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  1. 7035 Onward March 2024 V2, Very nice, quiet, Great access to stairs and elevators. lots of outlets. Would we stay again, YES
  2. As to the bidding for upgrades. Our email to bid for a upgrade for March 22 states WE DO NOT HAVE TO TAKE THE UPGRADE.
  3. nogihs

    New website.

    This works for 2023 sailings, any help for 2024. Thanks
  4. GREAT info, We are looking at march 2024. Any updates would be great, A lot of ship options, Anybody used Croisi? looks like they sail all the way to Siem Reap.
  5. nogihs

    Azamara app?

    There was 1 but I believe they dont use it anymore.
  6. Well, My wife and I just got home from the Quest British Isles 13 night cruise. We booked this in late 18 early 19 on the Journey. Everything got backed up a yr due to you know what. Switched to this year with L and S. Same cabin 7006 OV, for a lower price. We are happy with everything, but had the chance for a bid up grade, So we did, Bid the min of 310 each for a Balcony plus, got it 1 day before we flew to London. 8803 Great room and location, 1 room short of end of the hallway except for upper employees rooms, so very quiet. Only noise was a treadmill overhead when in use by someone running hard on it. Nice shower, plenty of outlets and overall room. Yes we would book again. Thank you AZ for our first but not last cruise with you.
  7. Bid min about 2 months before the cruise we go on TODAY. Got the upgrade Fri the day before we left. Quest 7006 OV to 8803 V + We are very happy.
  8. Just got the email taking my bid. July 12 Guest. started with OV 7006 3 years ago. Was very happy with it. Put in min bid 2 months ago of 610 US for 2. Leave the US tomorrow with upgrade to 8803. Looks ok. No reports on spared sheet. Now to reprint all the boarding paperwork.
  9. Booked 3yrs ago, for the British Open. 7006 OV Quest, happy with oversized room. Put in min. bid on upgrade to 2 balcony options. Assuming did not get, Got our luggage and boarding pass today.
  10. You dont need the photo. At least we did not this morning when checking in.
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