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  1. Glad you've had a re think and not cancelled everything. How Hilary managed with all that luggage, I've no idea!! Simon
  2. Hi Colleen and George, Hilary kept us informed of your progress home. It was worse coming south, so, in your case, I think you made the right decision. However, with 46 cruises under your belt, I really hope (after a bit of thought) you don't give up cruising forever like you said you might. Definately Jane and my worst cruise regarding weather, but hasn't put us off. Saw Hilary this morning and she said she enjoyed it(!) and was hoping to get Jude on another cruise or even flying again!! Take care and hope to see you on future travels. Simon (& Jane)
  3. Just a little heads up. We were there for 4 days in January and didn't see it all!, so if you find a guide, think about the sort of things you would like to see. Having said that, Singapore is really easy (and cheap) to get around on the metro, so you could do a bit of research and plan your own 'tour'. Also, please bear in mind the climate. It is oppresively hot and humid in the afternoon. We went out about 9, got back to hotel about 1 and either chilled in the A/c or in the shade by the pool. Out again at 5 to find dinner and back late evening. Just trying to help with your planning! Simon
  4. I'm not saying it bothers me as such Andy, just that what is accepted as 'manners and etiquette' to us, might not be to somewhere else in the world. Eg In India, loads of people eat with their fingers, 'cos that is the accepted etiquette, but it may put some people off. Simon
  5. kenhem...is there a 'nightlight' in the bathroom? Thanks Simon
  6. Of course, manners and etiquette differ from place to place. I still can't get over how many Americans (usually) cut up their food, put their knife down and then use just their fork in the right hand. Just seems odd!...but then they don't understand how I can have baked beans with a full English! Simon
  7. When we were in Muscat in January the ship (Celeb Constellation) sorted the visas out for everyone and no charge! I believe that is the norm for all ships. Simon
  8. Just so you know, Big Bus pick up at the cruise terminal and will shuttle you to Wafi Mall (the penultimate stop on the red route). If you wanted to do all 3 routes, it takes about 6 hrs...assuming you don't get off! Simon
  9. We walked every night round various parts of Dubai on our 6 day visit and never felt 'uneasy' at all. Only person who approached us was trying to sell us a 'genuine new' iPhone!, but we just said 'no' and he left us alone!! Simon
  10. sddsddean

    India visa

    This page is intentionally blank!!😁
  11. sddsddean

    India visa

    As yorky says, its a bit of a nightmare, but the tourist eVisa is sufficient. From memory it cost about £103 each (I think the charge was in US dollars). A bit of info for you. We embarked at Abu Dhabi. At check in they wanted 2 copies of the India visa, one copy of the Sri Lanka visa (free transit eVisa available online) and 1 copy of your passport (take 2 copies [one for you to keep] as they take your passport off you). Lots of people had packed thier visas etc in their luggage, so make sure you keep all documents with you. The night before your first day in India, a 'landing card' for each person will be delivered to your room. DO NOT LOSE IT!!! They are effectively impossible to replace. This has to be stamped at every Indian port, so be prepared to queue (best Cochin 30 seconds, worst Goa 25 mins!). The card will be checked at least 2 times (and probably more) going in and out of the port, so don't put it away as soon as its first checked. Have fun! Simon
  12. The 'rules' say to keep drugs in the original packaging, so I reckon the answer is yes! Simon
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