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  1. We took the water taxi in the day time and the shuttle bus across the parking lot from the Queen Mary all hours it ran. There is a great aquarium there if you want to enjoy sea life, a personal favorite with us. There is a small "tourist shopping area next to the aquarium with a few restaurants. We are Yard House fans. The little shuttle bus can take you into downtown Long Beach where we eat breakfast and there are plenty of restaurants. There is a coffee shop on the Queen Mary and a restaurant (pricey) along with a bar with a view of the harbor. There is also a submarine next to the Queen Mary for us a one and done event😉 The full Queen Mary tour is great, a slight discount if you stay there. There are also tours into LA.
  2. My DD made reservations for us on the Queen Mary (we love staying there) for the day we disembark as the Panorama does not leave until the next day. We usually stay the day before and enjoy Long Beach this time we are going to take my DGD to enjoy the day and evening on the shp with us. I am really looking forward to it.
  3. The wine skins aka wine daipers are great. I have used my several times and no issues. I do keep an eye for any rips, tears or the tops no longer sealing. I finally had to say goodbye after 5 cruises to one of them and decided to go ahead and just get two new ones and replace both. Best cruise buy ever!
  4. Thanks again - there is a day break in between my two cruises (disembark on Friday and then embark on a different ship on Saturday) but there was no problem in linking the two. VentureMan_2000 - thank you again for asking the question I never thought to ask!
  5. What great advice about linking the two cruises. One of my cruises is before another on a different Carnival ship, I will check into making this notation.
  6. Thanks for your review. The DD and I have taken the quick 4-day on the Inspiration twice before and she thought it would be fun to take before our 7-day on the Panorama. I do wish they would "retire" a balcony ship to this port as the Suite category is the only offering with one amd boy the balcony is small (regular Suite not the Jr. Suite).
  7. We do it all of the time. I do the switch in the airport and place my wine in their diapers into our carry on bags. This is the way we have done it for years.
  8. We spent time reading what others did in the ports and then booked independent yours. Going to a bank ATM is great. Our bank does not charge ATM fees for overseas transactions. My DH had us get a few Euros prior to the trip for when we first arrived. We sailed from Barcelona and spent a few days there.
  9. Laszelo is correct only you can decide if it is worth the price. I love the spa but I book for the heated chaise lounge. For me the spa pass is worth it for just that portion of what is in the spa.
  10. We sailed in a H5 Haven in 2017 on the Epic and we paid $8424.36. I decided to take a look at the price of the YC on Seaside from our May 2019 cruise - $3818.18. Our booked Meraviglia YC cabin for March 2021 is $4906.14. The price has gone up though we do have the paid gratuities paid promotion which doesn't knock off much but I will take it. (Military rate pricing) I booked direct this time as the last time we used an agent. I was on hold about 15 minutes (yes, I timed it). She was wonderful and patient as she waited for me to fax the DD214 while she remained on the line and we concluded the booking. The pricing for our 2021 cruise but I will wait and see. Either way it is still way cheaper than the Haven and I do not have to pay for the "free drink package".
  11. FTTF - drop bag, put items in safe, put on swimsuit, get buffet food and head to Serenity, order drink---ahh. Though this 4-day we have the DGD so the same line up except instead of Serenity we will seek place at pool.
  12. I really wish to cruise to Alaska again and I am waiting patiently to take this cruise on MSC.
  13. B2B prices in the YC are terrific in comparison to the Haven.
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