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  1. Yup - my knowledge of how TA's operate nowadays is nil. I just travel unlike a lot of you folks who know the ins/outs of how to do this stuff or are TA's yourself... Regardless, I sent her an email and problem solved! exact same cabins as we had originally booked on the BL! 2 adjacent XL Sea Terrace rooms on the 13th floor!
  2. I would agree somewhat. We were on the 3/2 BL sailing that got shifted to the VL but... we were sailing with another couple whom we had our TA link the reservations together and get us 2 adjacent rooms. We were on the 13th floor with 2 adjacent XL Sea Terrace rooms. Now we both have XL Sea Terrace rooms on the VL, but ours is on the 10th floor, and there's is on the 11th floor on the opposite side of the ship. Having our TA call VV to see if they can rectify this. Boo! not happy... 😞
  3. We are sailing on the 9/23 Fantasy cruise to Puerto Rico and St Maarten; very interested to see what comes of these "technical issues". Please keep us posted...
  4. Same here. I'm assuming / hoping it's the same cabin...
  5. So those of us that have booked on one of the SJ trips that is being taken over by the Valiant have to do nothing? They'll just automatically shift cabins, etc. to the Valiant? We are travelling with another couple and our TA got us adjacent cabins previously on the BL.
  6. The aerial view is from 4/14/2022... You can check using the "history" or the little time dial / stopwatch thingie...
  7. I see that now. I'm really interested to see how this will all come together.
  8. I was thinking the same thing as well. A lot of reviews have said that net is kind of a waste of space and would better be served as a an actual deck, or even if possible, a second pool given how tiny the only pool is.
  9. Great stuff - you all are on top of this. I'm really hoping they take some of the feedback they've gotten on the other ships and put it in place here, but from the aerial view of the ship under construction it doesn't appear that way. Pool is still really small and not enough hot tubs.
  10. Much earlier in this thread there was talk about the physical structure of the ship and the tweaks from it's sister ships, and there were some pretty great photos of the BL under construction. But those photos were from almost a year ago - does anyone have any links to recent pictures of it from the shipyard? or during trial runs? I'm curious to see how those changes from the other ships look as it gets to be a more finished product.
  11. Good to know - this our first trip with them so we are VV virgins... 😜 We just got a message from our TA and jumped on the opportunity. We got a promotion and then this discount. Pretty happy with the overall price.
  12. We have a 3/2-3/9 sailing booked on BL; apparently it's not just about the sailings after 4/20 based on some recent posts here. We just PIF and got an overall 10% discount, which means if they cancel we get less money back to re-book. Could this have been intentional on VV's part???
  13. Took a NCL cruise around Tahiti last November with the wife and another couple. Had the premium drink package and all the bars, bartenders, servers, etc. were outstanding along with the drinks they made. Been seeing a lot on the CC boards about the bad drinks, slow service and general lack of available bars for drinks. Starting to get nervous about our upcoming cruise in March 2024 on VV. Is this the general consensus - that getting GOOD drinks in abundance, in a timely fashion is an issue on-board VV cruises?
  14. Newbie jumping in here with a question. We are booked on the Brilliant Lady for a March 2024 cruise out of San Jaun (sunset on the lesser antilles) - is the concern about cancellation specifically over this TA crossing, or generally all the itineraries from the time it debuts up until this April crossing? When we booked we looked specifically at itineraries and didn't even realize we were booking on a ship that wasn't even going to debut until December 2023. And BTW - thanks for posting all those pics of the ship (rendering, under construction, etc.) - I find them fascinating to look at and am really hopeful they take some of the criticisms of the prior ships into consideration when putting finishing touches on this one. I hear (and have seen) a lot of complaints about a small pool, odd configuration of some of the deck spaces (like where the net is), etc. Hopefully some of those are rectified or acknowledged with this ship. TIA.
  15. I'm on the 10/31 Papeete to Papeete cruise and our 2nd Moorea day was also flipped to a "sea day". Bummed out to say the least. French Polynesia just doesn't work well on these big ships it would seem. We Board on 10/31 at noon, but the ship doesn't leave port until midnight that night. Great - we get to look at the port all day for our embarkation day. Boo!
  16. Same here - have some really good excursions planned and don't want to miss them.
  17. Question - is it just a matter of asking the staff how many passengers are onboard? Do they readily give out this info if asked? Just curious for our upcoming NCL cruise out of Tahiti. TIA
  18. Thanks all - saw many of those videos and also read the various threads form the Hawaii/Tahiti vacation. And I understand the Covid March 2020 issue. Unfortunate - I read those reviews / threads as well.
  19. Headed to Tahiti in October to sail on the Spirit. I know it's a 20+ yr old ship that was revamped in 2019. Any reviews on the updated ship? Information in general? I'm curious what people think, etc. I heard there were some snafus on the first few sailings after refurbishment, but looking for any reviews. I see it's currently in Alaska right now... We are on the 10th floor (balcony room) near Spice H2O. Hoping to take advantage of that bar and the drink package quite a bit... Would love to hear of any experiences with this ship.
  20. Thanks - can you report back that this is the case; it will be no problem carrying our own luggage. do that all the time regardless.
  21. Yes - great info indeed. Question - we’re booked on a Papeete to Papeete trip on the Spirit this fall. 2nd to last day the ship leaves Moorea at 5pm; gets to Papeete at 8 pm for an overnight stay and disembarkation at 8 the next morning. Once in Papeete, can you get off the ship earlier than 8 a.m.? We’re looking at flight options and there’s an 8:20 a.m. flight out we’d like to catch. Any response would be helpful. Also - how “spicey” was the spice h20 adult pool area?
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