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  1. 7 hours ago, LACruiser88 said:

    Tonight we had our 3rd dinner at The Catch.  It was delicious!!!



    We started with the "Fantastic Journey."  It was truly FANTASTIC!!!



    The view was not bad either!



    For our main we had the King Salmon with Parmesan Fries.



    Dessert was again the Chantilly Lace (Ice cream and Chantilly Creme filled Profiteroles).  Wow!!!


                      Oh My GIFs - Find & Share on GIPHY

                      you ate all that !

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  2.  "But how would you get it through security?"   My wife will wear a 7X moomoo  and I will duct tape the case to her left leg, leaving the right leg free to kick the security personnel.    That case has been with us for over a decade. We learned early on that there's is a snow ball's chance in hell of getting through port security unnoticed. 

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  3. 42 minutes ago, Sox Fan Cruiser said:

    Next Topic:   Signature Sun Deck  (Part 1)


    I need to start this by saying that we had great weather, but I don’t think my experience is anything like what it will be when the ship moves to the Caribbean.  This area was not very crowded the entire cruise.  There were only about a dozen couples that used it on a regular basis.


    With that said, I feel like this area is more like the Retreat Sun Deck on the Celebrity ships (for suites only) and should not be looked at like the Sanctuary on other Princess ships.  But fret not, there are SO many different places to lounge about on this ship that I don’t think people will need this space to get away from the crowds and the noise. 


    And as in the other suite areas, the service was outstanding.  As soon as you entered the space there was someone coming up to greet you and address you by name.  They have machines that recognize your medallion.  People have a fear that because those aft glass elevators open up right in the Suite section that people will “sneak in”.  There is no fear of that!  They are on you as soon as that elevator opens asking what you need and where you want to sit.  I even heard them ask one couple to leave who just came in to take pictures.  They wouldn’t allow them to. (It wasn’t the first day but towards the end of the cruise).  So they are on top of it.


    Once you pick a lounger, they cover it in towels so you are laying on that and not the cushion itself.  They also give you a rolled up towel for your head.  They then inquire about a cocktail or flavored water or even coffee drinks if it’s early or a little cold out.  And yes, there is a full bar with bar stools.  You can sit and have a drink or have one of the staff go and get one for you.  I know that drinks in the suite lounge don’t count towards your drink package maximum, but I think the ones in the Sun Deck do.


    At lunch time, they are right there with the bento box menu if you don’t want to leave the area.  I’ll post a picture of the menu as well.  And while I didn’t ask, I guess you could mix and match items from different themed boxes, but most likely they will just bring you both!  They did not offer to go get you other menu items such as burgers or pizza as some do in the Sanctuary, but we always use that as an excuse to get up and walk around a bit anyway.



    You Will Never Run Out – Summer & Peach


     Good to read ..

    "They are on you as soon as that elevator opens asking what you need and where you want to sit.  I even heard them ask one couple to leave who just came in to take pictures.  They wouldn’t allow them to. (It wasn’t the first day but towards the end of the cruise).  So they are on top of it."

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  4. 5 hours ago, LACruiser88 said:

    Tonight's extra dish in the Reserve Dining Room was Lobster Rissoto. They prepared grilled vegetables for our starter.  We had the coconut shrimp as a second course.  We had the Lobster Rissoto for our main and they put a few coconut shrimp on top.













    those are some good looking dishes. If we didn't have a cow and calf operation I could be a pescatarian 😀

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  5. 12 minutes ago, LACruiser88 said:

    Today turned out to be a beautiful, warm day!  It had to be 80°!


    We strolled and shopped thru the Saturday street market at the Rocks.






    Debbie doing what she loves, shop!!!  (She is in the white shirt)



    And then we walked and walked...


    The Royal Princess in the background.




    We walked to the Royal Botanic Gardens looking for cockatoos.  And we found them, a huge flock of Greater Sulphur-Crested Cockatoos!  It always amazes us to see parrots in the wild that we bred in our aviaries.  Over the years, we bred 8 different species of Cockatoos, the Greater Sulphur-Crested being one of them.









    We also spotted a Rainbow Lorikeet, a species that we also bred.



    We returned to the Rocks dripping in sweat for a cold refreshment!





    Before returning "home," we walked to a wine shop that was recommended by the Concierge at our hotel.  The clerk was extremely helpful helping us select 6 bottles of wines that are not exported outside of Australia.  These we will carryon to the ship.






    They are all screw caps and were in the $50 to $70 AUD.  I'll report back on how they tasted.  🤞



    Tomorrow, we are planning on taking the ferry to Manly.





    screw cap capitol of the world 😄

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  6. 5 hours ago, LACruiser88 said:

    Tonight, dinner at the hotel was a big hit!  Debbie had one of her favorite dishes, Spaghetti and Clams.





    I had the roasted Barramundi in a wood burning oven.  Fantástico!!!









    For our vinophile friends, tonight's vino.  I gave it a solid 92 points! 


    Side note: While traveling we always seek local wines that are not exported.  


    Thanx ! I chose to forgo my usual morning cup of coffee for a glass of Penfolds Bin 407 and retreated to the back porch. Jo  came out and saw the wine glass in hand and said " don't you think it's a bit early for that"   I replied.  " It's Rafeal's fault. His post gave me a hankering" 😅

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  7. 6 hours ago, LACruiser88 said:

    @c-boy  Tom, this post is especially for you mi amigo!  Our Concierge recommended the "Fish at the Rocks" for dinner.  It's not too far away from 6 Head. 


    It was outstanding!  We shared a grilled octopus appetizer.  Debbie had the Seafood Spaghettini and I had the Whole Baked Barramundi accompanied by a really nice Shiraz.  The owner was our server and provided great service. 


    It is not a tourist destination, mostly locals.  We made a reservation for Sunday night for a chance to try some of the other specialties.  They have several nightly specials not on the menu.


    Btw, it rained on and off all day long.















    I like that 😃. I'm just trying to think how it will fit on my head stone.  It reads a lot better than "I told you I was sick" .

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