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  1. I don't think the "policy" changed, just the enforcement. Admittedly, I've only been on 4 Windstar cruises and all on the Pride but I've never seen anyone in that venue, at Night, in jeans.
  2. We have been top tier loyalty members on RCCL, Princess and Celebrity with Celebrity being our go to line for an upscale experience. We tried some other stuff for a few years and returned to Celebrity. To us, it is no longer an upscale experience. Will probably never return. The experience was the same as an RCCL mega ship. Way too many people in too small a space. Obnoxious. Now that we have found small ship cruising we will stick with VO and Windstar, so far. They make you feel a little more special and it's a much more personable and social experience.
  3. Our first cruise on Windstar Pride, 2018, we had Natura in the carafes. Didn't really notice anything odd about it. In 2019, on the Pride again, we had liter bottles in the suite. We were never short of water. Environmentally safe or not, we have not had too much tap water on a cruise ship that wasn't funky. I'll take the plastic "sealed" bottles. As an aside, Viking Ocean uses Natura. There is one carafe of still and one bubbly carafe in each suite. We did not notice anything odd about the water.
  4. I guess we got the offer out of order. We had the upgrade celebration and then they called and made the offer. Our new suite number was already listed on our reservation on the WS web site. We were not expecting to be called and asked for money.
  5. We received an upgrade, today, from an S to a Balcony on our NYC to San Juan Pride cruise in October. We just happened to notice it on the WS site as we were keeping track of our 3 planned WS cruises. Later in the day we got a call from Seattle. They wanted $400 for the upgrade. We've had complimentary upgrades on WS in the past and no one has ever called and asked for money. They took it back! Crazy.
  6. Viking Ocean 19.95 pp, pd. Wine and cheer included with meals.
  7. The Heineken draft was $5. They may have had Stella on draft for 5.50. There was so much change in the drinks and drink pkg, it's hard to be specific. We were on the package so, we didn't pay a lot of attention to the price. 8.50 - 8.95 seems about right. I don't have a copy of the current bar menu, just what's included in the drink package. Sorry.
  8. Wow, the answer is YES, per the Windstar Press release May 2, 2018 BUT, generally, the agents in Seattle are clueless. I'm sure it's not their fault. We gave up on Seattle and decided to book onboard. The Bar Manager "acted" clueless but, we did get the $5 pp, per day. The cost: the price of the liquor package went up from $52 to $59, the day we boarded the Pride. So by not booking with clueless Seattle, the Star Collector discount cost us money to take advantage of. If all was right in Windstar world, we would have pre paid $52 pp, per day minus $5 for a daily fee of $47. Price increase Feb 2, the day we boarded Pride. Liquor package now $59 minus a hard fought for $5 Star Collector discount for a daily fee of $54. So, our Star Collector discount cost us $7× 2 persons x 14 days for a grand discount of minus $196. Great Perk, NOT
  9. Some times you roll the dice. We wanted to wait to book the package on board because we were going on a Star Collector cruise where there is suppossed to be a $5 per person discount off the beverage package. Seattle seemed clueless. We were hopeful the Bar Manager on the Pride would be more familiar. Big mistake, sort of. We got the $5 per person discount on the package but, as we boarded they were breaking out the brand new sign stating that the top tier beverage package went up $7. Net to us: a loss of $2 pp, per day by waiting to get the Star Collector discount.
  10. Good for you. Your the first, that I know of, that has been able to get the second page of the new drink package.
  11. Sounds like identical experiences. I think the crew was a little embarrassed because of the way it was handled.
  12. Sorry, I don't have a copy of the new menu. I am 99% sure that most of the hard liquors haven't changed much. The biggest change was the wines available in the package and individual non package drink prices are up.
  13. They are NOT charging for soft drinks as of February 2019.
  14. Despite what Windstar told you, those menus and prices are woefully out of date. Just back from 2 weeks on Star Pride. You would do well to find a glass of wine for under $9 and the brand of wines listed are no longer valid.
  15. Wow, that is an accomplishment. Very skinny and steep boarding ladderway. We're too old to be lugging 50 pounds of luggage up that awkward entry.
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