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  1. Loved that Southern itinerary from San Juan. Would definitely look to booking it if it re-opened.
  2. Loved your report. Can't wait to get back to Freedom in January. Might have to skip Seafood Shack though. Did you see a sushi station onboard? My DD loved to have their sushi (extra charge) since she discovered it on our last few cruises.
  3. We have had connecting balcony cabins with our kids. They were very quiet, yet we could hear a sneeze or cough, or even an argument at times. We have a rule - never get connecting rooms on a cruise or hotel if it is not family connected to us.
  4. Same here. Was surprised to get it so early, but done and done. If I have to fill out another when cruise gets closer will do so. Not a biggie, imho.
  5. I do agree that the covid test 2 days before can be a hassle, and an expense -especially if the cruise is right before or after a major holiday which shuts down the pharmacies/urgent centers/labs, etc. We flew back from Italy after attending a wedding and only needed a covid test within 3 days of our flight. We got rapid tested at a pharmacy. The Italy airports also had rapid testing on site if we wanted to use it. Unless you stop at an airport that has rapid testing on the way to the cruise (and these even have somewhat limited hours) the 2 day restriction can cause a lot of agina. Perhaps the CDC will loosen up the testing for cruising a bit in the near future.
  6. Just got this email. Happy to see we are not cancelled ( Jan. Freedom) and cruise is a "vaccinated cruise." DH still not happy I am going (he will be working) but dd and I both have booster Pfizer, and will still be as cautious as possible - even wearing masks if masks are not mandated in casino, etc. Just happy to have a cruise in the future!
  7. Did you have to make an appt. at the airport, or just walk up?
  8. Agree. I can't tell you how many times I have called the main CCL number and have gotten info that wasn't correct. Ended up calling again, or researching online to get the correct answer. However -- when it comes to the new sailing/covid rules they should actually have a fact sheet in front of them so they can give the correct info - not tell someone "no one will know if you break the rule!"
  9. So glad to hear you already re-booked your cruise. November will be here before you know it. You have had a great attitude throughout your "adventure" and I hope you have the best cruise of your life. You deserve it.
  10. We usually give 5 euro to the porters for 2 bags or 3 bags.
  11. So sorry to hear the outcome, but thank you for being honest every step of the way. I can only hope others will be as forthcoming as you, and answer the questionnaire truthfully, though I fear some will not.
  12. We have cruised during bad tropical storms, and once when a hurricane was in our route. The captain will make every attempt to go around the bad weather. For the hurricane our western route was changed to an eastern route. When cruising there are some things totally out of anyone's control - weather is one of them. The captain will take every precaution to keep everyone safe. However, the seas may be a bit rougher than usual, even while skirting the bad weather. Just don't have your heart set on visiting any special port - things can change, causing you to miss a port for many reasons - weather, mechanical issues, medical evacuation, etc.
  13. It also does not cover pre-existing conditions, which is a deal-breaker for my family. We (always) purchase trip insurance that does - but even the one we get must be purchased within 15 days of booking the cruise. Research, research, and research some more to find best coverage for your needs.
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