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  1. Even though it is listed as a cost of $0.00, and you put it in your cart, don’t forget to check out. Some have left it in their cart without checking out, only to find later that their time was no longer available
  2. You may find location shoots anywhere. We watched them film Magnum on a couple of our land trips, and got to meet the cast and crew. The film crew even gave us one of the crew shirts. And the surprising thing is, it still fits after all these years. Enjoy Hawaii. We never tire of it.
  3. Will be following along. We love Hawaii, and have been there seven times now. Make sure you get some Hula pie at Dukes. It is fantastic. Also looking forward to your impressions of Ovation. We are booked on her next June, so it looks like we are sailing from your hometown.
  4. This just showed up in my mailbox today 😁
  5. We did the one at Blue Lagoon. They do not allow you to have your camera with you when you are with the dolphins. They will, however, take several pictures and sell them to you
  6. We did the Med from Southampton in July. There were about 80% in tuxes and kilts. Even the kids we saw on the sailing were in tuxes, and the girls in gowns.
  7. They can even change later on boarding day. If you are going to check your table location after boarding, ask if those are the table numbers for your sailing. Sometimes, they do not get changed until later in the afternoon.
  8. One of our cruises next year is listed at $55, so it varies by ship and sail date
  9. How long is it before you receive your VAT refund? We bought some jewelry in Italy, while on our cruise this summer. The 22% VAT was tacked on to the purchase, and the store gave us a form which was stamped by the customs official at LHR, and taken by them for processing by Global Blue. We checked for it to be credited back to our credit card, but no credit yet. It will be 6 weeks tomorrow. Just wondered what timeframe others experienced.
  10. That message was trying that link. I know sometimes it takes a while on ones we booked with a TA, but not after we got the second confirmation. I may may need to call the TA. We are taking two newbie couples with us, so I wanted to guide them through the sign up process.
  11. The cruise we booked for next June was a group rate with our TA. Although we have a booking number, which is the same as what automatically shows up in our cruise planner, the Meet and Mingle registration site does not recognize it. Guess it will take a while before we can register.
  12. Maybe not. Our April on the Anthem is still listed at 999.99.
  13. Most of the recent reviews are from Europe. Indy is currently sailing from Southampton, so things are different from a typical Caribbean sailing. We sailed Indy in January in the Caribbean, and July in Europe. There are some photos of the ship in the review I did in July.
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