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  1. Your trip looks wonderful. I was curious how you arranged your hog motorcycle ride around Russell? I do not recall seeing anyone on them when we were there. Since we will be visiting Bay of Islands again in 2021 this is something that would interest us. Mary
  2. Remember the non refundable deposits are not totally non refundable. They will keep $100 of the deposit and allow you to apply the rest toward another cruise. I believe we have a year to do this if we decided to cancel. Our cruises are not until Autumn 2021!! This was the way it was explained to us. We are currently sitting with three segments of a cruise. Which was three non refundable deposits. We did get all four perks for doing this so for us it is worth the risk.
  3. We would like to hear from anyone that has traveled from the Port in Greenock to Glasgow. What are the options. How frequent are trains? Does Celebrity run busses? thank you Mauimary
  4. To make matters clear. I never implied Belfast is dangerous. I have never been there. I do not think it’s called for to imply that Portland is dangerous. It’s not like any other major city. This chain is about others asking if Belfast is dangerous? No need to even compare it to any American city. If you have spent any amount of time in Portland you should be aware of areas that can be a little sketch. It is not the whole city. Please stop implying that it is. Just answer the question someone asked about Belfast.
  5. I am not going to debate you. You cannot judge a city by three homeless people who bothered you on the edge of an area you would not want to walk alone in on one occasion. One needs to ask questions from their hotel and educate themselves. Hence the term as having street smarts! This is a very unfair accusation and is not relative to the point of this particular thread which is incidentally on Belfast not PDX Oregon. Portland OR can be addressed on the Pacific Northwest and California Coastal Boards. Even as an excursion from Astoria a cruiser would not come inland this far.
  6. Duck lite. We have lived in Portland Oregon for the last thirtysix years. Agree there are areas of Portland like any other city that can be sketchy. Sorry you were bothered. The City Grill is on the edge of Old Town which you definitely would not want to walk around. The homeless problem is getting to be a huge problem. We have lived in a condo in an area that is known as the Pearl in Northwest PDX. for the last ten years. Yes there are some homeless wandering around but the area is generally very safe. We walk to restaurants and happy hour breweries all the time at night. People are out walking all the time especially so if you have a dog you need to walk. We have grandchildren that play in the parks near us. Please don’t paint Portland as a dangerous city one would not want to visit. We have many lovely features. We are not unlike any major city.
  7. We also would be interested in this tour if you wouldn’t mind sharing the name with us. thank you.
  8. Thank you everyone. Looks like we will have to wait until apx 6 weeks out for mid July.
  9. Can anyone tell us how far in advance one can purchase “Book of Kells” tickets. We will be in Dublin in July and would like to not have to wait in line. thank you Mary
  10. We too are finally retired and love getting away in the winter. Hawaii for us has usually been our go to destination. We have also done a number of Caribbean Cruises in Jan and Feb. It’s not cold and snowy where we live but instead gray and rainy. We absolutely loved Africa and had a fantastic Safari Company plan and book everything. Between all our flights on both cessnas, and commercial as well as ground transport and our many drivers our trip was absolutely flawless. We were never left anywhere wondering who was picking us up. We had drivers picking us up from small airports and driving us to the borders where another driver picked us up. We could never have arranged that ourselves. For us their services were invaluable and made it a no stress wonderful vacation. We will most definitely use this Safari Company again. So fortunate to discover them. They were invaluable in our planning process. Ours was a custom but not a private Safari. We are definitely planning to again visit Africa in a few years. But in the meantime Cruising is on our immediate agenda. Terry we will be excited to follow you on your next cruise blog. We have cruised from Honolulu to Aukland and departing in Sydney just a little over a year ago. Visiting Polynesia was wonderful. Be prepared as it can be hot and humid. We also have another Polynesia and New Zealand Cruise on the books but not until next year.
  11. Totally agree with you. We are just cautious and try to dress in a way that we do not stand out.
  12. Well I wore my diamond wedding ring w/o any problems in Cape Town. I sometimes turned it so the diamond was not so obvious. I wore simple inexpensive silver or gold small hoop earrings. No diamond earrings. My husband wore his gold wedding band. We dressed simply but nice. Nothing flashy or that would make us stand out. Our private excursions were small group (8) van excursions. One was a Cape Peninsula Tour with visit to the penguin colony. It also included cruise out to seal rock. It was an all day tour. Our other excursion was once again a small group van tour (8) up to Stellenbosch wine area. We stayed very close as in just across the street and a short walk up the hill from the V&A Waterfront. We made several visits over to just walk around and eat lunch or dinner and some shopping. We walked mostly during daylight as there are lots of people out. There is a Security presence. We even walked back up the hill after dark as our dinner ran late one night without any issues. We never felt threatened. It’s a very beautiful And scenic waterfront. Lots of entertaining local music groups/dancers. We also went out catamaran cruising twice as we love being out on the water. It is very easy to catch the ferry over to Robben Island at the Waterfront. You do however need to have pre booked tickets. As I previously mentioned we were able to take the aerial tram up to the top of Table Mtn. Fantastic views. Have your hotel check to see if they are running the tram. It does not run if winds are too high. The one day we had free to do it our hotel concierges checked when we went to breakfast and it was not running. On our way back from breakfast they had already checked for us. We had them book online tickets for us and we grabbed a taxi and left. We really wanted to have dinner at the Restaurant called Gold but we’re unable to get reservations for the day we wanted them. We dearly hope to get back again in a few years as we would love to go on another Safari and definitely visit Cape Town. Have a wonderful time.
  13. Five star hotel 110 rooms. We are very excited to return for another 3 nights!
  14. Terry... Totally agree Cape Town is on the must visit list. So glad we made it in 2019! We just had the most wonderful six day five night visit to Cape Town in mid November after our fabulous Safaris at three beautiful camps. We loved our visit to South Africa and Botswana with a side trip to Victoria Falls. The weather was clear and beautiful the entire time we were there. We had a beautiful view of Table Mountain every day from our hotel room at the beautiful Queen Victoria Hotel which was a short walk from the V&A Waterfront. We were able to finally take the tram up to Table Mtn on the last day we were there. Two days we had full day small van tours planned and two days the winds were too high and the tram was not running but on our last day everything came together and the winds calmed down and we finally were able to ride the tram. Absolute fabulous views. We experienced the most amazing hospitality and wonderful people in Cape Town. It was difficult to have to say goodbye. We definitely will be back. Terry we followed your blog on Botswana and South Africa several years ago when you did your Botswana Safari and cruise. It was part of what got us even more interested and the initial stages of planning started. Our trip was nearly two years in planning!! Thank you for all the amazing photos and details you have provided on your cruises over the years. Sincerely Mary and Richard.
  15. We stayed at Dukes Palace for three nights in July 2018. We loved it. Beautiful hotel good rates and ideal location very close to the Main Square. We enjoyed it so much we are returning again this summer prior to a cruise.
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