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    I know Kung Fu

    From the album: Caribbean Cruise 2023

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  2. Do you like apples? I just took your lounger, how do you like them apples?
  3. Yes, we're in the same boat, so to speak. One spot in the ceiling right next to the window in our PH. Constant loud creaking while the ship is in motion, and even when docked if the seas are rough as they were in Costa Maya. They sent someone to look at it, but I suspect it would require major surgery to fix. 20231215_182225.mp4
  4. Hank, We're on Vista now and got to "enjoy" the Princess deck music while relaxing on deck just before sail away yesterday at Costa Maya. Tell your CD to turn that mess down 😄. Enjoy your cruise!
  5. Unfortunately, there's a lot more Jack 🤡 and a lot less Jacques these days.
  6. I'm not a wine connoisseur by any means - but I did try the Saint Fleurin Macon Villages on Riviera and found it pretty tasty.
  7. You need to download and read the PDF attachment in Gary's post. Lots of info there.
  8. The gratuity is the tip, but you can always tip extra for good service if you want
  9. Gary, thanks for taking the time to put this together! We have our second O cruise coming up on Vista next month - our first was 2 years ago on Riviera, this will be our first suite experience so your information there will be particularly helpful. I found the rest of your commentary on non-suite cruising on O to be pretty much spot-on.
  10. I think that Woodford at the Founders Bar for $25 is the double oaked. The regular Woodford appears on the standard bar menu for $17, so should qualify for the prestige package. Also, the Elijah Craig Small Batch at $12 is pretty decent as a substitute.
  11. Depending on your phone plan, you might be able to Hotspot your phone, connect your tablet, and watch that way. Or, if your phone is a Samsung, you might be able to cast it to the Samsung tv in your room
  12. When you walk out of the terminal take a right towards the parking garage. They should be able to pick you up on the street that is between the terminal and the garage. There are signs - B1, B2, B3 for passenger pickup and dropoff.
  13. Agree on both. Also, The Local was a great choice for dinner (and an ice cream sundae!) to get an outdoor table at sunset: Hudson's was a great lunch choice, since you could really appreciate the expansive view during the daytime. When we boarded, Indulge was jam-packed, but Hudson's was almost empty. Some great items on the lunch menu, too - Thai Beef Salad, Caesar Salad, Smashburger, Grilled Mahi, Roast Chicken, Creme Brulee, Cheesecake
  14. Sure, but to me, one of the supposed benefits of venues like Indulge, The Local and the buffet is not having to be a slave to a schedule. I want to go on *my* schedule - I'M ON VACATION! 🙂 I know - dream on.
  15. We asked one of the staff in Indulge, and they said there were 2200 passengers, so not a full ship. Maybe because it was a longer cruise, harder to get time off with kids. There were not a lot of kids on the ship (less than I expected anyway). If that's the case, I would not want to try and go to Indulge with a full ship.
  16. Was the salmon from Q BBQ at lunch? I forgot about that - it was a nice piece of fish and cooked just right.
  17. Everything I had from Tamara was good - Pork Vindaloo, Chicken Tikka, but I was disappointed that Naan was not available at lunch since they were using the tandoors for the chicken. The romaine and kale salad was good with blackened tuna. Pad Thai was good, but not great. I thought the breakfast at Indulge was good, and easy to grab something.
  18. Regarding the glass walkway - the port walkway was still shattered on the 10/31-11/11 cruise. Starboard was fine - avoid if you are prone to motion sickness 🙂 20221103_164540.mp4
  19. With that location, you need to pack one of these and a large duffle bag 😉
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