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  1. Not for us Under the present promo that expires tom we would pay MUCH , more for our Sky Suite on Connie in Jan 2021 ( if it sails) . Same for APEX Jan 2022...We booked a Sky Suite under "Sail Now Sav". Under the current promo we would pay $200 more..same rm, same perks. So no savings for us. Always pays to check...esp in this pricing climate!
  2. Best deal for us was the Bistro Cafe or Cafe Bistro ( i may have the name wrong) At night it does the computer cartoons le Petit Chef ..no interest. But other times it has a wonderful menu, fresh prepared meals, excellent wine service, sea views, and a great uncluttered ambiance. They also offer nice take away lunches and deli ....Well priced for what you receive!
  3. 2 yrs ago the flu shot knocked both me and dh on our butts... never had any issue before or since..guess it all depends! Now we have to get the upgraded shingles vaccines.( 2 sep doses).. but we will wait til we get back to Fla when we are not watching our grandchildren..just in case!
  4. Thanks..you too. Most cruise schedules / itins , and rules on board will be out of our control for awhile. Just a wait and see situation. Luckily for us, there are no airline tix or major pre cruise hotel res are involved
  5. Beautiful! We never sailed on the Eclipse..hopefully someday if she comes to the east coast of U.S. Anyone have updates on Connie location and plans?
  6. I am afraid we will have issues with our FCC..it states it expires 12 /31 /2021 but have been told it will be extended... Hoping to use it in Jan 2021, but if that cruise does not go, we will have to look for a substitue for using up the fcc... We have an APEX final payment due before the end of 2021 but the sailing is in Jan 2022 so may not qualify. The language in our fcc says must sail by....12/31 Celeb has not handled the fcc issue well and we have learned to avoid getting one at all costs!
  7. We are so fortunate to have a lovely lush backyard, a sunny deck and screened in porch, plus use of our dtr's pool a few miles away. Summer on Long Island is great.,except for a storm we are having today,..much needed rain. Our local Covid numbers are excellent but we will continue to stay close to home, esp as more things open up here.....more exposure and possible spread. We'll be hanging out here til Nov when we hope to safely fly to Florida.. we usually go back and forth but once we get there we'll stay put awhile! Pays to play it safe!
  8. We never even got that far with Fine Cut..and never will. For our furst EDGE cruise, we had pre booked our usual preferred eary dining time many months in advance. We dropped by the evening befors to re confirm and were told we were moved to a much later time that " would be better for us".. With no notice or contact at that point. We said no,..but they would not budge and refused to change us back, and made us feel like we did something wrong. The NASTY maitre d then refused to cancel our res and was quite loud! We stood our ground and he grudgingly cancelled our res..money refunded that evening, We did not even try to book again in Nov,.. Looks like it would not have been the quiet upscale experience we wanted anyhow. Heard of similar nonsense in EDEN, where they broke up family groups of 6 or 8 and assigned them diff dining times..and also made a stink when pax said to cancel, Some retraining obviously needed
  9. The dungeon style clubs are on Royal C ships. The Club has always been on EDGE..has been used for various daytime and evening activities, uncluding the Cao Club social hr. ( but I believe you can also get drinks at some other bars too..) the Club is not a large space, can be dark in there..no windows, but has upstairs tables and also tables on the main floor.. & a long bar area. We saw a great aerial show there, ( get there early), heard good music and dropped by at times to hang out. Space is coming into its own...sorry you missed enjoying it!
  10. Family travel including cruises may be different this year. Many folks we know are leasing campers or cabins/ beach homes, etc
  11. Interesing news!! Wonder what other changes will be part of this?
  12. Going to check out our APEX price next....we paid the going rate for a suite but hopefully it has gone down ???
  13. We have Connie booked from Tampa ,, 10 days E Carib. for January 2021, Sky Suite..basic location. We booked under SAIL NOW SAV which includes 4 perks: $ 300 OBC, Premium Alc, Grats, Unlim Wifi...total for 2 persons is $ 4,943... with a $900 deposit. Under today's promo, the Sky Suite is listed at $4,334 pp....not sure which perks apply but that price for 1 is what we have for 2. Not a great Sale! But of course there's no assurance it will actually sail.... may be it's a fundraiser for X (collect deposit, cancel cruise)...They are mostly pushing short cruises on Infinity and Millenium. Has anyone done better with the latest promo..?
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