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  1. We wont be eligible fir the canapes...booked a Sunset Veranda on EDGE. We will pick up some goodies at the buffet and or call room service for fruit and cheese. Bringing our own crackers.. Wont really miss the canapes!
  2. Elite and E plus perks are good for us for priority boarding, debarkation, internet, laundry, lite breakfast, and the cocktail hour, if needed ( probably will rely on that more so in the future when we book without paying an upcharge for Classic Alcohol perk...we do not drink that much to pay extra per day) We earned our level the traditional way, cruise by cruise.....mostly in AQ class once it began. In reality, the focus now is on suite guests who are paying much more for their cruises...Many priority advantages are diluted, esp with added suites. Now they are selling packages where folks can buy priority , so we expect to see more dilution of perk impacts for long time loyal customers. I would not think it is worth it to chase points unless you want that extra cruise!
  3. hcat


    We are booked for the May 10 day itin..to Newport, Charleston and Bermuda Something a bit different...looking forward to it. For our stop on Bermuda, we plan to do stuff near the ship,,,..have toured the island several times and did a land vac there many yrs ago..It's a nice place but only just so much to see and do,, We have zero interest in NCL
  4. Small Chocolate cake..add b day celeb to your res, advise which day and make sure to re confirm with maitre d
  5. I think you are correct,.. not booked on Silhouette but hope to in the future.
  6. Reel love .. DebinAntigua has an ongoing live thread from Silhouette.. Try asking over there. Other frequent posters are also on that cruise...
  7. But they don't have waffles!😊
  8. Tough crowd. some folks just get off at the wrong floor.. we don't but not everyone is perfect!
  9. Just curious. .What did you order there? Dh allergic to most seafood..and I don't eat it uncooked. Do they still have crepes or paninis for bunch?
  10. You can order a Special Celebration package, candy, flowers or make Specialty Dining, photo sitting or Anniv portrait. All for an.upcharge.. Maybe order room service breakfast to start the day! Let the Cap Club rep know early on and you might get a special invite or photo op..
  11. Looks like we will enjoy our 2 nights in the TUSCAN mdr...yum!
  12. Maybe they could do something else with the space, and do LPC as a matinee for families..kidz probably enjoy it.
  13. Wow.. what a great crystal! Def going to look for that deck 11 forward .They have nice ones in the thermal suites. And of course a great Salt room so many extra surprises on EDGE..
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