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  1. We sailed the Paradise out of Tampa in April of 2019. Back then she was sailing to Cuba and that's why we specifically chose that cruise. It had been over 10 years since I'd sailed a Fantasy class ship, but we really enjoyed the Paradise. It felt more laid back and not as crowded as the newer ships. And it had alot of the Funship 2.0 upgrade - Red Frog Rum Bar/Blue Iguana Tequila Bar, Guy's Burgers/Blue Iguana Taco Bar, Waterworks, Bonsai Sushi stand. It didn't have the big screen on the Lido deck, but we didn't really miss that so much. My husband doesn't really enjoy the crowds on the bigger ships so this one appealed to him. And it had plenty for the rest of us. You may miss out on some of the other specialty dining options. We booked the Chef's Table, which was amazing! So that helped...and otherwise we ate in the main dining room and more than enjoyed our dinners. And we absolutely loved the Port of Tampa! It was the easiest embarkation in my 18 cruises on Carnival. We stayed at the Hampton Inn Ybor City and it was a very inexpensive Lyft ride from the hotel to the port (the hotel offers a shuttle, but we wanted to go when we wanted to go and not have to wait for a specific time to depart). I'm Platinum, so my hubby and I could check in at any time. But some of our travel companions were not Platinum. They just came to the port with us even though their boarding time was later. They got in the line for people who arrived earlier than their boarding time and honestly, they were thru and checked in only about 2 minutes after us! It took maybe 10 minutes total to go thru security, check in and find our seats in the Priority Boarding area. About 10 minutes after that, we were boarding the ship. It was so easy! And debarking was the same way. It felt so much less hectic and chaotic than Miami. Enjoy the Paradise and your cruise!
  2. My PVP had mentioned that Carnival was planning to sail with a limited number of guests when sailing resumes and as such they are limiting the capacity available to book. That may be why the July cruises show not able to book. She posted that just this morning.
  3. One year ago yesterday we departed on the Carnival Paradise on a 5 day cruise to Key West and Havana. We had Cuba on or bucket list for a long time and were super excited to go! During this cruise was when it was announced that the Trump administration was going to be rolling back the abilities to travel to Cuba. So glad we got to go when we did. It was a heck of a vacation with a lot of firsts. It was the first time we cruised without our little once since she was born, first time cruising out of Tampa, first time on the Paradise, first time to Cuba. And Cuba was everything we thought it would be! Have a girls cruise booked on the Conquest for October...so now just waiting to see if that one will happen!
  4. I saw it on there too. I noticed the Getaway category when I was pricing checking my October cruise. Curiosity got the better of me so I clicked on it and noticed the Brisbane 3 day cruise. I wondered the same thing about why the Australian cruise was showing on the Carnival US page. Figured it had to be a glitch!
  5. How long are the lines at the "bars"? Are people social distancing in the buffet lines? Are kids still taking over the hot tubs?
  6. It's interesting to go back and read this thread now not even two weeks later and marvel at how much things have changed. Two weeks ago, people were upset that those over 70 (who have been established to be most at risk from this virus) had to provide a fit to cruise letter. Now, almost all schools are closed, people can't find TP anywhere (allegedly), entries metropolitan cities and states are on shelter in place order, the "non-essential" workforce is working from home, businesses are laying people off. Crazy how much the situation and people's attitude toward it changed. Hell, four weeks ago we were packing to take our 5 year old on her first trip to Walt Disney World. We went and had an amazing time. Would I go today if given the chance?? Doubtful under the current conditions.
  7. I would guess some of the ships employees may be able to remain employed and working on the ship. They will still need housekeeping help. I assume food will be provided onboard. So they'll need cooks and servers (maybe only delivering to cabins). ship medical staff may be asked to assist. In my opinion, any jobs that can be saved during this time is a great thing! I've also heard that Carnival made this offer only asking that they be reimbursed for their costs during the time period this is enacted which I assume would include any salaries for personnel who remain on the ship to assist. Just speculation but it makes sense.
  8. Here are my thoughts on all of this: 1 - will I cruise again? Definitely! I have a cruise booked in October and fully plan on going if the ships are sailing and there is not a large number of outbreaks on them happening at that time or a high possibility of getting quarantined away from my home for 2 weeks. 2. Do the cruise lines deserve a bailout? I think they absolutely do. They may not have US registered ships, but they still employee a lot of US citizens not just on the ships but in their various reservations offices. Think of all of your PVPs and Carnival reps answering your phone calls and emails now. Plus when the ships sail they are pumping money in US economies - people are paying money to fly or drive to port cities, staying in hotels pre or post-cruise, eating out and dining at US port cities or US ports of call (Hawaii, Key West, etc.). Think of how much money states like Florida get from tourism and travel. Every bit of that helps to keep those economies going. It may take time, but I do think Carnival (and other large cruise lines) will come out on the other side of this. Misty
  9. I believe the Paradise (as well as all Carnival ships) will run specials at various times where certain drinks are $1 off or something similar. I believe there may be something in the casino the first afternoon. And there are always drinks of the day that you can purchase at a discount or in a larger souvenir glass (refills are less if you purchase the souvenir glass). And if you plan on doing the Cheers Beverage Program, this becomes a moot point as you'll then just get up to 15 drinks a day included for one price.
  10. if they aren't, they should be! We also used the Mango Bubly to make fruit smoothies at home this past week. Used frozen fruit and instead of just using fruit juice to mix it with, we did 1/2 OJ and 1/2 Mango Bubly. It was SO good! Just light, refreshing and not as filling!
  11. My guess is they will pour it over ice if you order one from the bar. I prefer it out of a can. I’ll probably put my cans of Bubly in our ice bucket to get them good and cold. The fridge doesn’t always get things super cold!
  12. I've never booked a Suite (at least until this year's October cruise) and I've always had bathrobes in our cabins. My routine at home is to step out of the shower and into my robe for while I get ready. I do that cruises as well and robes have always been in our cabin closet.
  13. Thanks for the replies! Here's to hoping they expand their Bubly offerings before my cruise in October! LOL I'm seriously getting addicted to the stuff! And now that Carnival has switched to Pepsi, I was planning to carry on a 12 pack of Coke. Been trying to figure out how to get both my Coke and Mango Bubly onboard. I think my solution will be to carry on the Mango Bubly in Miami and then buy a 12 pack of Coke on our first stop in Key West.
  14. I gave up soda in October (goal is at least one year) and have recently started to really get into carbonated waters. Bubly is my fave! I saw on Carnivals website that they offer Grapefruit, Orange, and Lime Bubly onboard. I have read on here that sometimes what’s listed on line isn’t the most accurate or comprehensive list of beverages that the ships actually carry. Just wondering if anyone has seen them offering any other flavors onboard. I would love to see some Raspberry or Mango - those are my faves! If they stick to what is listed online, I’ll plan on bringing on a 12 pack of Mango Bubly when I board.
  15. I have cruised ALOT over the last two decades, but up until our cruise last April, I’ve never purchased Wi-Fi. One of my favorite aspects of cruising has always been the feeling of being disconnected from life at home! That changed when my hubby and I cruised without our then four year old daughter. That cruise we bought the Social Wi-Fi plan so we could check in with grandma using FB Messenger. This year I am taking a girls cruise and will definitely be purchasing a Wi-Fi package to keep in touch with home. So here are my questions: 1. Can you purchase Wi-Fi by the day once you are on board? I know it’s cheaper per day by buying the package in advance. But we are doing a four day cruise with Key West as our first Port of Call. We will have phone service in Key West, so I could check in from there easily. I would probably only need Wi-Fi for the last two days of the cruise. Was thinking it might be cheaper buying for two days on the ship vs. paying for four days in advance. If this can be done, what are the daily rates for the plans? 2. I would be interested in hearing of people’s experiences with the Premium package specifically with Skype Video calling. I found the Social plan to have spotty outages and it was difficult to get and receive messages. I don’t want to pay more for the higher level plan if the service is just an unreliable. Thanks! Misty
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