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  1. Yes, we're in the same boat, so to speak.  One spot in the ceiling right next to the window in our PH.  Constant loud creaking while the ship is in motion, and even when docked if the seas are rough as they were in Costa Maya.  They sent someone to look at it, but I suspect it would require major surgery to fix.

  2. 18 hours ago, Hlitner said:

    We are currently on the Sky Princess and we’re docked across from the Vista while in Costa Maya (today).  What immediately was obvious was that the Vista has very little deck space with loungers) when compared to most other ships.  Not surprised some whine about chair hogs, but perhaps they should whine about a ship design that lacks sufficient sheltered deck space.  





    We're on Vista now and got to "enjoy" the Princess deck music while relaxing on deck just before sail away yesterday at Costa Maya.  Tell your CD to turn that mess down 😄.  Enjoy your cruise!

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  3. 4 hours ago, cb2367 said:

    I was actually referring to college football. I thought that since Prima didn't depart until 4 that it would be possible to watch college football somewhere on board. Guess I'll be watching on my phone.

    Depending on your phone plan, you might be able to Hotspot your phone, connect your tablet, and watch that way.  Or, if your phone is a Samsung, you might be able to cast it to the Samsung tv in your room

  4. When you walk out of the terminal take a right towards the parking garage.  They should be able to pick you up on the street that is between the terminal and the garage.  There are signs - B1, B2, B3 for passenger pickup and dropoff.



  5. 38 minutes ago, CruizinSusan70 said:

    Thought that the pickings were better as the day went along.  Dinner raised the bar substantially compared to lunch, in our opinion.  At dinnertime, we went three times and never had a problem getting a table.  Lunchtime in Hudson's was great on sea days.


    Agree on both.  Also, The Local was a great choice for dinner (and an ice cream sundae!) to get an outdoor table at sunset:






    Hudson's was a great lunch choice, since you could really appreciate the expansive view during the daytime.  When we boarded, Indulge was jam-packed, but Hudson's was almost empty.  Some great items on the lunch menu, too - Thai Beef Salad, Caesar Salad, Smashburger, Grilled Mahi, Roast Chicken, Creme Brulee, Cheesecake

















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  6. 5 minutes ago, curlstravel said:

    We sailed on the prima Oct 31 to Aruba etc I Don’t know the occupancy of the ship but I believe it was close to full occupancy.  It did not seem crowded because the swimming pools etc. are spaced out so everyone is not in the same area at one time.  The entertainment on the ship was beyond excellent!  Donna summers was just like going to a Broadway show in New York. It was so good.  The noise boys was a great show too my husband and I both enjoyed it very much as well as the group that sang the Elton John songs.  We did go to Price is right. It was a-lot of fun similar to the real show. Comedy was in both locations depending on the night. I did not see any games in the atrium but they have music every night. They had a lot of games going on during the day in the rooms that are used for music like Syd Norman or the improv room.  We loved the ship and can’t wait to book another cruise on the prima Or viva.  We did not have a room in Haven we had a balcony room which was very nice and roomy.


    We asked one of the staff in Indulge, and they said there were 2200 passengers, so not a full ship.  Maybe because it was a longer cruise, harder to get time off with kids.  There were not a lot of kids on the ship (less than I expected anyway).  If that's the case, I would not want to try and go to Indulge with a full ship.

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  7. 13 minutes ago, Cruising Lynne said:

    I loved the variety of foods at the food hall. I had a really nice piece of salmon there, but I can't remember which place it came from. I liked the totopos from the Latin section. I actually really enjoyed the shrimp Pad Thai. The Food Hall is one thing that would make me consider cruising on Prima again. There were some things about the ship that I did not really prefer, but The Food Hall made up for some of them by being a good complimentary food option.


    Was the salmon from Q BBQ at lunch?  I forgot about that - it was a nice piece of fish and cooked just right.

  8. Everything I had from Tamara was good - Pork Vindaloo, Chicken Tikka, but I was disappointed that Naan was not available at lunch since they were using the tandoors for the chicken.  The romaine and kale salad was good with blackened tuna.  Pad Thai was good, but not great.  I thought the breakfast at Indulge was good, and easy to grab something.














  9. 11 hours ago, kjbacon said:

    Another mixed bag at Jacques. Overall, it was very good with a couple misses.


    We had a similar experience with Jacques on our 12/23 cruise - we only had one opportunity (it was a full boat), and it was a late seating on debarkation evening.  Overall, everything was good, but not great.  I'm sure my expectations were too high.  The exceptions were the Sautéed Scallops over Fondant Potatoes and Morel Sauce - which I ordered in an appetizer size, but really wish I had ordered as an entree, and the Foie Gras with Pineapple (the pineapple really makes that dish).  The lump crab meat salad, while beautifully presented, tasted like tuna salad to my (probably highly uneducated) palate.  If you get another dinner at Jacques, I would really recommend the scallops.


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  10. 50 minutes ago, Jancruz said:


    I just said to Stu..I would love to eat lunch on the balcony but my favorite is the" Around the World" only served in the dining room ..It is like an oyster plate with depressions and each depression has a small amount of food and they make foods from many countries..My favorites are Greece and Italy..so if you can order from the dining room Im in!!



    Even if you can't order from the dining room - try ordering the antipasti plate and the mezze platter - although the pita on the mezze is pretty disappointing.  I would recommend asking them to add an assortment of baguette/rolls to use for dipping instead of the pita.  I don't see it on the menu photos, but I'm pretty sure there is also a cheese plate that can be ordered (maybe from the dessert menu).  Combine that together with a nice cool white or some champagne and you'll have a decent balcony lunch!


  11. That room service menu is the same as we had on our 12/23 Riviera cruise in a regular veranda steerage cabin.  The filet was actually quite nice.  The wine list is also the same as what we had.


    As mentioned, the room service breakfast options have been expanded for all cabin types now to include hot items (I wish I had a photo of the breakfast menu they left every evening).  We did the breakfast several times, and everything was delicious.  The fruit is just a small bowl of diced fresh fruit, not the large pieces, but the omelettes were great and the pastries were good.  I was able to request my favorite pain chocolate by adding the word "chocolate" next to the croissant selection, so they will take requests within reason.  I still had to make a quick trip out to Baristas if I wanted a *good* latte, but the coffee was certainly serviceable.


    Biggest issue I had with the room service was getting them to pick up the tray - sometimes it took them a couple of hours to get to it (had to place a reminder call), and since we can't place the trays in the hall, you're stuck with the leftovers until they make it around to pick up the tray.


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