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  1. Ray and I are thrilled to hear that Collin is back on Crystal....the last couple of cruises(Symphony and Serenity) for us we didn't enjoy our favorite Avenue Saloon....Somehow it was never the same after Collin left Crystal. It would be fantastic if he was doing the 2020 WC! Cheers, Pat and Ray
  2. Good Morning Keith, Ray and I are booked for the last two segments of 2020 WC Please register us for : March20 (OCY200320-14) Singapore -Mumbai (Pat/Ray) April 3 (OCY200403-18) Mumbai -Rome (Pat/Ray) Enjoy your River Cruise, Cheers, Pat
  3. Hi Mr Luxury. it is one seating as it includes a show so everyone comes at the same time which is 6:60 pm i highly recommend it for at least a one time experience Keith
  4. I agree. You want to see the Concierge who is responsible for all room assignments once the cruise begins. Hooefully they will move you you to another room Keith
  5. Question:why on earth are they "re-glazing"in the middle of a 5 day crossing in the torrid tropics? Was there some damage to the pool? Sure hope they make it beautiful before we board on the 13th as i love my pool days. Cheers,Pat and Ray
  6. Good afternoon Keith and Anne Marie. I am enjoying reading the Waterside menus and enjoying your food choices. When Ray and I were first married and could afford to go out for dinner in a fine restaurant in Toronto, he couldn't understand how I would choose only appetizers for my main course....I had to explain that I loved tasting foods that I normally wouldn't make at home and that it broadened my love for foods from different countries. Remember, "if you never try something new, you might be missing a treasure". Keep up with your great blog. Only 46 days till we board! Cheers. Pat and Ray
  7. Wow, what a beautiful restaurant and the dessert looks unbelievable. We have been to Rio a few times...it's a city to see and enjoy. Do you have a Blog address?If so I would love to follow it....We used to be divers but not anymore,so will enjoy it through your eyes and writings. Cheers, Pat
  8. Keith, thank you so much for all your help today, I certainly couldn't have done it. Think the avatar of Ray and myself is much better than the "boat avatar". We will "buy" you and Anne Marie a drink at the Avenue Saloon when we board on the 13th. Just over 7 weeks to go till we board! Cheers, Pat and Ray
  9. Good Morning Anne Marie and Keith. We are happy to see you are doing another W.C. So are Ray and I, however it is only the last segment, Cape Town to Monte Carlo. Going to Kwandwe Fish River Safari Camp for 5 nights before we board on the 13th. We will be looking forward to seeing Cheetas on this safari. In the mean time I will enjoy reading your blog once again, building our anticipation till we board. P.S. love the color of you new luggage. Cheers, Pat and Ray
  10. Well there goes any trips that includes China. I am so happy that we were able to see so much of China over the last 15 years or so. Pat
  11. Good morning Jackie, once again I am enjoying your travels, photos and tales of adventure on the high seas. Question: Who are the lecturers and their topics of expertise? Do they do the lectures in the Galaxy lounge or only on the TV? If"live", what time? I am asking these questions for Ray. On our last cruise, on the Explorer, this past March the old geezer was so terrible that Ray had to leave and for him to do that it, must have been not even up to par. We are considering the 2020 cruise Singapore to Rome on the Mariner and maybe even adding on the Rome to Miami as well. Say hi to Dennis for us and while you are around on formal night, how about a photo of you and Dennis. Cheers, Pat and Ray
  12. I was one of those teenagers that helped to bring in the Rock and Roll era with Elvis Presley, Bill Haley and the Comets, Fats Domino, the Platters, The CrewCuts, Buddy Holley, the Big Bopper, Everly Brothers, Jimmy Rogers, Little Ritchard and the list goes on and on!! It was a wonderful time to be a teenager without a care in the world. It was truly "Happy Days." I hope this show will be on in the March13, 2019 Cape Town to Monte Carlo cruise as I know I'll be moving and grooving along with the Band. Cheers,Pat and Ray
  13. Is the Left side of the bus behind the driver, the "right/correct" side? or is the Right side of the bus, the "wrong/incorrect" side?...I always get confused...Did I mention I am a blonde.
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