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  1. For all of you expecting refunds from Crystal the new Genting Hong Kong Executive Director is Au Fook Yew..Yes that is his real name. In these times it is ironic and sometimes you just have to laugh 😂. Good Luck on the refunds. Sorry...Could not resist!!!...See The Link Below: https://www.marketscreener.com/quote/stock/GENTING-HONG-KONG-LIMITED-6170595/news/Genting-Hong-Kong-RESIGNATION-OF-EXECUTIVE-DIRECTOR-AND-DEPUTY-CHIEF-EXECUTIVE-OFFICER-AND-APPOINT-31194374/
  2. I would have to disagree that Crystal is better off with Genting...Sorry but in my experience, Crystal is not the same company as when they were owned by NYK...Yes Crystal was just a Period...on NYK's balance sheet, however, it had a lot of pride in the cruise line it started...The problem was..Crystal had lost money for the last few years before it was sold. There is a reason why Crystal was sold for only $500,000,000...That includes both ships and all the accounts receivable. NYK is one of the largest containerized shipping companies in the world and did not need Crystal...That is the reason another cruise line MSC is in excellent financial condition...MSC Shipping is also one of the largest containerized freight shipping lines in the world and does not have to depend on their cruise division for income, unlike Carnival, RCCL and Norwegian. It is very difficult to make money on a 2 ship line...Unlike the larger cruise lines...you do not have the buying power for food fuel and other supplies. Instead of improving their ocean cruise business with new ships, Genting decided to enter the highly saturated river cruise business...Sure...they have a fine river product, having cruised on both the Danube and the Rhine, however, it is so difficult when you have compete with other established 5* river cruise lines like, Tauck, Uniworld and of course Scenic Cruises which I consider the best in the industry. Also purchasing money losing shipyards in Germany does not help either...and of course Edie as the former president did the company no favors during her short lived reign of terror. I wish the best for Crystal, however, I think it would be better off with another owner....Only time will tell.
  3. For those considering one of the many Crystal Cruises Booking Promotions and are concerned about their deposits, full payments or FCC's...you may be covered by Travel Insurance depending on the plan purchased. This is one of the major reasons besides medical cancellation coverage that I always purchase Travel Insurance. Allianz Travel Insurance states on their website the following: Some of our travel protection plans may cover the financial default of a travel supplier under the trip cancellation or trip interruption benefits. This coverage may apply when a travel supplier – such as a tour operator, airline, or cruise line – included on our Covered Supplier List ceases all operations due to its financial condition, with or without filing for bankruptcy. For losses due to a travel supplier’s financial default to be covered, the loss must meet the conditions that are listed in your plan documents, and one of these conditions is that the travel supplier must have been included on our Covered Supplier List on your plan’s effective date....Crystal Cruises is on their Covered Supplier List. https://partner.allianztravelinsurance.com/Documents/Library/uploadedfiles/CoveredSuppliers/Covered%20Supplier%20List.pdf
  4. When Will Cruise Lines Resume Sailing? What to Know About Cruise Travel After Coronavirus
  5. Asia's Genting Cruise Lines to Offer Short Sailings Without Any Stops in Ports – Skift
  6. Crystal finally comes through...After 80 days Crystal refunded my deposit of $3500 for a 2021 cruise. They are a quality company..however..you have to be persistent....My great travel agent called Crystal every 2 weeks to check on the refund status...For weeks it said pending and finally yesterday after calling Crystal again, my travel agent advised that the full amount was refunded to my credit card. Crystal is a quality company and l look forward to booking another cruise when things settle down...I had a Regent cruise for November that I cancelled and after 65 days I am still waiting for my deposit to be credited...Let's hope they come across like Crystal. These are very difficult times for the cruise lines and it will be the survival of the fittest.
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