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  1. Cafe Baccio used to be a great spot any time of day... Once the drink packages came on line, it became overcrowded ( and seriously understaffed) with many lining up in their PJs or swimsuits for Coffee to G or drinks. Wish more folks would go to Baccio 2 at the entry of the buffet for their coffees to go! But sometimes that line is long too...also serves alcohol. Even if you just want water, you have to line up. We spent many late afternoons at Baccio having our afternoon treats while listening to great live classical or mellow music. Many officers used to ha
  2. Some of Celebs past marketing and entertainment choices seem to result from someone's mid-life crisis , a desire to be hippies again , remake cruises into Vegas, Cirque deSoleil , EDENists interactive, or naughty nightclubs. Or at times living in the in the wierd world of the Paltow People, All mostly failures..They should just focus on people who love to cruise, enjoy fine dining ( formal or casual), meeting other cruisers, good music and shows and fun activities...no hairy legs contests! Has been a winning formula for many yrs!
  3. We really dislike LaVazza..find it bitter, they should switch brands.,one before La Vazza was much better. Best coffee is in Tuscan on all ships and Cafe Baccio..nice specialty coffees. The packaged tea bags they had were good.a bit weak but seems those are being phased out. Also enjoy the Tea Forte!
  4. Many people booking still have lots of FCC to use up.. If our next and only booked cruise actually sails, our out of pocket costs will be minimal. And we'll have a smaller spa bill for sure!
  5. DELTA changes flights and times frequently before one actually flies and apparently now they screw up the routes as well. Pity! One of their changes forced us to stay an extra night in Rome to make a re scheduled flt..beware!
  6. After 2 cruises on EDGE... the most needed outdoor changes were sun and wind protection. Seems they have worked on that. Other big issue was poor acoustics in the Grand atrium and area around it. On a tour, we were shown features that were supposed to abate noise but in reality, acoustics were terrible. Hope they worked on that as well.
  7. Oh gee..that's the great itin plus Charleston, that we cancelled in May. 2020 when the whole Covid/ Cruising mess erupted . After we took a 50% cash back and 50% FCC, Celebrity ended up cancelling the cruise but too late for us to get a refund. Doubt this will be going..sorry to say. Maybe next yr???
  8. Many places in Fl are doing well...and many are getting vaccines, wearing their masks and getting lots of Vitamin D sunshine..
  9. That ferry ride is infamous!
  10. Wonder what the time frame would be for the shots or booster prior to the cruise and tests. ? Timing all this out is not always workable esp for tests and getting results. We tested in proper time frame for trvl to NY this week. Then our flights were cancelled. Health dept said we will be okay if we get the 2nd test on time....adds to the stress!
  11. Sweatshirts ( jumpers? ) are now hoodies. Sweat pants or sweatsuits...now joggers .Found some nice tie dye sets online for ladies that might be nice to wear to breakfast or an a.m. jog... just not to dinner other than buffet.
  12. Glad I had my commas in place...whew! Tough crowd!
  13. Dress code, smoking, children in hot tubs, specialty dining....all hot button issues for many years.
  14. Such a great thread Special thanks to TeeRick and Cangel MD for breaking this down. Both should be teachers! Heard today Fla has 1 case of Brazil variant..
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