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  1. Call early in am ..we did at 7...and no wait. Rep was able to pull up our files and give us answers good luck!
  2. Perhaps this shoukd be better explained at time of booking
  3. Oops Tired to correct from sunset to sunrise..did not work well. Sorry i am lo tech
  4. No withdrawal from cruising...but sorely missing being able to see our grandbabies who live nearby ...whiie we are hiding out at home, Generally, we are too busy trying not to catch the virus......we live in NY. We are very disappointed our Summit cruise had to be cancelled, and we also pulled our Nov APEX just to be sure. We heard earlier today that our X refunds are finally on the way back to our credit card. We already rec'd the FCC certificate. Hope to use it Jan 2021 on Connie, when the plague has passed. Have enjoyed the joke thread, photo thread and browsing the drink...all well done!
  5. Lindagop: Love the fur babies MM : spectacular sailaway photos from Aruba... and of course the sunsets! We never had a cabin so far forward. Was there any greater feel of movement ? Also noticed your cabin location was near the window washing equip ( I think that's what it is) Did it ever come by?
  6. Aspen Coffee..,after dinner.,.also Baileys IGLU.,. No alcohol but is really enjoyable! ( hi carb)
  7. Greetings from suburban New York.... Congrats.. grandparenting is a wonderful gift. We have a pre schooler and 2 mo old..pure joy. Sure wish we could hug them ... they are close by but we are staying in our home for now. The older one sent his gp a photo instead of a hug! Hope....someone our dtr knows ( sr age) has been in the hospital with Corona.. and sepsis., After receiving new meds he may come off the ventilator and have a chance at recovery! We are praying and hoping for him and all other victims!
  8. Progress! Called X at 7 am est and got through right away . Had a great X rep, Ann Louise in Miami. She patiently went through our 2 cancelled cruise accounts..X does things kind of piecemeal so not as easy as it could be. Our APEX cancellation deposit refund is in progress. No glitches were noted other than X will refund it to the to card booked with,,,the one that was replaced after a compromise. Only Resolutiins Dept could send it to another card,,,but won't be necessary as per our card company, The amount due back to us for the SUMMIT cancellation we made on March 7th, was recently processed and sent to our card on March 24th and 25th. Has not hit yet. The deposit amount went back to our old card number, and other items went to the replacement number but BOA assures us that wil not be an issue. Once the refunds hit, we may request a refund check. If a credit balance remains for 90 days+, they will automatically send out a check. So we may be done soon...YAY! Thanks again to ARGO for the heads up about our cred card, but it worked out.....hopefully.
  9. Still no refund for us. Will call again to see if there's an issue holding things up. Maybe they have an incorrect card number because our booking cred card account number was changed by the card company after a hacking incident. I did not even think of that. Our excursions went back onto our present card byt tgey were boked later. Can't hurt to verify the number in fiie ( thanks Argo) One is just a $500 deposit refund for a cancelled APEX cruise...no issues. The other for a much larger amount ( 50% of fare plus tax and fees) was cancelled before the big cancellation surge. We just want to get this over with!
  10. If you are not going to cruise and want the refund... the fcc makes no sense even with a 25% bonus.. The 25% bonus was not part of the original fare & who knows how useful that might be anyhow. Looks like this issue needs to be solved by you and your friend..not X. How long til you must decide?
  11. Very good advice from your dtr..We live in suburban NY, and made one last grocery run yesterday. We plan to stay inside except for 2 walks a day, when it's not raining. We miss our grandsons...they live close by but for now we stay distant. Checked the website for the Barcelo, not the easiest to follow. It is expensive but is an all inclusive plan from what I gathered. Bet travel agents always have good deals... Maybe after things are better next yr. The airfare is also a big chunk of change! That's one reason why cruising has been such a good value
  12. Once they attend to the sickness and staff issues, wonder where the ship will be going? We already cancelled our Nov cruise on APEX...maybe another time!
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