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  1. There were even apes with their babies. and ones that just liked liked to pose for you
  2. We continued our way up to see the apes. They hung on the car windows would jump on you you when you got out. (This is not me, but we have some nice pics of us with the apes) And one, even appeared larger than our ship, way down there
  3. It doesn’t look like the video link worked, so I will try again internet has been really slow the last day. These are not the speeds we are use to seeing on O3b ships
  4. We continued up the Rock to St. Michael’s Caves. The road is very narrow as you can see in the short video I uploaded. The cave is open to visitors and makes a unique auditorium for concerts, ballet and drama. It has been in use as a theatre since the early sixties with capacity for 600 persons. Some of these photos may be a little dark, because of the changing lighting. At some period during the history of this cave, part of a stalagmite became too heavy on one side and fell, possibly thousands of years ago. It now lies on its side at the far end of the main chamber, cemented through the years by nature to the floor of the cave. In 1972 a slice was cut off from the top end which revealed the interior structure of the stalagmite in a most dramatic fashion.
  5. We really enjoyed our time in Gibraltar. I know some have visited here many times, and they only get off to buy things, because they are cheap. We were here to experience something new. We did not have a tour booked for this port, so we got a taxi at the end of the terminal, to do a tour of the rock. They put 6 others in with us, and were were off before the tours with Royal were leaving. This was perfect, because we didn’t feel crowded at any of the stops. Our first stop, on the way up the rock, was at the Pillars of Hercules. According to Greek mythology Hercules had to take on twelve tasks. One of these tasks was to bring the cattle of Geryon from the west to Eurytheus. On his journey Hercules had to cross the Atlas Mountains. Rather than climbing over these mountains, he used his great strength to smash through them and as a result, he brought the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean together. After he had achieved this task, the result was what is now known as The Pillars of Hercules. This became the Rock of Gibraltar on the northern side and Jebel Musa in Ceuta on the southern side.
  6. So I fell a day behind with our day in Gibraltar. At least I have a sea day now to catch up. I may have to go talk to the captain, to see if he can add a sea day between each of our upcoming ports. I wouldn’t mind adding another week to the cruise 😁 I was up in time to catch a little of the sunrise, but there were still some clouds. Gibraltar is in the direction of the sunrise
  7. You may have to look at Anthem, because Royal is pulling Indy out of Southampton. That is a shame, because Indy is a wonderful ship to do this itinerary
  8. The comedian’s have been British, so naturally their humor is in a British style. As Americans, we may not get some of the humor that may relate to living in the UK. Just like many who travel to the States, they may not get our comedians. The comedian’s show on the third night was better than the first.
  9. I hope you have the beautiful weather and calm seas we have had so far.
  10. We chose this cruise, because we booked onboard the Allure 16 months ago, and were looking for a cruise that sailed at least two weeks. This one caught our eye, because it sailed to many of the ports we wanted to visit. Plus, we wanted to spend a little time in London after the cruise. We have enjoyed meeting many from the UK, and for some reason, they seem to think we are the ones with the accent😁 I would not hesitate to do another cruise from Southampton. As far as sailing from Barcelona, there are always future cruises.
  11. Our experience on the last three cruise, is they do not show correctly until you board the ship, and connect to their wifi
  12. They started a karaoke competition, with the top 9 to vie for the title at the end of the cruise. My money net is on Bill. I think he has maybe done this before, because he has a great stage presence. https://www.pscp.tv/w/b_1MQzEzNzU1Mzc5fDFMeXhCQUxYVk5rSk46EezBKpCQ9Q0sOhMDSMova-6--KmeS-kMIaPSw4hBAA==?t=1s If he gets famous from this video, I will have to ask for some kind of discovery fee😁
  13. The Captain’s welcome aboard party was after dinner, and the captain made his introductions. Here is a short video https://www.pscp.tv/w/b_1MIzEzNzU1Mzc5fDFQbEtRTFZNbFJxeEXoSy8OGGOJMUAvD_eMf7kn8FaQk0ahxsgJnf9A_dkkKg==?t=1s One thing I will say about formal night over here, is that it is still observed in a big way. This sailing had at least 80% of the men in tuxes or dark suits. I would have felt out of place if I had not brought my tux. We even saw young boys of 7 or 8 with tuxes on. And, of course there were a fair amount of kilts.
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