I am glad you enjoyed them. I use a program called Photo to Movie. It is more versatile and easier to use than iMovie.
  7. CELEBRITY EQUINOX DAY 9..at Sea...last day..a quick incomplete photo tour of the ship, swimming, relaxing, and saying good bye to new friends
  8. CELEBRITY EQUINOX DAY 8..at Sea...Swimming, relaxing, and a bright ORANGE MOON at night!
  9. Thank you! i am glad you like them...my dive buddies all over the Caribbean and the US call me the Turtle Whisperer. I often have to swim AWAY from the turtles because they come so close, I am afraid I will accidentally hit them or kick the with my fins.Mark Brown, from Curacao, once joked that I probably could find a sea turtle in a bath tub! Turtles like me, and I like them. I live on a lake and even the big snapping turtles ( heads the size of softballs) come right up to me. It scares the hell out of my wife when it happens while we are swimming, and I reassure her that snapping turtles are not dangerous. There is no documented evidence of anyone ever getting attacked by a snapping turtle in the water. They just swim away.. The music is the hard part. Luckily, I can get the turtles to swim to beat of the music! 😊
  10. CELEBRITY EQUINOX DAY 7..BONAIRE!..TURTLES AGAIN! Who doesn't like swimming with turtles? Huge, blazing-white salt mountains, and an afternoon at Eden Beach Resort.
  11. CELEBRITY EQUINOX DAY 6...CURACAO....TURTLES! TURTLES! TURTLES!, a day at the beach, Playa Kenepa Chiki, and our good good friend Mark Brown from Twin Divers, Curacao
  12. After reading your blog every day for almost two weeks before the September 17 cruise, Toni and I were excited to finally meet you in person, and we looked for you every day, every where, hoping to run into you and say HELLO!, but we never saw you...one of the few disappointments on this cruise! I hope we can meet up some day!
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