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  1. Yeah, it does. Let's discuss the role of "guidance" as opposed to law and regulation. First, there is a law that is the document that gives the authority to the applicable entity to do it job. Regulations are the mandatory rules that explains how the entity will carry out the duties and responsibilities outlines in the law and is binding on any person or other entity that falls under the regulatory purview of the regulatory body. Guidance is what is issued when there is a problem that needs oversight and there is not enough information or need to
  2. I was not referring to the vaccine. I was referring to the effects of the virus itself and the long term damage /changes that an infection may cause. In particular, I was referring to articles that have shown up in peer reviewed medical journals that seem to indicate that the Covid 19 virus may have the same detrimental effects on male fertility as the mumps virus does. And, unless one has been living under a rock, there have also been reports on the "long haulers" and there long term problems.
  3. I could, but I won't. It is time that those who are capable of doing their own research do so. It took years, but I finally understood those annoying teachers that when asked a question, would tell you to look it up. They were teachers, not enablers.
  4. LOL - While most of the posters are nice, there are a few that take every opportunity to bash MSC. The worst one is the one that has started numerous threads constantly questioning if some problem from years past is still occurring or just throws in a question about some perceived problem on other threads. Or if there is a problem on any other cruise line, will start a thread pointing out how poorly MSC would handle a similar situation. All questions or threads always includes the assurance that she likes MSC, but she sets her expectations (read lowers) to match the MSC experience.
  5. LOL - this thread reminds of the Carnival Cruisers who complain that MSC doesn't do things as Carnival does.
  6. Viking Ocean has clotted cream to go with the scones and jam during their daily afternoon tea service from 3 - 5 PM.
  7. Finally, someone else who can read and understand what has been written in the Executive Order and the newly signed law. The writing of the Executive Order and law were masterful examples of political doublespeak that pleases a political base while leaving a way for testing, quarantine, vaccinations, and proof of health status (disease and vaccination) to be required.
  8. Sorry, I didn't realize I needed to write out the basic math that supported my statement about the 95% left room for children. Here it is: !00% (total number of passengers) - 95% (vaccinated passengers) = 5% (unvaccinated passengers)
  9. Perhaps you need to spend some time researching reliable expert sources. If you need to something to worry about, google Covid 19, male or males, fertility or infertility. I would worry about any boy past puberty.
  10. How old is your granddaughter? The Pfizer vaccine is expected to be approved form use in children twelve and up. In any case, the 95% number for passengers will allow for a small number of unvaccinated children. However, if the number of children on board is low, I would not be surprised if any children's program was curtailed or not offered. There would also be strict testing requirements and on board temperature checks for the kids.
  11. As I repeatedly have posted, you must read and understand every word. Read the last sentence. The CDC is issuing guidance to the cruise industry. The CDC is federal and supersedes state law. The CDC guidance recommends vaccination of the crew and passengers. If a cruise line has an agreement with the CDC to follow and implement the guidance, then vaccinations are required and the cruise line will implement screening protocols to make sure crew and passengers are in compliance (proof of vaccination).
  12. LOL -And I need to learn how to read regulations and laws.
  13. No, nothing has changed. Two weeks after your second shot, your immune system has reacted to the booster and there is an effective level of immunity. However, the level continues to rise and the maximum level of immunity is reached four weeks after the second shot.
  14. Port of Miami has a pop up vaccination clinic for crew. It opened yesterday and will run for the next week. The Meravigilia is in Miami as I post this. Hopefully crew is being vaccinated and the ship will operate under the required vaccinations for passengers and crew as suggested by the CDC. Before any screams of outrage are posted about Florida prohibiting vaccinations and vaccination status, educate yourself and actually read the Executive Order and proposed law (I don't know if it was signed). Requiring of the vaccinations are allowed and covered in th
  15. I don't know what other reasons there may be. That is why I hope that documentation of the condition would be required and weed out those who are claiming no vaccinations due to some personal belief. People are certainly entitled to their decisions based on personal beliefs. They, however, should also recognize that there may be consequences to their convictions.
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