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  1. It also doesn’t hurt to start checking flights and prices with google flights. We started checking a year ahead and tracking prices, while also checking prices on air2sea. We we ended up booking nonstop flights on Virgin Atlantic in February for our trip this July. Got a better class and a lower price than what air2sea was quoting. The price went a couple hundred lower at 4 months out, but now at 7 weeks, it is almost double what we paid.
  2. Ok, here is someone with a totally different opinion. Sailing out of the northern ports that time of year, you would likely have some rougher seas and colder temperatures, and any outdoor kids areas would likely be closed. Given the the age of your kids, I would choose Symphony or any of the Oasis class ships. So much more for the kids on those ships. If it was just the two of us, we would take the longer Anthem cruise, because we like those ports
  3. When we were on Indy in January, there were not a lot of bar waiters either. Last month on Grandeur, there were lots of roaming bar waiters, both in the DL and the bars. Hopefully Indy gets a few more before we board in 7 weeks
  4. We were on the week before you. I have to agree with the taste of the latte from the machine in the DL. I had even brought along a bottle of Carmel syrup to spice it up, but even that didn’t work. After tasting it, we bought the coffee card and got real ones each morning.
  5. It did get my Diamond status back after the update😁
  6. Depends on when you are sailing. They have sales all the time. If you see a price you like, book it. You can always cancel and rebook if you find a lower price.
  7. Also, if you have any onboard credit applied from a royal Caribbean Visa card that shows up in your cruise planner, you can use that. Some say it will not show up until a couple weeks before the cruise, but if you call, they can apply it sooner. I had some applied two months out, so I could take advantage of some sales.
  8. Safe travels home. Enjoyed following along. Only 48 days till we fly over, and 50 days till we board Indy for two weeks. Thanks again.
  9. One new feature with the app. It dropped us from Diamond to pre gold with zero points, and it lists only one of our booked excursions. Thankfully it is correct on the web site. Maybe it will get straightened out closer to sailing.
  10. And here this crazy American just had to look up what bubble and squeak was. Is the mixed grill not good? Enjoying looking at the menus to get a feel for what we may see when we board Indy in July. Definitely different menus than what we see in the Caribbean. I know we will get some firsthand impressions, of the food, from our friends who are onboard now.
  11. Mine look ok on an iPhone. Red circle with the number of unread posts I am following
  12. Do they not serve lobster on formal night for cruises in Europe, or is that just a Caribbean thing? Although, on our cruise last month, they served it the night after formal night. That was the first we ever had that happen.
  13. What ship? Some staterooms on some ships do not have refrigerators, or coolers. You would have to rely on your stateroom attendant to bring you ice in that case.
  14. Make sure you link your reservations, and make all times the same. If you have a large group, they will probably not put others with you. You will likely have the same table and wait staff each night. That being said, our experience with MTD on Oasis, Allure, and Harmony was not the greatest. It always seemed like they were understaffed, and rushing you through dinner to turn over the tables. Our experience last month on Grandeur with MTD was more like it should be, and we had the best wait staff in a long time. If you used a TA, have them see if they can make arrangements for you.
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