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  1. This is a huge bummer. It would be one thing if if was just a dent but there's an easily identifiable hole in the hull. I imagine it's going to take a few days to get this repaired properly.
  2. Here's a photo of Brilliant showing the changes. The lifeboat rigging sits past vertical meaning that the lifeboats will sit further into the ship. The center area is flush with the side of the ship, and the tail end doesn't have the overhang either.
  3. The modifications to the ship are to make the sides flatter so they can be moored against the side of the locks. The original ship design has some overhangs on deck 7, the lifeboats, the center area (where you typically get on the ship (in Miami), and the aft end by what they call "the dock". I circled them for clarity in blue.
  4. I've actually had this same issue. I purchased 2 hammocks and a ton of other merch but this "free" money can also be used for premium dining options like the tomahawk Steak in the Wake as well as on shore excursions (once you board the ship). It can also be used in the casino and you can use it on alcohol after your bar tab runs dry. As long as you're young at heart and not too uptight you'll have a blast and most likely purchase your next VV cruise before you leave the ship. It's honestly a very different experience from other cruise lines so just board the ship with an open mind and you'll have a fantastic time.
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