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  1. Me too. We're on your cruise. My wife still likes to dress up, so I'm taking a sport coat and tie. I've finally cut out the Tux. But I'd be more than happy to cut the sport coat and tie. It's hot and it's the Caribbean. Oh well.. see y'all on board! 😎
  2. Wonderful! Then what you need to do is definitely have your parents into your suite and order a great breakfast! We've done that before and it's really nice. You'll have full menu so order up Eggs Benedict for all! And enjoy that Royal Suite!!!
  3. You don't actually say what kind of Suite you are booked into. If you are in a Grand Suite or above, remember you have FULL Room Service. You can have your parents into your Suite and have breakfast there. There is no limit (to my knowledge) on a room service order to a Full Suite (Junior Suites don't have free room service). We have done this a few times with friends when we've had a Grand Suite.
  4. I've done 27 cruises on Royal Caribbean. We have always used a Credit Card. I do check the bill on the TV periodically. I think I've found one or two times that I was charged for a mini-bar charge. Called GS and they took it off. BUT, No, I have never had any charges show up days or a week later. NEVER in 27 cruises. I can't possibly conceive of setting myself up to stand in line at GS on the final day of a cruise if I don't have to. I'll continue to take my chances.
  5. We have 817 booked in 2021. I chose it partly for the larger balcony. Do you happen to have any pics of it?
  6. Drink prices fluctuate like crazy. We have a cruise in a few weeks. The drink package has been as low as $46 and high as $60. So you never know. I guess the real question is, is the price of the drink package a make it or break it issue? If not, book the cruise then decide on the prices. If it seems worth it to you buy it. If not, don't. Remember, if you buy it and it goes down, you can always change to the lower price.
  7. I think that klfrodo has a very valid point...."Nationwide has not denied you anything until it's in writing. Their phone people are no more official than Royal's phone people. File your claim. If it gets denied officially, then file a complaint with your States Insurance Commissioner for them to investigate." If you don't officially file a claim, then you haven't officially been denied anything. You should actually file the claim, get the official decision in writing, then decide if it's worth pursuing. There's a lot of Nationwide bashing going on. I don't use them as I've not heard great things about them and other policies fit my needs better so I'm not defending them. But it's sort of unfair to bash a company when you haven't actually taken the steps required for an official decision. If you think you are entitled to compensation, then you should follow the required steps to get it. Then we can pick this back up again. I, for one, would be interested in their official written denial.
  8. In 2018 over 6 million passengers sailed on Royal Caribbean. Let's just say 1% had an emergency and cancelled the cruise without reimbursement. That would be SIXTY THOUSAND people!!!!! I bet EVERY ONE had an emotional and legitimate reason to cancel. Couldn't get out of work at the last minute death in the family, unexpected illness, house fire, car accident, missed flight due to snowstorm, lost or forgotten documentation, stolen passport, etc. etc. etc. Let's say each person paid $1000 per cruise. And Royal Caribbean reimbursed the loss out of "good will." That means that Royal Caribbean would lose about $60 MILLION in lost revenue. Try explaining THAT to your board of directors! That's EXACTLY why travel insurance is sold and should be purchased. If someone decides to NOT purchase insurance, they have NO claim against Royal Caribbean. It was THEIR choice to go uninsured. They sadly pay the consequences.
  9. I don't remember that problem with AT&T, but I switched to Verizon a while ago too. Verizon does seem better for us.
  10. If your phone is always in WiFi calling it's likely because the WiFi signal is significantly stronger than the cell tower. If you want to bias it to the cell tower, simply disconnect it from the WiFi by shutting WiFi off. Then your phone will hook up to the cell towers. No need to go into Airplane Mode. But there is no real reason to do this except for an issue with your WiFi. Remember, when you are on WiFi calling you aren't using up any cell time. Hope this answers your question.
  11. I may be misunderstanding you, but Regent provides Business Class for Transoceanic flights. So Barcelona to Montreal should be in Business Class as included in your Cruise Fare. If you change flights in North America (U.S. or Canada) then the domestic leg, as I understand it could be economy. We have only done one cruise with Regent. I deviated 270 days out. We were traveling Sydney to Atlanta with a plane change in LAX. When I called Regent to deviate, I picked my desired flights, they confirmed they had a contract, and we were immediately booked in Business Class (Delta One) Sydney to LAX then First Class (also on Delta) LAX to Atlanta. So as others recommended, deviate 270 days out. It's worth the $175 deviation fee to pick your airline and flights early. Then you can be sure to get what you want.
  12. Us too. Our cell signal in our house is very weak so our phone is in WiFi calling anytime we're in the house. Just one comment for clarity. WiFi calling will take over if you are on the wifi and it is stronger than the cell signal. We leave it on all the time and as I said, we are always in WiFi calling at our home, and often other places. You don't even know it changed unless you look for it. HOWEVER if the cell is strong then it'll stay on the cell. That's why on the ship you MUST put the phone in Airplane Mode then turn on WiFi and log on. This will force the phone into WiFi calling. Same if you are in an Internet Cafe or Hotel in a foreign country. Anytime the Cell is a strong signal the phone will naturally use it. So to ensure WiFi calling you need to get rid of the cell signal, thus "Airplane Mode."
  13. Just to add to previous comments...there are always threads asking for an exception. "Unexpected illness," can't travel, why no exception? " Vacation cancelled by work," can't make cruise, why no exception. "Family member passed away," why no exception. " Snowstorm cancelled flight," missed cruise why no exception? Where to you draw the "exception" line? No one willingly wants to miss a cruise, so in most cases it's something unpleasant that causes this to happen. That's actually the POINT of Cruise Insurance. If these people had been insured they wouldn't need "good PR." Not unfeeling, just realistic. My mother passed away a week before we were scheduled to cruise. Fortunately I had insurance and was fully reimbursed for my cruise costs. That's EXACTLY why I purchased the insurance.
  14. However according to the OP they aren't missing the port, only spending less time there (one day instead of two). I'm not disagreeing necessarily that the insurance company might need to pay out. I'm just saying that this seems to be a really hot button issue for many and the OP is being compensated by the cruise line. The OP doesn't say what the credit plus FCC is valued at, but reading other threads, Royal Caribbean seems to be quite generous. Again, not having seen the policy or the terms, then it's pretty hard to explain either the insurance company's position or the OP's request. Out of interest I found a policy (don't know who the OP's policy is written by) that includes itinerary change. Here's the exact definition. It does say "change of port of call." That is probably the reason they denied it. In fact the OP's original post says they denied it because the port was not changed. "Change in Your Trip Itinerary shall mean the Cruise has a documented change of Port of Call from the scheduled itinerary.Verification by the Cruise of the change in the scheduled Trip Itinerary will be necessary for claim payment."
  15. One would have to see the policy to really address this. But since Royal Caribbean is reimbursing you for the delayed departure and lost day with credit and FCC, why would the insurance company also pay? You aren't out any money because of this delay are you? And you are getting compensation from the cruise line. So it seems reasonable for the insurance company to deny this. Again, I haven't read the policy, so just guessing here.
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