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  1. In Apple’s App Store. It is called desktop browser, so just search for that. Not sure if they make the same for Android devices, but try searching for that name in the google play store.
  2. It is kind of wonky, but if you download the desktop browser app on iPhone, it will display the desktop versions with signature links. it works in portrait and landscape mode, and I am using it on an iPhone 6S
  3. Oh man, I would hate to end up in Nassau, when I was expecting Key West. Hope that doesn’t happen to us in January.
  4. Both it, and Royal Caribbean’s sites are down for maintenance. Royal’s says it will be down until noon, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Celebrity’s site is down this long. Was hoping to get on early to see if my luggage tags are ready yet. The 5-5 pm time frame is posted on the UK site, so that would mean the noon EST timeframe is when it should be back up.
  5. It means you have to book another cruise to enjoy any benefits.
  6. Possibly none. They may change Anthem’s itinerary to drop Nassau and Coco Cay, and do an overnight in Bermuda.
  7. Before you book any of the hotels, Express bus, or other things, set up a travel notice for your credit card. I don’t know if it was unique to the card we were using, but it kept getting flagged for a fraud alert when we tried booking things in the UK from the States. It never crossed my mind to do that, because we were not traveling at the time, but just booking things several months in advance. It may save you some problems, if you set up the notice.
  8. We flew into LHR this summer, for a cruise from Southampton. We used National Express for our transfer from the airport to Southampton. The bus system was probably the least expensive way to get from the airport to Southampton. We purchased our tickets before we left home, and the earlier you book, the less they will be. We stayed at the Holiday Inn, mainly because it was right outside the port, and it was within walking distance to many of the things we wanted to see in Southampton. Some of the other hotels may be a little newer, but we had no complaints about the Holiday Inn. We walked from the bus station to the hotel, but you could easily get a taxi if you needed. I think that walk was about a half a mile. Make sure you leave time to get through customs and collect your bags at the airport, if you schedule a time for the bus transportation. I think I included a little about our experience getting there, and it is in a live report I did. A link to that is in my signature. By the way, we booked all our hotels and transportation independently. If you can afford the time, spend a few days before and after the cruise to explore Southampton and London.
  9. Yes it is, but don’t tell anyone. We have watched many performances from up there.
  10. Twangster, this brings back a lot of memories of our Panama Canal Trip we did for the 100 year anniversary of the Canal. We did transit of the locks from the gulf into Gatun Lake, then did a transit through the other locks to the Pacific on a ferry. It gives you a very different perspective to be in the locks from the level of a small boat. I wish I would have posted more photos of that part of the transit in the report that I did. (I know I certainly took a lot). There are al least a couple, if you wanted to take a look. That was done on the Coral Princess. Thanks again for doing this.
  11. The official counts were: 883 D 948 D+ 268 P Top cruisers 2651 4747 8358 - Super Mario
  12. Yes, we are near Pittsburgh. That lets us drive to this cruise. Enjoyed reading about your time on Anthem. You should really like the Oasis. That is one of our favorite class of ships.
  13. Looking forward to hearing about your experience on Anthem. Although we have sailed many different ships, we are sailing Anthem for the first time in April. I have heard that same story about crowds at Windjammer on boarding day.
  14. One of the sites we are not supposed to mention here posted this update they received from Royal Caribbean. September 13 Update: We have received further clarification on this change. All short itineraries (5-nights or less) offer a “Wear Your Best” evening onboard (in lieu of a formal night). Royal Caribbean describes it as: Nighttime’s the right time to wear your best look. That means a step up from your tropical dinner wear, and includes collared shirts, dresses, skirts, blouses and pantsuits. Jackets, tuxedos/formal wear sports coats and blazers are also appropriate. Sailings that are 6-nights or longer still have formal nights. This includes Harmony of the Seas and all sister ships sailing 6+ night itineraries
  15. Makes sense, and the speeds I saw posted there are so much better than on the ship.
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