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  1. Spot on. Vacation and sleep for the wife, and love and liquor for me. 😂😂
  2. Agree that January seems too soon. We are thinking about shifting our January one now to January 2022. We already had 2 cancelled this year and took the refunds, but don’t want to do that again. That way we can move our insurance along with it We still have other insurance vouchers and flight vouchers to use on something next year.
  3. You won’t find that many, because part of the picture is missing. 🤷‍♂️
  4. We had a large increase in cases when it got to the Amish community here.
  5. None of mine started again. Haven’t received any since June 10th.
  6. They already tried that once, when we showed up at the pier, and they only had my wife listed in our cabin. 😂😂
  7. Thanks Jenn. Glad to hear they are working on it.
  8. At this point, the 125% is just an assumption based on what they have offered for other canceled cruises. The website says they will share details next week.
  9. Until Royal officially cancels the cruise, the options will be listed on their website. Don’t be too quick and cancel on your own, or you may just get the standard 100% FCC.
  10. One of ours, we didn’t get till 45 days.
  11. We had two cruises that we had checked in, and both of them were canceled. That does not guarantee they are sailing. We just got the last of the refund for the second canceled cruise, and it took 80 days.
  12. Any cruises sailing in August are probably really pie in the sky. They are still working at getting crew home. Even if the CDC lifts the no sail order on the 24th of July, cruise lines would not get much more than a week notice. There is no way cruise lines could get their crew back and be prepared to implement any new procedures by August 1. I am just hoping they get some started and get some experience before my January cruise. I would like to see someone play guinea pig before me.
  13. It looks like email notifications have stopped again. Haven’t received any since Wednesday.
  14. Finally received the last of our cruise planner refunds after 80 days. Think I will hold off on prebooking anything for the one remaining cruise we have on the books.
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