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  1. Just checked on one.network website and it says J9-11 is closed westbound all weekend, but as Chris says above, if you come down the M3 and 'turn' right onto M27 you should be OK, though there could be extra traffic getting round the closure, so allow a bit more time. Good luck! Simon
  2. Though I was booked with them, due to Covid cancellations, I never got to use them, so technically I'm not a returning customer yet! Simon
  3. Thanks PT...that works for 5% off. Simon
  4. Thanks Elaine. We just booked Ventura for Xmas 2022 (35 nights). P&O want 350 to park, CPS is 331 and p4c is 166!, but its always nice to get a bit more off if you can!! Hope you and Lysle are keeping well. Simon
  5. Has anyone got a parking4cruises discount code I could 'borrow'? Thanks Simon
  6. Its usually the only day we have breakfast in the MDR, because of the 'scrum' in the buffet together with the hand luggage trip hazards, and also, we normally plan to get off fairly late, so not bothered about getting to the buffet first thing! As above, breakfast timings are normally about an hour or so earlier than usual...and they close earlier too. Simon
  7. Over the last few years, a lot of US passengers have opted to fly to Dublin, then change on to a flight to Southampton. It was cheaper than direct to London and also saved the 'faff' of going through Heathrow...much easier at Southampton. So, no personal experience, but I would definately look into flying in to Southampton. Its also only a 20 min cab ride from the port and hotels. Simon
  8. Not often I get a chance to say JB has boobed, so I'll say it now...JB has boobed! The bus from Bluewater would mean getting the little passenger ferry from Tilbury to Gravesend first, so don't even think about it! (I think JB was thinking of Thurrock Lakeside shopping centre). However, all the other info is fine, but as there are 4 of you, definately try and get a car or van (we call them minibuses over here) service of some sort. The train journey is OK and I think the cruise line normally runs a bus shuttle from Tilbury pier to the station, but if you do it that way I would definately use a cab (London black cab) from Fenchurch St to Waterloo. More money, but the Underground is a nightmare with luggage. Simon
  9. On a TA, don't forget the sun will be on the south side of the ship (port out, starboard home to use a well worn phrase!). I'm assuming you are round tripping, so decide if you want the sun on the way out or way back....oh, and definately have a balcony! Simon
  10. ...from the film of the same name. Simon
  11. I think thats the modern version that came out in the 90's when Thunderbirds was shown on BBC2. I used to have one from the 60's, but alas, no more! Of course, you are correct...it is the best one, with Thunderbird 6 close behind! (Lets see how much of a fan you are!) Simon
  12. Try ringing... it might be better. 02380 232 582 Simon
  13. If you have the Patient Access app on your smartphone, it should show up in 'medications' there too. At the bottom of the page there should be an 'export' button...hit this and it will say something like 'included in this export will be <your name , address etc>'. You could show this on boarding...maybe? Simon
  14. Yes. Nearly all public transport companies have reduced their services. National Express coaches have suspended all services until further notice for example. We'll just have to wait until things get back to normal!!! 🤞 Simon
  15. The train is on what is essentially a commuter line, but as the commuters should all still be at work (assuming Covid is over by then!!!), you should have no problems. There will be no large luggage racks, but you will have overhead racks for carry ons and should be able to find a '2 facing 2' seat bay where you can sit with your luggage. You will probably be on a Class 377 like this: '2 facing 2' seats are in the foreground. Simon
  16. Arcadia Nov/Dec '19 to see the Northern Lights (which we didn't) and to celebrate my 60th (which we did)! Simon
  17. I wouldn't book for noon. Lets say you get off the ship at 8. Public transport (trains probably) would take an hour to London and at least an hour out to LHR. Thats 10am, but this will be a working day, so more traffic...add an hour, thats 11am, leaving you one hour for check in etc and no 'wiggle room'. Not enough in my opinion. Also, this is the start of a bank holiday weekend (30th Aug is a holiday), so the airport will be busy. I'd go for at least 3pm. Simon
  18. That makes as much sense as anything the. Government put out!!
  19. We're on the same cruise, but we had a chat with our TA a few weeks ago (when balance was due) and they said P&O are not chasing payments, as if they cancel (which in TA's opinion they probably will) it saves all the hassle of refunding and giving 125% FCC to everyone. We haven't cancelled yet, purely because we still would like to go, but won't if it means you have to walk round the ship with a mask on all the time....not very relaxing! If it goes ahead (which it probably won't) we definately need some guidelines on how P&O are going to handle everything. Simon
  20. Thanks Anne. Hopefully it will be finished by the next time we get to Dubai...whenever that is! Simon
  21. Easiest way is to use the port shuttle bus. It drops you at the Columbus statue at the bottom of Las Ramblas. From there you can get anywhere in the city and there are LOTS of shops!!! https://www.barcelona-tourist-guide.com/en/faq/cruise-ship-terminals/shuttle-bus-barcelona-cruise-terminal.html Simon
  22. I can help with the very last bit of your post. Towers Rotana is just across the road from a Metro station (air con footbridge to the station is 100 yds from the hotel) and its one stop to the BK and mall (bear in mind its a good 5-10 minute walk in a air con footway to the mall), or stay on the metro for 5 stops to get to the Mall of the Emirates. If you are there for more than a few days, get a silver NOL card at the airport for use on all public transport...its cheap! We even used the metro to get to our hotel from the airport and you could too to the Towers Rotana. Getting to the port is easy...grab a cab! Cheap and plentiful! Have fun (if you manage to get there!), its a great place. Simon
  23. Due to get on when you get off on 28th Nov. Probably will go, but will see if anything changes before final payment in August. Simon
  24. Have you checked your bank/building society? My wife has a Nationwide account and gets free European travel insurance. To upgrade to world and add me on to the policy costs £36!!! Simon
  25. Don't forget to check your home insurance. Many policies have a limit of 30 or 60 days that you can be away from the home, or your insurance is invalid...unless you pay them a bit extra of course!😁 A world cruise is normally around 90 days. Simon
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