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  1. Thanks for sharing this. Always good to see what others recommend. Keith
  2. Becky all good questions and it will be easy to do this on-board. The computer center is open 7x24 and is staffed 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM. You have a couple of options. Either way there is no cost for printing and paper is provided and the printer is quite good. One is to use the shared computer should you wish to print something off. The other option which I do is export whatever I want to print from my computer onto a thumb drive. I can then print those documents in the computer center. The first time you do this have one of the members of the technology concierge team help you do this. Then going forward you should be able to easily do it on your own. When you enter the computer university during hours when it is staffed one or more people from the staff will be located at the desk unless they are helping someone at one of the work stations. If you turn right from where you enter there is a section of work stations (more than what is in the photo) and in this photo you can see a portion of the very nice printer they have over there. There is also a printer located at the area where the technology concierge sits where they can print something for you. They are happy to assist. Keith
  3. They look like this. It is a solid wall. You can still see if you look out but would need to stand to look down. For those who don't mind being very far back or very far forward on the ship they area also good values IMHO.
  4. We have visited Santa Barbara two times (2017 ad 2019) by Cruise Ship although I had been there a few times before many years ago when we lived in California. If you like to walk we just walked from the tender drop-off to the downtown area. We walked from the tender pier up to the first street and took a right so the beach is on the right and went a few blocks and turned left and walked downtown. The walk was lovely. From there we visited various places around the area. In both cases we were off the ship early so you could easily do this in a few hours. If you don't like to walk just take Uber downtown but if you can walk it was a lovely walk. Keith
  5. This is an example of what Larry and Terry are speaking of. If you are above this area in a deck 8 room and look down you will see the gangway when you are not in port. There is one on each side so the room on both sides in this areas would see this for those who look down from their room. As mentioned it would not impact the view. IMHO there is good value to one of these rooms as you are paying slightly less than a nearby room but the actual room is the same. I would have no concerns with this at all. Keith
  6. Terry, these two are available. I get them from time to time on-board the Crystal Ocean Vessels. Keith
  7. gnome, Yes you most definitely can order hard copies of both newspapers. There is a fee for this. If they are in a suite the butler can take care of this and yes it will be delivered and it is usually delivered late morning/early afternoon. The reception desk can also do this. The fees will be charged to the shipboard account. You can have papers come daily or on specific dates. I wanted to add on the subject of reading that the library has a very nice selection of books and they have some magazines as well. The books may be checked out of the library. Keith
  8. From what I canI see all of the fares are now posted to the Crystal Cruises website. Just2guys this is the pricing for the May 25, 2022 London to Edinburgh Sailing. https://www.crystalcruises.com/voyage/london-to-edinburgh-yen220525-14#suites-and-fares Keith
  9. We spend about one week in Miami each year before a cruise. Not knowing your price point that you want to spend on a room I will give you several hotels that I recommend considering. They are all within about one mile of each other. Close to the Port: Intercontinental Marriott Marquis (about six years old) Epic Hotel (priciest of the ones I am mentioning). Avoid a room on a lower floor as you may hear quite a bit of noise from a nearby bridge. Holiday Inn (some like it but I would recommend the other two) Hyatt (I like the location better of the first three even though it is close by) These hotels are about five minutes from the port. Near restaurants and CVS Pharmacy which is good to pick up last minute items and near a Whole Foods. Just a couple of minutes further from the port Mandarin Oriental (priciest of the ones mentioned). Private man made beach. About 10 minutes from the port or maybe 15 depending on traffic but relatively close so no worries. JW Marriott Conrad Hilton Hyatt Centric East Miami (relative new hotel so doesn't get mentioned much and is near the new Brickell Centre. More on Brickell in a moment.) Also the SLS Lux Brickell is nearby. And then just another few minutes away Four Seasons (like Mandarin a bit pricier then most I've listed) but in a very quiet location. Hampton Inn (a lot of value here. It is not a full service hotel but it is a nice Hampton and includes breakfast) The last group of hotels I have mentioned starting with Mandarin Oriental and ending with Hampton Inn are near lots of restaurants. There is Mary Brickell Village and right near there are lots of restaurants and also near two CVS Pharmacies (JW Marriott right next to a 24 hour one) and near Publix (there are two in the area) where you can pick up lots of last minute items. Then there is the relatively new Brickell Centre which opened last in 2016. Lots of stores and restaurants. I have stayed at some of these hotels and have been inside each and everyone. Again, they represent a wide range of price points. Keith
  10. Looks like this has turned into another smoking thread. Back to the OP topic. For me luxury transcends the ship: Ratio space to guest Ratio crew to guests High Quality finish out of the interior of the ship including public rooms and guest rooms. Little touches in public areas including real towels in the public bathrooms to real flower displays in public areas Canapés in the lounges before or after dinner Personable service treating you as a person and not a number Cuisine that is prepared and presented more like one would find at a high end restaurant and not at a banquet facility. Lecturers on all voyages (not just on sea days) and a wide range of entertainment. A seasoned and refined crew. I could probably list another couple of hundred items but these are some of them. When I think of luxury on a cruise ship I think of the finish out and the experience one might have at a Ritz Carlton or Four Seasons property or of similar ones (Fortes, Shangri La, Peninsula, etc.) You see similar characteristics at most of their properties. Keith
  11. In terms of storage what we do is we keep one suitcase under the bed with toiletry and other related products that we will not need for awhile. We do get most items at home except certain liquids and any items prohibit from taking on a fight. For those leaving out of Miami there are many places to pick up items particularly in downtown Miami including Publix Grocery Stores, CVS and Walgreens. Keith
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