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  1. broberts: Did you read the link I attached which gives the information on how to submit any special needs and the time frame for submission before sailing to have the accommodation in place upon embarkation? It would be nice to have the complete story of the procedure used and the time frame for the request in order to evaluate the OP's experience.
  2. OP, did you contact the Special Needs people as instructed on the MSC website (go to the bottom of the main page and there is a link for special needs)? I have traveled on MSC with fellow passengers that have dietary restrictions or mobility requirements and in each time, accommodations have been available as requested through special needs. https://www.msccruisesusa.com/manage-booking/special-needs?_gl=1*16kzuiq*_up*MQ..&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI3o2R_IWxhgMVCKhaBR2kLg22EAAYASAAEgL5B_D_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  3. As I have had my credit card declined at the check in kiosk on board and needed to make a quick call to the credit card company that the charge from a French bank was valid, I now make sure that the cc company knows that a charge will be coming in from either a French or Swiss bank and have a notation made on my travel information.
  4. No, you were given a 1 PM check in time. How long you have to wait before boarding can vary.
  5. The horrific reviews are from cruisers who don't understand that they are sailing on an international cruise line (roots in Italy) that serves an international clientele and not sailing on Carnival, NCL or RCCL. We cruise Celebrity (also Princess, HAL, and Viking Ocean) and greatly enjoy MSC. I especially enjoy the food in the MDR as it is Italian (Italian American) cuisine as well as food that is like one would find in Europe, Asia, and South American. It is unfortunate that MSC has decided to gear some of the food offerings in the MDR to the food tastes of some US cruisers.
  6. I was using the correct term of "primo" as used in Italian culture to describe the first ("primo") course of pasta. It is small in size and usually does not contain fish or meat. This information is included in case someone is ever told that a particular pasta course is not available as a "primo." The "primo" comes after other courses such as the antipasto. You are correct that MSC has dumbed down their menus (as have many cruise lines) to lump all the various courses that come before the main entree in the category of "starters." However, for those who may wish to have the pasta as a "starter," if one tells the waiter that one wants the pasta as a "primo," he will know what you are ordering.
  7. The confusion is among those who do not understand the difference between the dinner size pasta portion and the availability of almost any pasta dish as a "primo." The "primo" is small and usually doesn't contain meat or seafood which means depending on the dish, may not be available as a "primo" course. When I have ordered the pasta as a "primo," it was a much smaller portion than an entree.
  8. Read the prohibited (do not bring) lists available on cruise line websites. You will find it. (Carnival is an example). Several reasons for the prohibition - limited public deck space and an obstacle for others on the deck; the health hazard of dumping contaminated water in deck showers stalls, drains or the gutters (including the flooding of deck gutters off private balconies causing overflow on balconies below and next to the dump site).
  9. Many cruise lines now have any type of blow up pool (including small bath tub size) on the prohibited list. Check with MSC before bringing one.
  10. My husband is lactose intolerant. He has never had a problem on any cruise line because he knows what foods contains lactose and avoids them. If he wants to "cheat," he uses Lactaid and limits his intake. By the way, cream contains a minimal amount of lactose and can be used instead of milk. Cream is available in both the buffet and other dining venues.
  11. This is an assumption and perhaps a reflection of a personal philosophy. There is another well know cliche about what happens when one assumes....
  12. Our responses are very real and, thanks to the explanations you have received, ignorance can no longer be an excuse. May whatever the appropriate consequences of any decisions that are made occur, whether they are apparent or not.
  13. Karma can be wanton (paraphrased to meet board guidelines). One can put one's little one who is completely potty trained in the water and have a problem when there are others that are breaking the rule with swim diapers or whose parent is especially slick and just skipped the diaper completely. A little one with diarrhea (and maybe fever and vomiting) as a result of swallowing contaminated water will certainly add to the pleasure of the cruise.
  14. There is a difference between recommendations (ie.,; dress codes)) and rules put in place to protect the health and welfare of everyone on board. The restriction of no diapers in the children's area will vary from ship to ship based on the design of the baby area. Some pools are specifically designed to control the contamination of a leaky diaper; most are not. The decision of whether to follow the rule that is in place to protect everyone or not follow it is a personal one and reflects upon one's personal viewpoint of their place in the universe...
  15. If it is true, it appears it may be a recently implemented restriction across the cruise line industry. I have seen recent post regarding the same issue on MSC, RCCL, Celebrity, and other Carnival brands.
  16. The ship was chartered as a salsa cruise after he booked. Notification was sent out and options for rebooking and refunds given. He refused all options and insisted on a cabin. He was given one as shown above (still wasn't happy). All the information was slowly offered in posts over several threads, including information offered by others on the same sailing. By the way, how often does a cruise line get pushed to the point that a passenger is threatened with detention from law enforcement if they attempt to board the ship? I am sure the moderator will remove my posts and his.
  17. Cringe worthy advice. Four hours at room temperature is the limit at which food should be thrown out. A half hour should safely bring the meat to room temperature.
  18. We have never had any problems with our MSC bookings. The problems seem to occur when someone attempts to change the reservation and not being aware of the change and cancellation policy of MSC. And be aware of the story about being downgraded from Yacht Club. There is way more to the story and MSC was not at fault. Instead it was a passenger who did not want to follow instructions when the ship was chartered.
  19. Read the MSC policy that you posted. You lose the deposit. No refund. Whether is just $199 or $597 depends on the MSC policy on when changes are considered are cancellation. You need to look at the terms and conditions for your specific booking.
  20. I eat anything I want in moderation....
  21. OP, there is a great deal more to this story than this rhetorical question and, in many of our opinions, is not MSC's fault.
  22. As a result of misbehavior by those who considered the short cruises a booze cruise, MSC tighten restrictions several years ago. The restriction include not having drink packages available on certain itineraries from some ports on certain embarkation dates. There is also a MSC Code of Passenger Conduct and a section on alcohol use in their ticket contract on their website. MSC is not an alcohol centric line and many are surprised at some of the areas on the ship where alcohol is not permitted. As any crew member is empowered to deal with those who are overserving themselves, there can be subtle controls, or not so subtle controls, placed on the passenger of which the passenger may not be aware. Anyone who has posted a review in which they complain of the lack of or difficulty obtaining a drink has been managed by the crew.
  23. The idea that it is going to be quite a while before cruising resumes from Baltimore is not a big surprise to those of us who know the area well and can understand the implications of the many official statements from those involved in the removal of the bridge wreckage and opening a channel for the more important cargo port.
  24. Looks like Essiesmom and I were typing at the same time. In any case, no matter what fare churning game you may devise to receive $400 back, it isn't going to fly.
  25. OP, you are confusing the actual cost of the first cabin ($1200 total for the double passenger occupancy rate plus the third "free" passenger) vs the equal division of the $1200 among three adults (may or may not be related). It appears the actual cost for the first two passengers was $1,100 with the third passenger added in for $100 to cover port fees and taxes. Unless the fare you booked actually stated the daily service charge was included, it probably isn't and all of you will be charged daily to your on board account. Remove the third passenger (doesn't matter if listed as number one, two or three) means the original fare is cancelled, and the cabin rate for a double occupancy cabin applies (no more "free" third passenger).
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