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    Tap Air

    That will be my last resort.

    Tap Air

    Me too but, dont tell TAP. It shouldn't be that easy for them to steal.

    Tap Air

    I have to admit that Delta has been outstanding to us regarding refunds, vouchers, miles redeposit and Sky Miles Medallion membership extensions. Considering their position, they've been generous. I also have to say that if this ever ends we will fly with them 10 to 15 times a year and that makes a voucher, for a nonrefundable ticket, useful. The chances of travelling on TAP Air by 4/12/2021 is slim and none. Useless voucher. Thanks for your advice about contacting Amex for a dispute. I've been saving that as a last resort and trying to work the system as it was meant to operate. In the end we may have to invent a trip to use the voucher. That may not be that bad.

    Tap Air

    They emailed two vouchers to me, last night, for a refund requested March 13th on a refundable ticket. I did not see any form to complete for the vouchers. Just a "contact us" website that goes nowhere. I contacted them this morning and they referred me to the refunds department. Not sure if this us going anywhere but, I'll play along, for now.

    Tap Air

    So far, they're ignoring their own T&C, European Union Laws and US DOT Laws. I purchased 2 refundable business class tickets, last May. Due to cruise cancellation, I requested a refund on March 13, 2020, before TAP changed their policy to "vouchers" as the only form of refund. They emailed vouchers to me a month after I requested the refund back to my Amex. So far, all contact with them leads to dead ends and web sites, they provided on the vouchers for contact, that dont exist. Because I have a refundable ticket and I requested the refund before their "policy" change they have allowed me to contact their refund department (by email only). If I had a non refundable ticket, I would be grateful for the voucher.

    Tap Air

    Interesting answer but I believe you are wrong. I purchased 2 REFUNDABLE business class tickets in May of 2019 for a one way flight from Lisbon to Newark. Per TAP Terms and Conditions for Refunds, the European Union governing authority and the US DOT (because they land on our shores) a refund to a bank account or the original method of purchase is due within 7 days of the official request. Having said all that, if we are talking about a non refundable ticket, a voucher is appropriate. TAP is doing everything they can to avoid a true refund. They surprised me with email vouchers, a month after I requested a refund on my "refundable" tickets, they provided a web link for resolution of issues (it doesn't work), they do not answer their "contact us" site and they are ignoring all terms, conditions and laws regarding refunds. I would ot have such a bad attitude towards them if they would condition their Voucher with some terms of......if you are unable to use this voucher within 1 year, we will provide a real refund.
  7. It makes my head hurt to try to explain this. Per Windstar, you can definitely buy the All In Package with your Windstar OBC. But, the gratuity portion of the All In Package has to be paid with cash. Huh??? Translation: if you have $400 Windstar OBC and the All In Package is $2400, you will have a cash balance owed to Windstar of $2000. They will deduct the gratuities portion of the All In Package from the cash you owe. Sounds like a bookkeeping issue, as long as you owe enough to cover the gratuities portion of the All In Package. SMH.
  8. On our Jan 4 to 18 Legend cruise the first week was pretty much as advertised. The second week I'm not sure we hit any port as scheduled. We pulled into St. Maartin and left a couple of hours later, to protect the ship. Bad wind and really rough seas the week of Jan 11. We must have been on the same cruise as Redtravel, above.
  9. So, this thread fosters a new question: can you use your Windstar Promotional onboard credit to purchase the "All In" package since it contains gratuities? Anyone had experience with this? I've sent the question to Windstar and when they answer, I'll post it. Up until reading this thread I just assumed I could use it. Now, I wonder.
  10. $89 per day All In package. All drinks with gratuities, tips, laundry and internet. Pretty sure you can buy the package with tips included using your Windstar OBC. Call to be sure.
  11. I don't think the "policy" changed, just the enforcement. Admittedly, I've only been on 4 Windstar cruises and all on the Pride but I've never seen anyone in that venue, at Night, in jeans.
  12. We have been top tier loyalty members on RCCL, Princess and Celebrity with Celebrity being our go to line for an upscale experience. We tried some other stuff for a few years and returned to Celebrity. To us, it is no longer an upscale experience. Will probably never return. The experience was the same as an RCCL mega ship. Way too many people in too small a space. Obnoxious. Now that we have found small ship cruising we will stick with VO and Windstar, so far. They make you feel a little more special and it's a much more personable and social experience.
  13. Our first cruise on Windstar Pride, 2018, we had Natura in the carafes. Didn't really notice anything odd about it. In 2019, on the Pride again, we had liter bottles in the suite. We were never short of water. Environmentally safe or not, we have not had too much tap water on a cruise ship that wasn't funky. I'll take the plastic "sealed" bottles. As an aside, Viking Ocean uses Natura. There is one carafe of still and one bubbly carafe in each suite. We did not notice anything odd about the water.
  14. I guess we got the offer out of order. We had the upgrade celebration and then they called and made the offer. Our new suite number was already listed on our reservation on the WS web site. We were not expecting to be called and asked for money.
  15. We received an upgrade, today, from an S to a Balcony on our NYC to San Juan Pride cruise in October. We just happened to notice it on the WS site as we were keeping track of our 3 planned WS cruises. Later in the day we got a call from Seattle. They wanted $400 for the upgrade. We've had complimentary upgrades on WS in the past and no one has ever called and asked for money. They took it back! Crazy.
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