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  1. I have been on long cruises and I have brought along touch up hair color kits with me in the past. No problem.
  2. From my research concerning booster shots a vaccine will not cause one to be positive on a PCR or antigen test. What could very well show positive is on a antibody test. Do not confuse ANTIGEN test vs ANTIBODY test! The ones that we do at home with our test kits from RCCL are ANTIGEN tests. What the vaccine does is cause the body to produce antibodies to the virus. We will both be getting our booster shots 15 days from our cruise date. We both had Moderna and very much want that extra antibody boost before getting on a ship.
  3. We have a question regarding the RCCL app. Do we (spouses) each need to have our own app on our phone for uploading info (vaccine card) and health questionnaire for check in info. thank you.
  4. We have a question regarding the RCCL app. Do we (spouses) each need to have our own app on our phone for uploading info (vaccine card) and health questionnaire for check in info. thank you.
  5. We are flying into LAX mid November from the NW. We could really use suggestions for shuttles, car services etc to San Pedro. Not too excited to take a taxi.
  6. If you do not count the day of departure that would be 72 hrs or three days (day of departure would be day3). From what we have seen it’s 48 hrs or two days. Depart on Sunday test needs to be done on a Friday. We plan to test before we leave home and not from the hotel once we arrive departure port. Just in case a test should turn up positive it’s much easier and better to deal with it at home.
  7. That’s what we plan to do as well. To even be able to find a test where we are is getting to be very hard to do. We can’t count on even finding them at Walgreens or CVS.
  8. We booked a few days ago a cruise out of LA to Mexico. We understand we need Covid tests in addition to our vaccination certificates. Question. Can we purchase antigen test kits from RCCL to be used before we leave home. For us the pharmacies are just to iffy on getting results back in time. We understand we need tests to get back into the USA. Does the cruise line do these? Everyone on the entire ship coming back into LA will need a test. We can find no information on any of this on RCCL website. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  9. Since we haven’t cruised with RCCL in the last five years we’re no longer familiar with the drink coupons for D D+. Can these coupons be used during any time of the day or only in the early evening. It used to be 5-8 last time we cruised. thank you.
  10. I believe this poster was looking for information on whether these ports are baby friendly. There are ways for them to enjoy a cruise and see these islands. After spending a lot of time on these islands and seeing visitors with kids of all ages they can certainly have a good time exploring the islands. Since you will be flying to the islands why not bring your own car seat and arrange for your own rental cars. Every one of these islands are easy to explore on your own and drive. With a little research you can figure out what you would like to see. You may even decide to just stay close to Port on one day. Kauai is very easy to do this with restaurants within walking distance. The grounds of the Marriott Hotel are within walking distance along with a beautiful beach. To visit the volcanos Haleakala (Maui) and Kilauea (BI) are a little more ambitious but Kilauea is an easy drive from Hilo for exploring. Kona is a fun port to walk around and find family friendly restaurants. Maui is very easy to drive. We say go for it and enjoy. If cruising is what you would like to do just plan accordingly with some independent travel and enjoy with your sweet daughter. Mauimary.
  11. It’s actually your last point of departure from the mainland. Not the origination of your flight. It must be from Seattle, LA San Francisco or wherever your final leg is. A delayed flight from your origination could have an effect if it causes you to miss your flight. The test must be administered no more than 72 hours prior to the scheduled departure time of the final leg to Hawaii We are probably saying the same thing in a different way. The key is not to have a seriously delayed flight somewhere that causes you to miss your connecting. Our friends had a canceled flight (0900) with mechanical in Portland that caused them to have to fly to Seattle. They had to sit around until 1p and nearly timed out.
  12. AF-1 your lucky that your Walgreens is getting the tests back so quickly. Not all of them do. Definitely can’t count on it. Now if anyone can tell us where in Portland OR we can get such a quick return we would be grateful. We had to spend $170 ea. At least Portland is the last place for leaving the Mainland so it gives us a little more leeway than other places back east. The time ends after your last stop. We also had friends nearly time out after a cancelled flight and had to fly to Seattle to connect. This Covid testing and timing is stressful at least for us.
  13. We have stayed at the Outrigger many times. It is a wonderful hotel. The Sheraton Moana Surfrider is also wonderful. The lobby however is noisy and busy. Waikiki is very noisy and busy. We have been there in Feb May Sept and Oct and it is busy no matter what time of year. Make sure you get a room that is not near the street. It is busy until wee hours of the morning. If you want to be close to things in Waikiki with restaurants galore this is a great location.
  14. We just returned a week ago to Portland Oregon from Kona. There is a lot of confusion regarding Walgreens testing. They are all different and use different labs. The test has to be a PCR test. Not all can get them back in two hours and many say 3-5 days. Of course we could not wait. For a Sat am flight we got 0900 tests on Thur am. Those results still were not back by 1600 on Fri. Our daughter used a different Walgreens and she did not have results either. We we’re getting very nervous so ran out to the airport where Carbon Health was doing the rapid PCR for 170$ ea. As luck would have it those Walgreen results showed just after we returned home. Of course we were double negative. We were on Hawaiian Air and only transited the Maui airport in both directions. We had everything here checked by the airline and were processed here. We were given bands to wear making us good to go to get us into Kona. Everything was fully processed and cleared in Kona. FYI those lines are long in Maui. We had to have two QR code’s which were uploaded to Hawaii Safe travels. After those were checked we were given final clearance which you need for everything. It is easiest on the phone. They did not simply want the photo of the QR code. Since we had copies of our vaccination certificates they did not require a second test on arrival in Kona since it had been two weeks from the last dose. Many were in line for second tests. We are scheduled to visit two island (Kauai and Maui in Sept). After dealing with this once we are going to keep it to one island. It is just too stressful for us having to make appointments and worry about getting results in time. We saw a group of three ladies who had flown to Maui from Oahu who did not have results back yet. We literally heard them tell them they had to go into quarantine at their own expense or return to Oahu. You cannot quarantine just anywhere. Specific places. One lady we talked to in Kona didn’t realize she needed a second test after being on Oahu. They immediately escorted her to a motel, gave her a room with no key so she could not leave and she of course had to pay. She had to wait for results from that test. It’s all quite confusing doing this for the first time with Covid travel. Internet is not the best in the airport for retrieving info. Seems like not all employees know what they are doing. We’re grateful that Hawaii is very strict. It makes us feel better flying. Just do your research. Our Walgreens were free even though they took insurance info. We also just did one yesterday after flying home. It’s been 27 hrs and we do not have results yet. At least we do not have to sweat it out!
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