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  1. ON THE ROAD TO NUKO - ANOTHER DAY AT SEA We enjoyed another glorious day at sea. For those who love sea days on Crystal Cruises we have plenty of them on this voyages. I always say on a Crystal Cruise World Cruise it is Crystal on steroids when it comes to enrichment as there is so much to do and no time to do it all. It is a fun challenge to have. Lots of activities were on the schedule including three lectures. Adrian Vickers spoke about Tahiti and how it became part of the French Polynesia. Owen Ullmann spoke about the financial outlook for 2020. In the afternoon, Dr. Simon Spooner spoke about maritime archaeology. The World Games continued with several activities for guests to participate. This included Gin Rummy, Men's and Women's Shuffleboard, Men's and Women's Basketball Foul Shooting and a few other competitions. I wanted to highlight the weather. It was the most beautiful day to be outdoors of this sailing. The weather was incredible. It was 75 degrees Fahrenheit for most of the day and Sunny. It was humid which made it feel warmer than it was. Later in the morning there was a Sunday Brunch. The Brunch has similarities to the Grand Gala Buffet but as any brunch would includes several breakfast items as well. Unfortunately, I was unable to take any photos since I was participating in Basketball Foul Shooting. I will be sure to take photos the next time the brunch is held. During his talk from the Bridge Captain Birger noted we were going at 23 Knots which is the most Serenity can go. We are making up time at this speed. There has only been minimal impact to the itinerary. We will arrive one day later than originally planned to our Nuku and miss only one port and most importantly the two guests who required medical attention on land are where they needed to be. In the end the safety of guests, members of Team Serenity and the Ship are the priorities as they should be. Before dinner we attended the Cruise Critic Meet & Mingle Party. We had a nice turnout. I wish we had more time to meet everyone but we did meet several couples we have never met before plus one couple who we met on our second Crystal Cruises in 2003. It is hard to believe 17 years ago. On the World Cruise they change the Prego Specialty Restaurant on each segment given how long guests are on-board. We dined there last evening. Current Prego Menu attachment1.en.pdf I enjoyed two of the updates which were added to the menu for this voyage. This included a Crab appetizer with a Cannoli. The best description for this appetizer was the word Yummy. I also had the Sea Bass which was added to the menu and one word to describe this was delicious. Cannoli Sea Bass. Caesar Salad Grilled Vegetables Speaking of changing menus, we learned from one of our fellow CC members that two nights ago as part of Chinese New Year they had a special menu at the Silk Asian Restaurant. Last nights evening entertainment included the production show of Icons In Concert which is very uplifting. Cheers, Keith
  2. Safe travels and early Bon Voyage Patty and to those who are sailing with you. Keith
  3. Ed it was very sad. He was there at the game when LeBron hit a shot to overtake Kobe in career scoring. I do avoid helicopters and certain planes Keth
  4. The Holiday Cruise was also listed when the program rolled out and I believe applied in the old program. I believe the World Cruise is new. Keith
  5. Yes, there will be a welcome reception. There was one in Miami this year and they metioned for 2022 Los Angelsees as well. What they say is one exclusive shore side event and one gala dinner shore side event. That is what they are doing for 2020 but they didn't spell it out this way (eg, Gala Dinner Shoreside). Keith
  6. Denise, that is super. We took a climb as well before sailing on Crystal and a couple of other luxury lines. We sailed several other lines. What I like is the cruise lines each have a niche with emphasis on certain areas. This way we can each figure out which ones match to those areas we enjoy the most. For example I have met some people whose number one reason for selecting a line is Paddle Tennis. One couple we met last year selected Crystal for that reason but also plays Paddle Tennis on the HAL cruise which does the their World Cruise. Others might be drawn to Dancing. Of course Itinerary is a consideration for most people. Best to you. Keith
  7. The changes are instead of arriving to Nuku Hiva on January 29 we will arrive on January 30. And we will miss Rangiro which was scheduled for arrival January 31 but we will keep to the other ports such as Bora Bora and Moorea. In short, very little impact to the schedule. Keith
  8. An article from Cruise Critic. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5009/?fbclid=IwAR2HRakaHJ-XL77hgK822SN-353L4QuHJkGaiYMw_WuR71tKfNArzniqfyc Keith
  9. Robin, yes there were quite a few people out on the Promenade Deck Early. I got out there before 5:30 AM and there were many walkers. Some whom I know might have been in the Fitness Center on the treadmill but since it was very light out due to the difference between ship time and actual local time and the weather being nice I think that brought more people out early. It's also possible that some were up earlier to see us anchor. I also see more people on this voyage up earlier in the Fitness Center which could be due to continued jet lag. Keith
  10. One of my better photos on one of the stair landings. Any guesses? LOL. Hint, it's not me. LOL. Answer with a photo from head to toe will be on the blog later today. Keith
  11. Just wanted to share the current count of those doing the full World Cruise which is 319 guests. Counts can change should anyone leave the ship or return to the ship. I believe of that number about half are first time World Cruisers and as usual there are quite a few not only doing their first world cruise but their first Crystal Cruise. Keith
  12. Denise: Running on the beach sounds great as well. I have done some of that over the years during my younger days where I grew up and when we visit beaches on vacations or weekend getaways. The Promenade Deck is a great place for walking, talking, running and taking in the views. I have really enjoyed running it. It can accommodate four people walking shoulder to shoulder. In the majority of the cases it is one or two walking and this makes it easy for me to get around them. Yesterday we had three walking abreast. I just look for a safe opening or just give a heads up. It works well. I listen to music that I use to teach indoor cycling at home which is also designed to be motivating. One of the selling points for us when we decided while on board Serenity for the first time to book a full World Cruise is the promenade deck. It's also a nice place just to enjoy quiet time. Another enjoyable time at Waterside last evening. It was busier than the night before but far less than on other nights. People continue to spread to other restaurants. They had a delicious Gratinated Seafood Crepe for an appetizer which we both enjoyed. This is one of the few times we went with an appetizer from the Classics menu. We asked for salads not on the menu. Lettuce, mushrooms and slice tomato. It felt like USA Thanksgiving last evening as we both had the Turkey with the sides. It came with white and some dark meet but you could have it the way you wanted such as all white, all dark or half and half. I had it the way it came with white meat and a little dark meat. Anne Marie asked for all white meat. I also finished the meal with some cheese. The choice vary and the menu changes each evening. Today continues with lots of activities. Several World Games Contests. In my early years of World Cruises I entered lots of activities (table tennis, shuffleboard, golf putting, basketball, foul shooting, team trivia, darts, solitaire, and ones I can't even remember. On the first WC for us we had Dorothy Hamill who we both enjoyed as a figure skater and Anne Marie had the Dorothy Hamill style of hair. The following year we had Cathy Rigby who was an Olympian and also went off to acting such as in Peter Pan. Anne Marie would enter several of the games as well. It was a good opportunity to get photographs with those two Olympians. More recently we've cut way down on what we enter. I think Anne Marie will take a pass this year and I'll do Paddle Tennis and foul shooting. One of the things I like about the games is the opportunity to get to know other guests. For example the person I won against yesterday in Paddle Tennis I never met and we spoke afterwards for awhile. While waiting for the next round I chatted with another guest for quite awhile. Learned we had some things in common back in our state. Cheers, Keith
  13. MwGW...Our on-board experience on Serenity has been outstanding since we boarded on January 7. Cuisine, enrichment, shows, service have been top notch. The crew is amazing. We've really enjoyed the guests as well. People have been positive and we have met several people we have not cruised with before on both segments who are very nice and that includes some people I met playing in the World Games singles tournament today. Back to the food, The food at Waterside has been superb and on most nights find more than one appetizer and more than one entree which I would be very happy having. During Captain Birger's talk from the bridge at Noon he mentioned that all went very well with the guest who left today for the medical stop. He also noted that another guest had a medical issue last evening and also departed the ship this morning. He noted that we left Cabo so fast someone might think the ship was stolen and we are traveling at 22 knots which I believe is pretty much as fast as the ship can go. We were in Marketplace at the time of his talk and when he teased about the ship being stolen we all laughed as did most people who were having lunch. The weather is quite good. With us being on ships time versus Cabo time it was light out early. I ended up doing a long run on the promenade deck and enjoying the views. I wish I could bring the Promenade Deck home with me along with the views of land and the ocean. If I could I could run longer than I can at home. It's flat so no hills to contend with. Also those views along with listening to music motivates me to run longer and faster. Where is Forest Gump? LOL. Had a lot of fun playing in the World Games singles men tournament today. I made it past the first round but lost to someone who beat me last year. It's all about having fun which I did. I played again this afternoon with several people as I do most afternoons. Live is good. Actually, life is great being here. Keith
  14. Denise, thank you so much for your very thoughtful comments. This is a short video from the opening ceremony. IMG_8468.mov Keith
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