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  1. Don’t forget we already know where Navigator & Mariner are and what they are doing - just no dates / itineraries to book yet
  2. Interesting. What does everyone think they will do in the dry dock? So far Independence seemed to have better upgrades than Freedom so it will be interesting to see what Liberty gets.
  3. We can’t really complain this is still a lot earlier than we would have got it just a few years ago. Also, RC would rather get the deployments right now than have to change a ship around later on
  4. We know where Mariner is going though just can’t book any yet
  5. Nothing on her or Indy. Probably won’t find out until new year, could be closer to when the itineraries used to be released
  6. Same for Independence. Explorer apparently going to Copenhagen, although could be Miami. Independence supposedly staying in Caribbean
  7. I would highly doubt that’s going to happen, would love it too, but highly doubt it will
  8. That’s what I thought it might be, thanks for clearing up
  9. I wouldn’t have thought wonder would be doing many cruises from Barcelona and/or Southampton would she? Maybe 1 or 2 max before heading to Dubai/Shanghai
  10. I would have thought that they might have just said they don’t know if they actually didn’t know, wouldn’t they? That’s what they told me a couple of weeks back anyway
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