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  1. Robb, you are very welcome and thank you for your thoughtful comments. The good news is we have lots of helpful posters on this board. I am sure you will look great and this is the nice option for BTO with many choices for the evening attire. Wishing you a wonderful time on your first Crystal Cruise and I hope you enjoy your first one as we did. Enjoy every minute. Keith
  2. Jackie, They are pretty typical of USA based airlines. Yes, they make a good number of changes as does Delta, United Airlines, etc. And because of this when I book a flight with them or any of the USA airlines or for that matter any airline these days I check my flights from time to time to see if there have been any changes of which I have not been notified which definitely happens. Should the make a change I am not happy with I simply followup and get it corrected. With that said II have American Airlines several hundred times for the past 39 years and I have to say the e-mail you got was a first. 😀 Unfortunately glitches do happen (not defending them but they do). I have a friend who flew on Singapore Airlines (a highly related airline), booked his flights, showed up when the cruise ended and learned they had removed the flight from the schedule starting three weeks prior to that. Guess what? They never informed him. Either way the terminal at Miami Airport is very nice and since Robroy is on an American flight lets just wish him a nice experience. Keith
  3. Keith1010


    A short walk from where you are docked is the Walled City of Rhodes. It has lots of history to it and also shops, and restaurants and a fun place to wander around. There is a historic synagogue there along with other places to visit. I highly recommend it. Keith
  4. Excellent advice by FlyerTalker and Roland. So glad you decided to play it safe with the afternoon flight. We like to get all checked in and through security even though we have the Pre TSA Check and usually are flying Business/First Class. However, there is Murphys law and always the chance for things to go wrong. Eight ships in port means it is part of the height of the Miami tourist season so you have many people flying out of there in the morning who didn't take a cruise. Add to that people not only arriving to the port of Miami but to Port Everglades. American Airlines uses a very nice terminal in Miami with lots of places to make the time go fast and that includes several nice places for lunch. I also wanted to add how it was smart of you to ask before making the flight arrangement. Often I see people on some of the other boards who ask for advice (or the usual will I be OK) but after they made the reservations. Given that often reservations have a penalty for changing them I scratch my head and say to myself "why ask after you made the arrangements rather than before". The other benefit is now you don't have to spend half the cruise worrying about making the flight. Have a wonderful cruise. Keith
  5. Absolutely. You can always bring a tie so if you feel like changing it up for the next BTO night you could add a tie but again no need to do that if you do not like wearing ties. Keith
  6. This one has been discussed and fairly recently but no worries. On Crystal Casual nights even though it is not mentioned in the writeup for Crystal Casual clothing Jeans are permitted. I have always been told no holes. The vast majority of gents do wear casual pants such as Khakis. Ironically, I feel like I saw more people in blue jeans five or so years ago than today but it never is a lot of people. Sometimes I will see more on the first night and last night of the cruise due to people unpacking/packing. For Black Tie Optional you have two major types of dress. The first is more along formal attire with gents in Tuxedos or Suits(most wear a tie but not required) and women in long gowns, cocktail dresses or other fancy attire. The second type of attire is what makes it optional. Gents in a sports jacket, and dress pants and collared shirt. Tie is optional. Women in dresses and pant suits or something along those lines. These are the two type of evening attire to be worn around the ship. You will hear that more casual attire is permitted at Silk and at Churrascaria. This began along time at the former Tastes on Serenity which has been replaced by Silk. It started because it was a casual restaurant so people thought casual means casual attire and the ship didn't enforce the code. With Silk and Churascaria being casual restaurants they don't enforce the BTO attire at those restaurants but again when going around the ship they really hope that people will be in BTO attire and even in these restaurants you will see people who are not in causal dress on the BTO nights. As to the percentage of people who will be in more formal attire (eg., suits, tuxedo for gents versus sports jackets). The answer is that it depends. Factors include how many BTO nights on the cruise (I will see a smaller percentage of people in formal attire on cruises with one BTO night versus two or more), the length of the cruise, the time of year, where the ship is sailing just to name a few. My recommendation is to wear something appropriate for that evening that you will be happy with. If you have one BTO night you will likely see a smaller percentage of people in formal attire. On the other hand if you are on a long cruise with three BTO nights you will see a greater percentage of people in formal attire. If two BTO nights the other factors I mentioned will come into play but you will see a mix probably down the middle. A tie adds to the formality of the attire whether you choose to wear a suit or a sports jacket but it is not required. The good news is you have a lot of flexibility on the dress. Have a wonderful cruise. Keith
  7. I found a short video to go with this. It begins with an unrelated commercial. https://www.cnbc.com/video/2019/09/20/couple-charters-cruise-ship-with-submarine-and-jumbo-jet-for-party.html Keith
  8. For those of you relatively new to Crystal Cruises or who have sailed Crystal before but have not been to a Meet & Mingle Party I thought I would start a thread about them. There is a sticky thread towards the top of the page about the party and this link will take you to the sign up page. https://www.cruisecritic.com/rollcall/cruiselinel2.cfm?cruiselineid=12 My experience is Meet and Mingle Parties do vary from cruise line. In some instances they rely on one or more members of Cruise Critic to organize them. In other instances the cruise line mainly provides a room. With respect to Crystal if 10 or more people sign up and are on-board a Meet and Mingle Party will be held. On-board is key because sometimes 10 people have signed up but if one or more have cancelled there will not be a party. For those who sign-up assuming a party is scheduled an invitation will be sent to your room approximately two days before the party. The invitation will include the date/time/location of the party. Now mistakes do happen. From time-to-time someone who signed up doesn't receive an invite. Reasons can vary and include the persons name was not on the interface from CC to Crystal Cruises or somehow got left off the list sent to the ship or the invitation was not delivered to the correct room. Once on board the ship if you have signed up you can stop by the front desk and ask one of the members of the reception staff to look up the information about the party for you as they keep a master list at the reception desk. The Crystal Society Hostess/Host also has this information but I do find in most cases its easy to stop by the front desk. If you had forgotten to sign up for the party you could also stop by the desk to obtain the information. Every effort is made to hold the party early on in the cruise but there are exceptions. This includes the itinerary which make it difficult to hold the party early on such as overnights, late visits in port, BTO night, etc. Another reason is if your cruise is broken into two cruises and people have signed up who are on the second part of the cruise in some cases they wait to hold the party so that it is held on a date when all who signed up for the party are on the ship. Finally, mistakes happen or there are too many parties being held and they have to space them out. Crystal supports the parities in several ways. They organize the room, arrange for food and drinks and have members of the team attend. Members of the Food & Beverage team are at the event taking drinks orders and serving drinks and hors d'oeuveres. There are often Senior Officers, other officers and senior staff in attendance. The quantity of members from the on-board team might vary based on other function at the same time and other commitments. Some stay the entire time while some come to a portion of the party. Again if they have other commitments they might have to go to two or more parties. Frequently the Cruise Director and Hotel Director attends and sometimes you might even see the Captain. Once in awhile between the senior members of the crew and the members from Food and Beverage there are more members from the ship in attendance than Cruise Critic members. The length of the party varies but often are 45 minutes and in some cases one hour in length. Some members come for the entire time. Some come for a portion. It is a great opportunity to see people you know from prior voyages as sometimes one might not see people they already know for several days and a great opportunity to meet people in person for the very first time. I have attended parties across other cruise lines and find that Crystal does a terrific job organizing and supporting these get togethers. Many thanks to Cruise Critic for providing the platform for signup for these parties and to Crystal Cruises for having provided and supported these parties for many years and for their continued support of them. Keith
  9. It can be done and has been done. There is one area that they put up a tent. I only know this because we docked there one time a few years ago. Keith
  10. While some of the luxury lines have butlers not all do or if they do not in all categories. We have seen casinos in most luxury lines. There actually is a premium line (Viking) that does not have casinos. Luxury cruise lines are not all the same and vary to some extent and part of the reason is the size of the ship. Even within cruise lines (Silversea comes to mind) the luxury experience varies with respect to entertainment because of the size of the ship. In Crystal's case their ships are larger than any of the other luxury lines which for some is a positive and for others not. Because of their size they can provide much more entertainment and enrichment than any other luxury line. When I think of luxury on cruise lines I think of: A higher ratio of crew to guests providing more personal service. A more seasoned staff able to anticipate more of the needs of the guests. Very few announcements and in some case none other than those associated with a muster drill or words of alert/caution. A somewhat more refined experience on board the ship. A higher level of cuisine across the majority of restaurants. A greater level of items which are part of the cruise fare. Greater quality of bed mattresses and linens and bath products. In some cases (not across all luxury lines) higher levels of lecturers and entertainers. In general it is the entire package. Again this will vary by degrees across all luxury lines and luxury ships and you might find certain components on a premium line whether that is an experience offered on the entire line or to certain guests (eg., on some non-luxury lines for suite passengers). This brings us to the Premium lines and as you mentioned there are similarities but the difference is the total package. I would not say they are always much cheaper and just like the luxury lines these premium lines also vary to some degree among each others. The bottom line to me is the total package. It is possible that one will find food to be better (now better is subjective) than that of one or more luxury lines. Or they might find the suite to be of higher quality or the guest rooms to be of higher quality. However, usually the total package on a luxury line is what sets it apart from a premium line. And again one size does not fit all because all luxury lines, all premium lines and all mainstream lines do not mirror one another when one looks at each component separately. Keith
  11. I've just updated the Crystal Future Cruising Thread. As mentioned of you would like to be listed on the thread you can post over there. This applies to each of the Crystal vessels. The thread is a sticky thread which is located towards the top of the Cruise Critic forum. It does contain links to the roll calls, meet and mingle, first time Crystal Cruise thread for those who might have forgotten about these threads. I try to update the thread weekly every Saturday. Happy Cruising. Keith
  12. Latest Update: As Of September 21, 2019 PLEASE NOTE: Please use the following format when requesting to have your updates added to this thread April 18 (OCY190418-09) Venice to Athens - Keith1010 (Keith Anne Marie) Thank you. Keith ========================================= For anyone booking a cruise, please post to this thread so that we can include you on the future cruising lists for your cruise. This thread is also used for the Bon Voyage threads. Please use the following format: Date (Cruise Number) Embarkation and Ending City - Cruise Critic Name (your own first name(s) should you choose to want to include this) Example: April 18 (OCY190418-09) Venice to Athens - Keith1010 (Keith/Anne Marie) If you are new to CrystalCruises also be sure to check out the thread, which is titled “Some Thoughts For First Time Crystal Cruisers”. http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2463018 (2) If you would like to attend the MEET AND MINGLE PARTY that Crystal Cruises hosts when there are 10 or more of us on board, you can do so by visiting the registration section of Cruise Critic. This link will take you there. http://www.cruisecritic.com/rollcall...ruiselineid=12 (3) If there is a ROLL CALL for your voyage post a message or questions for your voyage on that thread. Posts for a particular cruise might be better placed on the roll call so that the maximum people on that cruise may see it. These are the links for the roll calls and after you reach the thread then click on the area that takes you to the last (most current) page. Crystal Serenity Roll Calls http://cruisecritic.com/rollcalls?cr...12&ship_id=258 Crystal Symphony Roll Calls http://cruisecritic.com/rollcalls?cr...=12&ship_id=26 FUTURE BOOKINGS CRYSTAL SERENITY 2019, 2020 & 2021 =========================================== FUTURE BOOKINGS CRYSTAL SERENITY 2019 Oct 10 (OCY191010-13) Rome to Athens - MsCrystalina Oct 10 (OCY 191010-13) Rome to Athens - Sandyknits (Sandy/Roy) October 23(OCY1911023-13) Athens to Barcelona - krb1000 (Kathie/Tim) Nov 5 (OCY191105-07) Barcelona to Lisbon - 2Bobs (Bob/Bob) Nov 5 (OCY191105-07) Barcelona to Lisbon - (Buzz_Rosenberg) Nov 5 (OCY191105-07) Barcelona to Lisbon - rafinmd (Roy) Nov 5 (OCY191105-07) Barcelona to Lisbon - krb1000 (Tim/Kathie) Nov 12 (OCY191112-09) Lisbon to Fort Lauderdale (Buzz Rosenberg) Nov 12 (OCY191112-12) Lisbon to Fort Lauderdale - rafinmd (Roy) Nov 12 (OCY191112-12) Lisbon to Fort Lauderdale -krb1000 (Tim/Kathie) Nov 12 - (OCY191112-12) Lisbon to Ft Lauderdale - suzeluvscruz (Susan/Peter) Nov 12 (OCY191112-12) Lisbon to Ft. Lauderdale - 2Bobs (Bob/Bob) Nov 12 (OCY191112-12) Lisbon to Fort Lauderdale - weelee (Lee) Nov. 24 (OCY191124-12) Ft. Lauderdale R/T- skinexpert- Janis/Scott Dec 6 (OCY191206-08) Fort Lauderdale to San Juan - Summer Time (Kate/Ellen/Frank/Angela) Dec 6 (OCY191206-08) Fort Lauderdale to San Juan - Midtowngal (Georgia/Michael) Dec 14 (OCY191214-08) San Juan to Miami - (The Dylaness (thedylaness/mother) Dec 14 (OCY191214-08) San Juan to Miami - Summer Time (Kate/Ellen) Dec 14 (OCY191214-08) San Juan to Miami - May B (Muriel/Phil) Dec 14 (OCY191214-08) San Juan to Miami - Midtowngal (Georgia/Michael) FUTURE BOOKINGS CRYSTAL SERENITY 2020 Jan 6 OCY200106-105 Miami to Rome - Roland (Larry/Monica) Jan 7 OCY200107-15 Miami to Los Angeles – AZMama2017 (Frank/Pam/Jordan) Jan 7 (OCY200107-15) Miami to LA - bierst (Steve/Marianne) Jan 22 OCY200122-89 Los Angeles to Rome - kingwood cruisers (Jim/Pat) Jan 22 (OCY200122-13) Los Angeles to Papeete – rafinmd (Roy) Jan 22 (OCY200122-13) Los Angeles to Papeete – suzeluvscruz (Susan/Peter) Feb 4 (OCY200204-14) Papeete to Auckland – rafinmd (Roy) Feb 4 (OCY200204-14) Papeete to Auckland – suzeluvscruz (Susan/Peter) Feb 19 (OCY200219-13) Auckland to Sydney – rafinmd (Roy) March 3 (OCY200303-17) Sydney to Singapore - Margie2 (Margie/ Ron) March 3 (OCY200303-17) Sydney to Singapore - Flak999 (AndyC) March 20 (OCY200320-14) Singapore to Mumbai - Margie2 (Margie/Ron) March20 (OCY200320-14) Singapore -Mumbai SnoBirdCruise (SnoBirdCruise Pat/Ray) April 3 (OCY200403-18) Mumbai to Rome - Margie2 (Margie/ Ron) April 3 (OCY200403-18) Mumbai -Rome SnoBirdCruise (Pat/Ray) April 21 (OCY200421-12) Rome to Monte Carlo - SusieQft (Karen/John) May 3 (OCY200503-07) Monte Carlo to Venice - SusieQft (Karen/John) May 10 (OCY200510-12) Venice to Barcelona - SusieQft (Karen/John) May 22 (OCY200522-09) Barcelona to Rome - SusieQft (Karen/John) May 31 (OCY200531-07) Rome to Venice - Summer Time- (Kate/Ellen) June 7 (OCY200607-07) Venice to Athens - Summer Time - (Kate/Ellen) Aug 30 (OCY200830-13) Barcelona to Quebec - bitob Dec 9 (OCY201209-14) Miami R/T - suitedreams - (Len/Marilyn) FUTURE BOOKINGS CRYSTAL SERENITY 2021 2021 Full Word Cruise Jan 5 (OCY210105-139) Miami to London - Quacky (Christeen/Carl/Patti) Jan 5 OCY210105-16 Miami to Los Angeles - kingwood cruisers (Jim/Pat) Jan 21 (OCY2101-21) Los Angeles to Brisbane - Bitbob Jan 21 (OCY210121-21) LA to Brisbane - SusieQft (Karen/John) Feb 11 (OCY210211-18) Brisbane to Hong Kong - SusieQft (Karen/John) Mar 1 (OCY210301-12) Hong Kong to Tokyo - SusieQft (Karen/John) Aug 27 2021 (OCY 210827 and OCY210905) b2b Dover to New York - Bitob Aug 27 OCY210827-09 London/Dover to Dublin - kingwood cruisers (Jim/Pat) Sep 5 OCY210905-12 Dublin to New York - kingwood cruisers (Jim/Pat) Sep 5 OCY210905-12 Dublin to New York - CharleMarg (Charles/Margaret) Sep 17 OCY210917-08 New York to Quebec - kingwood cruisers (Jim/Pat) Sep 25 OCY210925-08 Quebec to New York - kingwood cruisers (Jim/Pat) October 26 (OCY211026-24) New York to the Amazon - krb1000 (Kathie/Tim) FUTURE BOOKINGS CRYSTAL SYMPHONY 2019, 2020 & 2021 ============================================== FUTURE BOOKINGS – CRYSTAL SYMPHONY 2019 Sept. 28 (OCS190928-13) Los Angeles to Caldera, - C-Sea, (Cheri/David)  Oct. 11 (OCS191011-14) Caldera to New Orleans, C-Sea, (Cheri/David) Oct. 11 (OCS191011-14) Caldera to New Orleans, SandJCruiser (Steve/Jill) Oct. 11 (OCS191011-14) Caldera to New Orleans, CruisePfan (Adelina/Roger) Oct. 11 (OCS191011-14) Caldera to New Orleans, Notthemonkey, (Mark/Joyce) Oct 25 (OCS191025-14) New Orleans to Fort Lauderdale - May B (Muriel/Phil) November 8 (OCS191108-09) Miami R/T Riandei (Rich/Eileen) Nov 17 (OCS191117-07) Miami R/T - Texas Tillie (Patty) Nov 17 (OCS191117-07) Miami R/T - Beardedshark (Chris/ Lindsey) Nov 24 (OCS191124-07) Fort Lauderdale R/T - rafinmd (roy) Nov 24 (OCS191124-07) Fort Lauderdale R/T - FeliciaLee (Glenn/Felicia) Dec 1 (OCS191201-10) Fort Lauderdale to Caldera - Naval Architect (Mikko) Dec 1 (OCS191201-10) Fort Lauderdale to Caldera – CingularOne (Dennis/Summer) Dec 1 (OCS191201-10) Fort Lauderdale to Caldera – maadimom (Mike/Cheryl) FUTURE BOOKINGS – CRYSTAL SYMPHONY 2020 Jan 13 (OCS200113019) San Diego to Guam - Bitob (Bob/Laraine) Jan 13 (OCS200113019) San Diego to Guam (Buzz_Rosenberg (Buzz) Feb. 2 (OCS200202-13) Guam to Hong Kong - Texas Tillie (Patty) May 31, (OCS200531-19) Barcelona to London - YoungDubFan (Kelly/ Mary ) Jun 7 (OCS200607-12) Lisbon to London - JusttheTwoofUs (Phyllis/Wayne) June 7 (OCS200607-12) Lisbon to London - Texas Tillie (Patty) Jun 19 (OCS200619-14) London to Copenhagen - JusttheTwoofUs (Phyllis/Wayne) Ju. 14 (OCS200714-11) Stockholm to London/Dover, CruisePfan (Adelina/Roger/Kristin) Aug (OCS200819-13) Amsterdam to Barcelona - sunandsealover (Lauren) September 01 (OCS200901-10) Barcelona to Venice - sunandsealover (Lauren) September 11 (OCS200911-9) Venice to Athens - sunandsealover (Lauren) Sept 20 (OCS200920-21) Athens to Barcelona - Psoque (Nauyuki/Richard) Sept 20 (OCS200920-21) Athens to Barcelona - CharlesMarg (Charles/Margaret) Sept 20 (OCS200920-49) Athens to Dubai - sunandsealover (Lauren) Oct 11 (OCS201011-12) Barcelona to Athens - Texas Tillie (Patty) Oct 30 (OCY200830-13) Barcelona to Quebec - refined (Roy) Nov 08 (OCS201108-29) Dubai to Singapore - sunandsealover (Lauren) Nov 21 (OCS201121-16) Mumbai to Singapore Buzz_Rosenberg (Buzz) FUTURE BOOKINGS – CRYSTAL SYMPHONY 2021 Jan 27 (OCS210127-15) Singapore to Hong Kong - sunandsealover (Lauren) Feb 11 (OCS210211-8) Hong Kong to Singapore - sunandsealover (Lauren) Feb 19 (OCS210219-17) Singapore to Mombasa - sunandsealover (Lauren) Mar 08 (OCS210308-14) Mombasa to Cape Town - sunandsealover (Lauren) Mar 22 (OCS210322-22) Capetown to Lisbon - Buzz_Rosenberg (Buzz) Mar 22 (OCS210322-40) Cape Town to Rome - sunandsealover (Lauren) May 1 (OCS210501-17) Rome to Rome - JVNYC (Joe & Todd) FUTURE BOOKINGS CRYSTAL ESPRIT 2019, 2020 & 2021 ============================================= FUTURE BOOKINGS CRYSTAL ENDEAVOR 2020 & 2021 Oct 15 YEN201015-16 - Bali to Cairns - Roland (Larry/Monica) SEP 15 EN210915-13 - Tromso to London - Roland (Larry/Monica) FUTURE BOOKINGS – CRYSTAL ESPRIT – 2019 FUTURE BOOKINGS CRYSTAL RIVER CRUISES 2019, 2020 & 2021 ============================================== FUTURE BOOKINGS RIVER CRUISES 2019 FUTURE BOOKINGS – CRYSTAL MOZART– 2019 Nov 4 (RMZ191104-07) Vienna to Budapest – mskatiemae (Catherine/Alexander) FUTURE BOOKINGS – CRYSTAL BACH – 2019 Oct 27 (RBA191025-07) Amsterdam to Basil - rafinmd (Roy) FUTURE BOOKNGS- RAVEL - 2019 Oct 26 RDB191026-07 Basel to Amsterdam Pep65 (Frank/Laura)
  13. Banjo, glad to hear that it all worked out. Keith
  14. You can but you need to give the luggage to the porter and then pull away. Similar to an airport. Keith
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