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  1. Need more specifics. What date? What ship? In general 10:00 AM is very risky and I would not recommend it but need more specifics from you. Keith
  2. Yes I will say "don't do it". As someone who flew for business pretty much weekly for many years I will tell you that things can go wrong and so wrong that you can miss the ship. I have known people over the years who said, "can't happen to me" and would fly in the day of the cruise. In some cases it happened to them and they missed the cruise and said never again. Don't do it. Fly in the day before. It really doesn't matter if someone says they did it many times and didn't have a problem because your experience can be totally different. Keith
  3. Yes, glad you clarified. Once you are on board you can ask the butler for a particular bottle of scotch or other item you may want. If you would like to see if they can already have this in your room you can send an e-mail to: ButlerService@crystalcruises.com Put in front of the word Butler the vessel you are sailing. For example if Bach it would read. BachButlerService@crystalcruises.com Provide your booking number and your name and see if they can advise the vessel of your preference. We had an amazing time on our first Crystal River Cruise and for that matter first river cruise ever just last month. Keith
  4. Yes indeed they are filling some of the leadership positions on Endeavor. Overtime you can expect to see both senior staff positions as well as other crew member positions being filled by members of Serenity, Symphony, Esprit and the River Cruise Vessels in addition to new outside hires. In turn, this will create openings and opportunity on the existing vessels and that includes another Captain for Symphony. This was the actual press release from Crystal Cruises announcing the appointment of Captain Larsen. MIAMI, June 18, 2019 – Crystal Expedition Cruises has announced that Captain Thomas Larsen will bring out its upcoming luxury expedition yacht Crystal Endeavor, which will embark on her maiden voyage from Tokyo in August of 2020. Captain Larsen brings to the bridge decades of diverse nautical experience that began in his native Sweden and spans the cargo industry, Swedish Royal Navy, private superyachts, and numerous cruise ships. He joined Crystal in 2016 as Captain of Crystal Esprit before moving to Crystal Symphony, where he currently serves as captain. “Captain Larsen is the ideal leader for Crystal Endeavor’s journeys to some of the world’s most remote and fascinating places,” said Crystal’s president and CEO, Tom Wolber. “He has led Crystal ships for several years with incredibly skillful precision and judgement, with a passion for exploration as well as a warm character that he shares with our guests and crew.” Captain Larsen’s seagoing career began in 1984, at the age of 16, when he started as a second cook before changing to the deck department. He climbed the ranks and entered the Swedish Royal Navy as seaman and bosun, then graduated from Kalmar Maritime Academy with a master mariner degree. He spent nearly two decades with an Asia-Pacific cruise operator as staff captain and captain, helmed a private superyacht in the Mediterranean Sea and Indian Ocean, and was recruited by Crystal in 2016. Captain Larsen is a licensed private pilot, a master scuba dive trainer and submarine pilot. “It is my honor to be part of the next extraordinary adventure for Crystal,” Captain Larsen said. “Crystal Endeavor will be extremely capable and equipped for exploring places larger ships cannot go while giving our guests a beautiful home upon the seas. I look forward to the incredible experiences to come.” Captain Larsen will join the German-built expedition ship at the MV WERFTEN Shipyard early next year. Aboard Crystal Endeavor, he will navigate far-reaching itineraries in some of the world’s less-visited regions. In her inaugural 2020 season, the yacht will sail expedition voyages through Japan and the Russian Far East; Antarctica via the Ross Sea; New Zealand and Tasmania; Australia and the Great Barrier Reef; and Borneo, Indonesia and the Philippines. In 2021, Crystal Endeavor will add New Zealand’s Sub-Antarctic Islands; Alaska and the Aleutian Islands; Norway and the United Kingdom; Canary Islands, Atlantic and South America to her repertoire, as well as an extraordinary voyage through the rarely-traveled Northeast Passage. The largest, most spacious luxury expedition yacht in the industry, Crystal Endeavor will accommodate just 200 guests with elegantly casual, expansive public spaces; all-suite, butler-serviced guest rooms; Michelin-inspired dining options including Master Chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s Umi Uma & Sushi Bar; full-service Crystal Life Salon & Spa and state-of-the-art Fitness Center. Expedition-specific amenities and spaces will enhance guests’ experience, including designated “mud rooms” and helicopter lounge. About Crystal Only the world-renowned Crystal Experience offers an unwavering, unparalleled standard of excellence and luxury across four distinct cruising options: Crystal Cruises, the World’s Most Awarded Luxury Cruise Line; Crystal River Cruises, the World’s Most Luxurious River Cruise Line; Crystal Yacht Cruises, offering boutique luxury and bold adventure in the world’s most elite harbors; and Crystal Expedition Cruises, taking Crystal’s acclaimed elegance to the farthest reaches of the world. Crystal has been recognized with top honors in the Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards for a record 25 years; voted “World’s Best” by the readers of Travel + Leisure for 20 years; and won the “Best Luxury Cruise Line” by Virtuoso for four years (2014, 2015, 2016 & 2018). Crystal is proud to be a platinum partner of the advisors of ASTA. Keith
  5. Claudia enjoy the cruise. You live in a beautiful city. Keith
  6. If you are asking about a Crystal River Cruise a bottle of scotch will not be automatically in your room. I am confused. You say you are an alcoholic so are you asking because you don't want a bottle placed in your room? So can you please clarify. Do you want a bottle in the room or not in the room? Keith
  7. A couple of new videos from Crystal Cruises – Worlds Within Reach Canada Australia/New Zealand Keith
  8. Latest Crystal Insider with the next installment of Culinary Journey from Durban, South Africa. http://blog.crystalcruises.com/culinary-journey-sweetness-spice-durban/ Keith
  9. This was the menu from Silk from early May on Serenity a few weeks after the World Cruise ended. Yes, you can ask for more or less spice at Silk. They are very accommodating. Keith
  10. Scott, at Waterside for dinner you can get steak, chicken, and salmon any evening. Same goes for appetizers such as Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail, and a Clear Broth Soup with or without Matzah Ball. If you don't care fo the salads they have on the menu you can most definitely ask for a simple salad (greens, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, etc and there are lots of dressings to choose from . Keith
  11. Latest Update: As Of June 22, 2019 PLEASE NOTE: Please use the following format when requesting to have your updates added to this thread April 18 (OCY190418-09) Venice to Athens - Keith1010 (Keith/Anne Marie) Thank you. Keith ========================================= For anyone booking a cruise, please post to this thread so that we can include you on the future cruising lists for your cruise. This thread is also used for the Bon Voyage threads. Please use the following format: Date (Cruise Number) Embarkation and Ending City - Cruise Critic Name (your own first name(s) should you choose to want to include this) Example: April 18 (OCY190418-09) Venice to Athens - Keith1010 (Keith/Anne Marie) (1) If you are new to CrystalCruises also be sure to check out the thread, which is titled “Some Thoughts For First Time Crystal Cruisers”. http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2463018 (2) If you would like to attend the MEET AND MINGLE PARTY that Crystal Cruises hosts when there are 10 or more of us on board, you can do so by visiting the registration section of Cruise Critic. This link will take you there. http://www.cruisecritic.com/rollcall...ruiselineid=12 (3) If there is a ROLL CALL for your voyage post a message or questions for your voyage on that thread. Posts for a particular cruise might be better placed on the roll call so that the maximum people on that cruise may see it. These are the links for the roll calls and after you reach the thread then click on the area that takes you to the last (most current) page. Crystal Serenity Roll Calls http://cruisecritic.com/rollcalls?cr...12&ship_id=258 Crystal Symphony Roll Calls http://cruisecritic.com/rollcalls?cr...=12&ship_id=26 FUTURE BOOKINGS CRYSTAL SERENITY 2019, 2020 & 2021 ================================================ FUTURE BOOKINGS CRYSTAL SERENITY 2019 July 7 (OCY190707-10 Copenhagen to Stockholm – luvroma (Jean/Tim) July 7 (OCY190707-10) Copenhagen to Stockholm -- PaulMCO and Moggyhill (Paul and Mindy) July 29 (OCY190729-14) Amsterdam to Lisbon -cookingkh (Ginny/Terry) Oct 10 (OCY191010-13) Rome to Athens - MsCrystalina Nov 5 (OCY191105-07) Barcelona to Lisbon - (Buzz_Rosenberg) Nov 5 (OCY191105-07) Barcelona to Lisbon - rafinmd (Roy) Nov 5 (OCY191105-07) Barcelona to Lisbon - krb1000 (Tim/Kathie) Oct 10 (OCY 191010-13) Rome to Athens - Sandyknits (Sandy/Roy) October 23(OCY1911023-13) Athens to Barcelona - krb1000 (Kathie/Tim) Nov 5 (OCY191105-07) Barcelona to Lisbon - 2Bobs (Bob/Bob) Nov 12 (OCY191112-09) Lisbon to Fort Lauderdale (Buzz Rosenberg) Nov 12 (OCY191112-12) Lisbon to Fort Lauderdale - rafinmd (Roy) Nov 12 (OCY191112-12) Lisbon to Fort Lauderdale -krb1000 (Tim/Kathie) Nov 12 - (OCY191112-12) Lisbon to Ft Lauderdale - suzeluvscruz (Susan/Peter) Nov 12 (OCY191112-12) Lisbon to Ft. Lauderdale - 2Bobs (Bob/Bob) Nov. 24 (OCY191124-12) Ft. Lauderdale R/T- skinexpert- Janis/Scott Dec 6 (OCY191206-08) Fort Lauderdale to San Juan - Summer Time (Kate/Ellen) Dec 14 (OCY191214-08) San Juan to Miami - (The Dylaness (thedylaness/mother) Dec 14 (OCY191214-08) San Juan to Miami - Summer Time (Kate/Ellen) Dec 14 (OCY191214-08) San Juan to Miami - May B (Muriel/Phil) FUTURE BOOKINGS CRYSTAL SERENITY 2020 Jan 6 OCY200106-105 Miami to Rome - Roland (Larry/Monica) Jan 7 OCY200107-15 Miami to Los Angeles – AZMama2017 (Frank/Pam/Jordan) Jan 7 (OCY200107-15) Miami to LA - bierst (Steve/Marianne) Jan 22 OCY200122-89 Los Angeles to Rome - kingwood cruisers (Jim/Pat) Jan 22 (OCY200122-13) Los Angeles to Papeete – rafinmd (Roy) Jan 22 (OCY200122-13) Los Angeles to Papeete – suzeluvscruz (Susan/Peter) Feb 4 (OCY200204-14) Papeete to Auckland – rafinmd (Roy) Feb 4 (OCY200204-14) Papeete to Auckland – suzeluvscruz (Susan/Peter) Feb 19 (OCY200219-13) Auckland to Sydney – rafinmd (Roy) March 3 (OCY200303-17) Sydney to Singapore - Margie2 (Margie/ Ron) March 3 (OCY200303-17) Sydney to Singapore - Flak999 (AndyC) March 20 (OCY200320-14) Singapore to Mumbai - Margie2 (Margie/Ron) March20 (OCY200320-14) Singapore -Mumbai SnoBirdCruise (SnoBirdCruise Pat/Ray) April 3 (OCY200403-18) Mumbai to Rome - Margie2 (Margie/ Ron) April 3 (OCY200403-18) Mumbai -Rome SnoBirdCruise (Pat/Ray) April 21 (OCY200421-12) Rome to Monte Carlo - SusieQft (Karen/John) May 3 (OCY200503-07) Monte Carlo to Venice - SusieQft (Karen/John) May 10 (OCY200510-12) Venice to Barcelona - SusieQft (Karen/John) May 22 (OCY200522-09) Barcelona to Rome - SusieQft (Karen/John) Aug 30 (OCY200830-13) Barcelona to Quebec - bitob Dec 9 (OCY201209-14) Miami R/T - suitedreams - (Len/Marilyn) FUTURE BOOKINGS CRYSTAL SERENITY 2021 2021 Full Word Cruise Jan 5 (OCY210105-139) Miami to London - Quacky (Christeen/Carl/Patti) Jan 5 OCY210105-16 Miami to Los Angeles - kingwood cruisers (Jim/Pat) Jan 21 (OCY2101-21) Los Angeles to Brisbane - Bitbob Jan 21 (OCY210121-21) LA to Brisbane - SusieQft (Karen/John) Feb 11 (OCY210211-18) Brisbane to Hong Kong - SusieQft (Karen/John) Mar 1 (OCY210301-12) Hong Kong to Tokyo - SusieQft (Karen/John) Aug 27 2021 (OCY 210827 and OCY210905) b2b Dover to New York - Bitob Aug 27 OCY210827-09 London/Dover to Dublin - kingwood cruisers (Jim/Pat) Sep 5 OCY210905-12 Dublin to New York - kingwood cruisers (Jim/Pat) Sep 5 OCY210905-12 Dublin to New York - CharleMarg (Charles/Margaret) Sep 17 OCY210917-08 New York to Quebec - kingwood cruisers (Jim/Pat) Sep 25 OCY210925-08 Quebec to New York - kingwood cruisers (Jim/Pat) October 26 (OCY211026-24) New York to the Amazon - krb1000 (Kathie/Tim) FUTURE BOOKINGS CRYSTAL SYMPHONY 2019, 2020 & 2021 ============================================== FUTURE BOOKINGS – CRYSTAL SYMPHONY 2019 Aug 10 (OCS190810-10 )Vancouver R/T - CharleMarg (Charles/Margaret) Sep 17 (OCS190917-11) Vancouver to Los Angeles - nancygp (Nancy/Larry) Sep 17 (OCS190917-11) Vancouver to Los Angeles – Texas Tillie (Patty) Sep 17 (OCS190917-11) Vancouver to Los Angeles – Lily’sgrandma (Sandie) Sep 17 (OCS190917-11) Vancouver to Los Angeles – suite dreams (Len/Marilyn) Sept. 28 (OCS190928-13) Los Angeles to Caldera, - C-Sea, (Cheri/David)  Oct. 11 (OCS191011-14) Caldera to New Orleans, C-Sea, (Cheri/David) Oct 25 (OCS191025-14) New Orleans to Fort Lauderdale - May B (Muriel/Phil) November 8 (OCS191108-09) Miami R/T Riandei (Rich/Eileen) Nov 17 (OCS191117-07) Miami R/T - Texas Tillie (Patty) Nov 24 (OCS191124-07) Fort Lauderdale R/T - rafinmd (roy) Nov 24 (OCS191124-07) Fort Lauderdale R/T - FeliciaLee (Glenn/Felicia) Dec 1 (OCS191201-10) Fort Lauderdale to Caldera - Naval Architect (Mikko) Dec 1 (OCS191201-10) Fort Lauderdale to Caldera – CingularOne (Dennis/Summer) Dec 1 (OCS191201-10) Fort Lauderdale to Caldera – maadimom (Mike/Cheryl) FUTURE BOOKINGS – CRYSTAL SYMPHONY 2020 Jan 13 (OCS200113019) San Diego to Guam - Bitob (Bob/Laraine) Jan 13 (OCS200113019) San Diego to Guam (Buzz_Rosenberg (Buzz) Feb. 2 (OCS200202-13) Guam to Hong Kong - Texas Tillie (Patty) Jun 7 (OCS200607-12) Lisbon to London - JusttheTwoofUs (Phyllis/Wayne) June 7 (OCS200607-12) Lisbon to London - Texas Tillie (Patty) Jun 19 (OCS200619-14) London to Copenhagen - JusttheTwoofUs (Phyllis/Wayne) Sept 20 (OCS200920-21) Athens to Barcelona - CharleMarg Sept 20 (OCS200920-21) Athens to Barcelona - Psoque (Nauyuki/Richard) ept 20 (OCS200920-21) Athens to Barcelona - CharlesMarg (Charles/Margaret) Oct. 11 (OCS201011-12) Barcelona to Athens - Texas Tillie (Patty) Oct 30 (OCY200830-13) Barcelona to Quebec - refined (Roy) Nov 21 (OCS201121-16) Mumbai to Singapore Buzz_Rosenberg (Buzz) FUTURE BOOKINGS – CRYSTAL SYMPHONY 2021 Mar 22 (OCS210322-22) Capetown to Lisbon Buzz_Rosenberg (Buzz) FUTURE BOOKINGS CRYSTAL ESPRIT 2019, 2020 & 2021 ============================================= FUTURE BOOKINGS – CRYSTAL ESPRIT – 2019 FUTURE BOOKINGS CRYSTAL RIVER CRUISES 2019, 2020 & 2021 ============================================== FUTURE BOOKINGS RIVER CRUISES 2019 FUTURE BOOKINGS – CRYSTAL MOZART– 2019 Nov 4 (RMZ191104-07) Vienna to Budapest – mskatiemae (Catherine/Alexander) FUTURE BOOKINGS – CRYSTAL BACH –2019 Oct 27 (RBA191025-07) Amsterdam to Basil - rafinmd (Roy)
  12. Carole, on CC there are photos that include the Symphony PH. This should take you there and then click on the Penthouse with Verandah section. https://www.cruisecritic.com/photos/ships/crystal-symphony-26/penthouse-with-verandah-286046/ Keith
  13. Well I've evolved after many years of cruising. Something we just started to do and I recommend it is have a drink at the bar. Great opportunity to meet others and to talk with the bartenders and maybe try a drink you've never had. Crystal now features drink menus for Gin and Manhattan's. I think the Manhattan's (the special drink menu) is featured at one lounge on both ships. At least that was the case on Serenity. You can also learn a lot from the bartenders. Walk around the ship that first day. Find everything. This includes inside and outside the ship. I've known people who don't discover things until the end of the cruise. Why wait? First day make/take the time to read the Reflections Daily Program. A lot of good information in that first issue and again you might not realize things if you don't read it. As to a ritual on Crystal Cruises, lunch at Waterside and in our case a flute of Champagne to toast the start of a wonderful adventure and we do have it with a Cobb Salad. 😀 Keith
  14. Are you looking at this one in terms of Endeavor? https://www.crystalcruises.com/voyage/london-to-lisbon-yen210928-11 If so, I think it is a nice time of the year to visit these areas. Should be less crowded in port and weather with more moderate temperature. Personally we try to avoid late June, July and August due to the heat/humidity and the flood of tourists. In terms of the seas, no one can predict what they will be like. I have sailed seas that are normally rough and they turned out calm and ones that are normally calm and they turned out rough. We just prepare for them. Whatever you decide, enjoy. Keith
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