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  1. Yes..we could not register for the Connections party successfully after many attempts.. Whatever they suggested worked on the first try, I will try to find the e mail instructions but may not have saved it,.
  2. Yup..thought of that too. Someone on the main CC board said the app is wrong and they did not have to pay on EDGE,..go figure??? We will be in a reg cabin so no expanded breakfast menu for rm service but we can order coffee and a bagel.
  3. Suggest that you check the Cruise Critic help board. We had an issue and they gave us an e mail address that worked well...Hopefully still useful!
  4. Huh..that will be good news! We cannot use the app ( devices too old) For our upcoming EDGE in Nov someone on the roll call looked it up on the app...and it said other than Continenal breakfast, it would be $7.50 plus the 18% grat, How can the app be so wrong?
  5. With charges being added for rm service after breakfast hrs on EDGE, we will bring a small tray and Food containers for snacks from the buffet . .Our cabin is aft so we'll keep ourselves supplied, rather than pay $ 7.95 plus 18% grat for rm service!
  6. We avoid cruising over the summer and during school vacations. We are past the need to vacation at those times. Families and teachers often have no choice so we book other periods.
  7. I think folks were understandably disappointed to lose a special itin cruise; and even more so by the way X handled the notifications, and offers for alternatives. Happened to us with X in the past. Left dangling! I am disappointed with the neg comments about the cruisers and cruising from West Coast Fl.. We are going to try it as an alt to FLL...We try to avoid Miami if we can!
  8. That's great.. I looked at a beautiful hotel right on the waterfront for a Jan date this yr..not cruising til next ,,.and it was $400 plus with $35 parking. didnt even note the name. Embassy Suites or any Hikton would work.. thanks for the encouraging info!
  9. Maybe that's why they have those mini tables in the Veranda....discourages rm service orders. And if there's a charge after breakfast maybe fewer orders will be placed.. We like to order extra fruit, cheese and other pm goodies b/c the afternoon the canapes are pretty woeful! Guess we would forage at the buffet and bring it back to the room. ( note to self..pack a mini tray)
  10. I will ask someone on our EDGE roll call to check current app for our sailing for info about rm service. My Jan EDGE review was mostly about AQ Class in the Infinite Veranda cabin, BLU etc. Next up will be a Sunset Veranda, 4 mdr review. I had alot of trouble posting photos from my tablet or phone.. needed help from Vt cruiser We'll see how it goes. We signed up for Shutterfly or something like that to view and post pics for a family event. Might try that if I remember how to sign in! Tech challenged!
  11. Not sure if OP was making a payment or final payment We always make final payment by calling in & never had too a long wait. We wait for the zero balance e mail update while still on the phone with the rep. Regarding cabin change, Is that an upgrade or bid or just a change? They usually have a good list of available cabins.
  12. Never used the jets and hated fiddling with all the controls. The AQ class showers on EDGE were also non jet and tricky..but we preferred them!
  13. Hotels in the city can be very high priced...esp right near the port.. we already looked and were surprised. Area definitely seems better without a car ( we will be driving or take a limo ) If you look around there should be good choices..Check the Fla departures board for possible ideas.
  14. Seems unecessarily confusing...We never ordered room svc on our Jan cruise...no place to enjoy with the Inf Veranda. The afternoon snack plate just about fit on our counter, and that's after we cleared out all the K Hoppen junk. In Nov, we will have a Sunset Veranda..larger cabin and big outdoor balc. Hope we can have space for room service for breakfast once or twice and maybe lunch/ snacks but won't pay a fee plus 18%
  15. Thanks for the menu Vt We are not in BLU for our Nov cruise..so we will try the brunch on sea days...and def try a few lunches there too! Yum yum! Time ran by so quickly last time..we never got there! Can't wait!
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