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  1. Ship: Scarlet Lady Cabin#: 218 Deck #: 13 Cabin Category: Central Sea Terrace Sleeps: 2 Cabin Location: Mid-Z Terrace/Window/Obstruction: Terrace, no obstruction Noise Issues?: Yes, I'm a light sleeper so noise bother me. You can hear thunks and feel the vibration... probably weights or something heavy being dropped on the ground from above. Or maybe moving chairs around. Also can hear the bass from music DJ is blasting from Deck 16. You can hear people when they are either standing near your door or walking by and talking. Every so often a weird repetitive sound can be heard in the room somewhere by the door. If you leave the tablet off the charger there is a low volume high pitch sound/pulsating beeping until you put it back. This cabin is in front of emergency exit across the hall. Wind Issues?: No Connecting Cabin? Where Does it Connect?: No Hammock: Yes Metal/Glass Terrace: Glass Advantages/Problems: You can feel it swaying side to side. Sufficient room for a solo. Would You Book Again?: Perhaps, but won't be my first choice. I'd probably make an effort to get a CST on 11 or 12.
  2. I guess a good time might be if there cruise line you're looking at is running a single supplement promo. Cuz I am going on my first cruise and by myself on a VV cruise in beginning of November and I booked couple weeks ago while they had no single supplement on double occupancy rooms sale and got a central sea terrace for $1320 (normally $2640) while a single occupancy ocean view was $1485. I get motion sick so I specifically need certain kind of rooms. So those are the only two I was looking at.
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