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  1. You can buy anything with your OBC Past Reviews post 184
  2. No burns at all for us, and we didn’t have long sleeves. Just go down in the position they tell you to. Past Reviews post 184
  3. Your status would be Diamond on Royal. The happy hour in the Diamond lounge is usually 3.5 hours long, with unlimited drinks there, and three drinks added to your sea pass card for use during those hours No free internet, just a discount These are the perks Past Reviews post 184
  4. That’s why I am getting all my fun in now, before I reach that magic age. Evidently, you can be too old for some things. Past Reviews post 184
  5. Even stranger, because my iPhone just goes into the birthday list, with no notice or forum jump button. Past Reviews post 184
  6. Strange, because it doesn’t show up at all on my iPhone, nor does it on a landscape orientation on an iPad until you get several screens in. Many may open this screen, which doesn’t display the notice. Then they scroll to the roll call, and try to find it. Which takes them to this screen, which also does not display it. Only when they click the link that you can’t find your roll call, does it take you to a page where the notice is. They just really need to make the experience consistent across devices. It should not be that difficult. Maybe they need a color banner like they put up this week when they were doing the last update. Past Reviews post 184
  7. Maybe it would be helpful if CC put the notice on the roll call pages, instead of at the side of the main page. Many people don’t see it there. Plus, it doesn’t show up at all, if using Tapatalk Past Reviews post 184
  8. The find your roll call tool is not working, and has not worked for some time. You have to go to the Grandeur Roll call sub forum, and scroll until you find it. As an alternate, once you get to the Grandeur sub forum, you can put in your dates of 3 28, and select search in this forum; all of my search terms words; and content titles only, and it should come up in that search.
  9. And it is always possible the Quantum ships will transition to the Royal app by then. Past Reviews post 184
  10. And mine looks a little different yet. It says Cruise Planner, instead of Plan my cruise.
  11. Congratulations on your first cruise. We had L’Occitane in our JS on Harmony in November, but that may not be a given on every ship. We are doing the same cruise as you, only a month later. Have you checked in with your roll call for this cruise yet? It is a little more active than the one we have for July. It is always another good source for information. Enjoy your cruise.
  12. On one of our cruises, it was held on the second sea day. The invitations did not show up until the first sea day in that case.
  13. If your area is serviced by Southwest, book the flights the day they release them. Last year, that was the cheapest for holiday flights, and they will only go up in price and sell out fast after that release date.
  14. Not quite up to Super Mario’s level over on Royal Caribbean. He has cruised an average of 350 days a year, and has done that for the past 23 years now. He is their most traveled passenger.
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