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  1. Worth a try. Sign him up for the VIFP club on the Carnival.com website. Once in there, you can "Claim Past Cruise". Submit the info along with pictures of the cards and you should be good to go. I was able to claim a cruise from 1991 with nothing more than a picture of us on the gangway.
  2. Just another update. Even though the tracking said "pitneybowes", the cards arrived today via UPS. So for those keeping track at home: Ordered : 1/8, shipped : 1/14, arrived: 1/15 (30 minutes south of Toledo)
  3. Unsure of the transfer question, but if you are in port Everglades, it's a 5 min cab ride and cost around $20.
  4. looks like allstate doesn't always ship UPS anymore.....
  5. I can confirm this does work. I paid the $14 annual and my spouse made an account using my membership. We have each bought a $100 card in the last 2 months (1 each in December and 1 each in January for a total of 4 between us)
  6. 1GaPeach, I can only offer my current experience. I ordered 2 $500 cards last Wednesday. My CC was charged that day. I have been checking the last several days and the status always said "pending". Just a minute ago, I checked and the status had finally changed to shipped: 1/14/20 (today), but there is still no tracking information available. I am guessing that may become available later today when it actually leaves the building.
  7. To add on to this as well, you also get a spousal membership that your spouse can use to buy cards on AARP. Each month, on the 1st, my wife and I each but a $100 card and just apply the $200 to a future cruise. It's basically a monthly expense at this point and allows us to save allstate points for the bigger cards when we need them.
  8. just got emailed this one: 1kgoals2020
  9. there were some people swimming in the pools and using the hot tub but not many. I think the temperatures were fine, it was probably more that the average age of the cruisers were higher and there were not very many children.
  10. You don't even need to bother with cruise cash. Take the gift cards with you on the cruise. Charge everything as you normally would, then on the last night of your cruise, take the cards down to guest services and have them applied to your balance. Conversely, I believe you can post the gift cards to your S&S at the beginning and if there is an unused balance at the end, they will mail you a gift card.
  11. I just stayed in 6329 two months ago, which is the other corner room on that deck, so I guess you could say I have first-hand adjacent knowledge. 14 days on the Miracle to HI. The closet had room to hang all of my shirts and all of her dresses, plus a bunch of shelves for pants/shorts/shoes. I am guessing it's about 5 ft wide with sliding doors. Plus there is a dresser with 4 to 5 drawers for socks/pjs/etc. The vanity area also had a couple of drawers for makeup and other feminine type products, and the bathroom had 4 to 6 shelves along the mirror for other things. There was plenty of room for both suitcases under the bed (we kept dirties in the suitcases). The closest laundry is almost directly under you on deck 5. The closets are not walk-in on Deck 6. Hope this helps!
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