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  1. Great shot.. thanks for posting it. I see 4 ships when I make it larger..That's a bit much! Guess I am spoiled from when ships docked once or twice per week, cars crossed over the pontoon bridge and the big modern bridge did not exist. Curious what most cruisers now enjoy there other than the beaches way over on the other side???
  2. We have had White Night deck parties on X...but it's hit or miss We also enjoy the new evening chic...most on X dress well. Jacket and tie not required. Sad to hear of folks in flip flops for dinner but that is not the norm, We will be sailing on her in May..10 days....expecting it to be cool in Newport and Bermuda..maybe even Charleston, so we will pack a few sweaters. Likely, dh won't be bringing his Carib floral shirts along.....
  3. Happy you are back. We are tuned in for another great adventure!
  4. Cap Costas on EDGE alluded to port congestion as a future challenge in his talk......Mostly he referred to the main ports having to stagger departure days ..can't all leave on the weekend! With so many large ships going to the same ports, things are getting more crowded.... esp with floating cities going to small places!
  5. This was asked recently with varied results.. Hope someone can do a search to avoid going over it all again Our fav is Tuscan.. .. but we were in the minority. We love everything about it from the food service, decor, art and music.. We also enjoyed the Elite breakfast there...
  6. That would be sad..Bonaire is a great port...the golf carts are very popular along with snorkel trips!
  7. We would prefer KW and just about any port to Curacao unless we wanted a long ride to a beach day or a visit to a local hotel... This port is not what it used to be!, We had Curacao on our recent EDGE cruise. We signed up for what was billed as a "culinary tour". It was awful. The nice market boats from Venezuela are no longer berthed there, the real food market was closed and we were taken through a filthy flea market where we were careful not to touch anything. The port town itself was filthy with a noticeable stench. We saw a few historic buidings..including the outside of the Synagogue..time to say a quick prayer! The stop at the Distillery was no more than a very short bathroom break..,,,just as well..it was an unimpressive..tourist trap. We did have a nice lunch at the Green House at the beach..but only after we begged our way inside to the air conditioned bar. On our last ABC cruise before EDGE, we did enjoy a day at a beach club..but that's a one and done. So sad for me. I have been going there before the big bridge was built, before lots of traffic and before the place became a dump! Others will disgree but we would prefer KW any day!
  8. No ..I blame NYS legis.. No bag NY is becoming way over regulated...
  9. NY Residents cannot add cruise care to their Cruise acct anymore thanks to the fairly useless NY State Legis .( no fault on part of X) ...After a long run around, we finally got the e address from Cap Club so we could purchase our basic Cruise Care ins policy. The reg cruise planner agent had no clue., We wasted time on hold and speaking with her! We were told that online is the only way to book it now. So we had to pre pay, no double Royal points on our credit card. Last time we could call in but now just online, apparently???? For those not aware here is the correct website: www.travelcruisecare.com You will need your Confirmation no, amt you pay pp , travel dates etc.
  10. We tell them what type of table location we prefer, and are usually rewarded. Dh says I must look mean! Reflection, even in AQ was a one and done ship for us! Too crowded and as OP said..chaotic all around.
  11. Is there a link? I am not familiar with Instagram ...
  12. Enjoyed all the details in your review. Sounds like you had the break from X that you wanted.Sometimes we all need that. How was the decor compared to X? Were there many spaces set aside for suite guests? Was the ship well staffed? Were staff members friendly and attentive? Did you take any ship's excursion? I got the impression there was alot to do on the NCL ship ...shows, bars , dining venues but I also got the impression it might be " too busy ". Were there any nice quiet spaces to enjoy like Cafe Bacio or little niches? The Solarium area with T pool sounded nice....was it capacity controlled?
  13. EDEN RAMP...EDGE NOT APEX....just to give you an idea
  14. On EDGE, the ramp goes up along the glass windows...with tables, seating, little niches, sculptures, plants, along the way. Visually stunning. Only wish for APEX woukd be some type of window shades, as it does get very bright in Eden during the day.
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