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  1. Tried that but neither one of us can modify. They changed the modification page from what it used to be and not for the better.
  2. Booked excursions on cruise planner yesterday while they are having a sale. When I tried to book one it said it conflicted with my my time dining hours and wouldn't let me book. I went on cruise planner and canceled my time dining for that day but it would't let me council my wife's so I couldn't book the excursion. When I tried to rebook my time dining it would't let me at first but when it finally did it gave me a different hour and said mine wasn't available so my wife and I have different times. Called RCI but no help so far. They seemed confused.
  3. I hadCovid last November with the contact being my granddaughter. I was swabbed twice and it took 5 days for me to check positive so what good does 2 or 3 days out do.
  4. I was able to book our excursions a couple of hours ago.
  5. Unable to book shore excursion for over 24 hours. Keeps giving error 405 GET. Programmers have sorting screwed up.
  6. Tried again this morning and still getting the same message. Called this morning and no one knew anything.
  7. Have tried several times to book shore excursions and when I try and pay it says 405 bad gateway.
  8. Just refund everyones cruise fare and forget it. Every time you look at the boards something changes. Cruises are getting expensive then they want to put the burden of testing on each passenger. Have 2 cruises booked through RCI then I done with them.
  9. I can see you losing money also if you have booked your shore excursions plus the money you spent on airfare.
  10. Canada will open it's borders on August 9th for US citizens who are vaccinated.
  11. Thanks for posting Chris. Hopefully I will see you 0n 12-4-21. Have a great day.
  12. Is RCI still going have luggage Valet after disembarking at Ft.Lauderdale from the ship to the airport.
  13. This is a large agency I'm dealing with and evidently they don't have it straight. Can the TA apply the planner credit to your reservation or do I need to contact RCI who will tell me to call the TA?
  14. I was told by my TA today that the cruise planner credit had to be used to book a new sailing and cannot be used as OB credit or for new cruise planner purchases.
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