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  1. We were onboard as well! We happened to see the Captain the next day inspecting the work being done at drying carpets etc and asked him about the wave. He said it was the roughest conditions he'd experienced in his 30 years at sea....he also told us how many "tons" of water had come inside the ship from the wave but can't remember how much he said....
  2. Isn't the Oct 31st sailing a 14 day TA?...
  3. One more question: do we need to take towels from the ship or do they hand those out when you arrive? We're looking forward to a nice/relaxing day. Thanks again for all the info!
  4. Thanks so much for the follow-up! We go mid-January so we had already purchased passes through a 3rd party. We'll remember to call the resort directly if we go back in the future. We'll try to get there as close to 9am as possible. So, is it open bar with the Day passes? Thanks again for the review!
  5. Thanks! That was very helpful to see just how close the slide is. Still a decent view aft. We have 9729 next year on the Allure TA in November.
  6. I'm interested in this as well. Does anyone have a picture or video actually from the deck 9 end cabins? 9729/9329
  7. Can you report back on your experience? We'll be there for the day pass in mid-January. It has good reviews on here but hoped to hear from someone with really recent visit....thanks in advance!
  8. That does sound like a nice day. How did you book that? Thanks
  9. Thanks! That thread had some very helpful info along with the pictures. We went ahead and booked a bungalow for our January 2020 cruise. They were listed for $210 in the cruise planner. (It's amazing they want $579 now for a Nellies cabana!)
  10. We're thinking about these for next January. Anyone have a detailed map of their location(s) and/or any recommendations on a specific bungalow one might try to request once onboard or upon arrival at Labadee?...
  11. ok, thanks...I'll keep that in mind in the future.
  12. Do they ever allow just 2 people to book these rooms or do they require at least 3 people?...
  13. When we did it in 2011, they weighed everyone and in our case everyone had stepped up on the scale and been weighed and cleared to go when one of the staff came in and gave the guide an update on the wind speed. Apparently the wind had increased to a particular threshold and one of the guys in our previously approved group was told due to the change in wind speed he was no longer "cleared" to go and so his GF had go by herself...I can't remember what the weight limit was....
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