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  1. It is time to cruise, period. MSC is doing well in Europe and added another ship to their sailings. Yes, there are still cases popping up but I think especially since one could fly all of these months we should also be able to cruise with a good protocol in place.
  2. I think the added month of no-sail was because no decision has been made on the "new" cruising protocols.
  3. I am sure we are going to see more changes in entertainment as cruise lines rebook the acts for the ships. We booked two Cirque shows on our March MSC cruise and I am hoping more shows show up for my June Breakaway Cruise. I think many changes will occur as the ships return to sailing. In November we did enjoy the Cirque show on the Getaway.
  4. I agree a complimentary pressing service would be nice. In June the DS and DD and myself will be in a Club Balcony. We needed the extra room since we are all adults. We will enjoy the complimentary bag of laundry and with my Platinum it will be nice to have the ability to send two bags, at different times.
  5. We sailed in Suite 9732 eons ago and loved it because it was a wrap to the side. The side is a standing room only or a small chair "stuffed" facing the bow. We found the balcony wonderful as there was three of us. We spent alot of time yelling "whale" and enjoying the view. We had great neighbors above and next to us and no noise. We would book this cabin again if life ever has the Star in our future again.
  6. As my age keeps creeping up I just want to enjoy a few more cruises as well. Our next cruise planned is March 2021 with a couple of days relaxing and enjoying Miami. Fingers crossed we all will be healthy and sailing again by next year.
  7. This thread started out about "Positive cases on cruise ship docked in Greece" and then moved into the direction of safe or not safe to cruise. Thanks and well written Tapi!🙂 We stayed in with no visits except "drive by waves and I love yous" from family since my husband and I as seniors decided to be consciously cautious. We have no idea if precautions will keep us safe or not just as we have no idea if we will get sick or not. We have been out several times and thank God we are still well and kicking. Cruising, you bet! Just as at home we will be cautious and try our best to stick to the rules the cruise lines give us while we are enjoying our trip.
  8. Le Bistro and the bar is right across from the Cigar place. If the door is opened for someone you can barely notice the smoke. Sadly I am sensitive and just that bit had me tearing away. 🙁 No big deal for us we just changed seats. It is not like a Smokey bar screen in a b&w movie. We did go to the Casino for the slot pull and afterwards we carried on smartly to an outdoor bar😁😉
  9. Congratulations on your cruise choice! We sailed on the Jade in Cabin a way back in 2016 in Cabin 10164, which was an Aft Suite. We loved the cabin and I persona;;y spent time reading and having a glass of wine on it with my husband and our friends also sailing on this cruise. We never heard any loud noise which disturbed our serenity. I would choose this cabin again should we sail on this size ship in the future. You are correct food is subjective and also changes from ship to ship. We met at the Champagne Bar for dinner and the service was wonderful. After theatre and sometimes until way "early morning" our friends and ourselves settled in at the bar by the stairs. Sometimes there was a stronger smell of smoke while sitting in the Champagne area closer to Le Bistro and we would move to another area. My eyes would start tearing etc etc (allergy). The food was good in both the dining room and specialty restaurants - nothing to write home about but my steak was perfect. I always remember the plus and minus on a steak because I like mine well. I know what! We had the internet plan which we get every sailing. We now purchase online before sailing as even with the extra time it was not a better bargain for us to wait. Your length of time may make a difference. I would call and ask the NCL folk. The Jade is nothing like the Getaway as it is cozier. We enjoy the smaller ships because for us in our "twilight time" we are not too interested in all of the games and extra-curricular activities the larger ships bring to the passengers. The Jade felt like a small town while the Getaway was more like a metropolitan city. My daughter and I sailed on the Getaway for her birthday and though we had a great time, we both agreed we enjoyed the smaller to medium ship sizes on NCL but willing to try a larger ship together again. Hence, my birthday cruise on the Breakaway in 2021 with both of my children sans spouses and grandchildren. I am very excited to enjoy my children together as middle-aged adults on a vacation. I enjoy NCL and sail on the different size ships, we are now Platinum. I also sail other lines depending if it is just my husband and myself or children with grandchildren. I hope you will enjoy your time.
  10. I am thinking false positive. Wishing them all well and a negative testing.
  11. As long as she is seaworthy by June 2021, I will be happy. Looking forward to sailing on the Breakaway in JUne 2021.
  12. We are looking forward to Cabin 16018 in March. We received help from FB threads.
  13. Some of the itineraries look interesting. I am doing a wait and see for the new ship itineraries. Also seeing what the Dh will agree to in 2022. 😉
  14. I am one of those people who checks the prices after I book periodically. I have four cruise booked (three are cancel/rebook) and the prices have not gone down. It always pays to keep checking.
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