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  1. well that sucks ! curious as to how the staff will handle this.
  2. Good 😵 odiferous combination, your not getting on the elevator with me
  3. Good to read .. "They are on you as soon as that elevator opens asking what you need and where you want to sit. I even heard them ask one couple to leave who just came in to take pictures. They wouldn’t allow them to. (It wasn’t the first day but towards the end of the cruise). So they are on top of it."
  4. Jo and I spent some quite time in the arcade after many casino visits.... Btw, there was no smoke in the Casino. 🤷‍♂️ good ol' Australia
  5. those are some good looking dishes. If we didn't have a cow and calf operation I could be a pescatarian 😀
  6. Thanx ! I chose to forgo my usual morning cup of coffee for a glass of Penfolds Bin 407 and retreated to the back porch. Jo came out and saw the wine glass in hand and said " don't you think it's a bit early for that" I replied. " It's Rafeal's fault. His post gave me a hankering" 😅
  7. I like that 😃. I'm just trying to think how it will fit on my head stone. It reads a lot better than "I told you I was sick" .
  8. business class, the only way to fly 👍. Especially when your flying half way around the world.
  9. I'm coming from a place of experience, in speaking to the fact that I/we have actually done this with the advice from fellow passengers. Most recently a couple we traveled with from Enfield England. And if you or others spend enough time on this site you will read that this is offered as advice and practiced. Advice about feelings (sense) is far removed from actual experience. If you were incensed from the post ignore it and take advice from those you deem worthy.
  10. with a brief conversation you can get an idea of what the staff member is interested in. Since they are very busy and usually don't get a chance to go ashore while in port. The information gathered can be used to purchase a physical gift to show your appreciation. Perhaps a nice bottle of wine, candy or a tee shirt .... He/she will be pleasantly surprised and grateful.
  11. I'm so sorry I forgot 🙁. wouldn't be a good fit for you guys. May be Harbour front seafood at the other end.
  12. you will be within walking distance to Jo and I spent a couple on nights in there
  13. 🤣 good thing. I could see the looks on the faces of the security team as your parcel passed through a scanner. 😲 " crickey ! this top ender is in need of some serious therapy.
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