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  1. for piece of mind we do the same. We also do it with any high interest burden purchases, such as vehicle purchases.
  2. ya know what that would have been the right thing to do but, I was dumb founded, in shock and sickened by this turn of events that I walked to the bus station put my plate down and walked out.
  3. very classy. The last cruise line I was on I witnessed buffet debauchery. While surveying the layout this flannel clad woman reached under the glass, grabbed a piece of chicken, placed it in her mouth, licked her fingers, mumbled something then pick up the tong to serve herself more of this delectable fowl.
  4. that's interesting, makes me wonder how often this happens. Out right extortion with that approach. You have the option of not tipping at all. Most longshoremen do not verbally solicit tips, It's the bulls/shot callers that run the dock and you met one. As to why your tipping so much for so little service is .... it's a toll. In order for your personal belongings to cross over the bridge you have to pay the troll.
  5. O P, am I to gather that you are inferring the RCI knowingly put their passengers at risk ?
  6. that must be one of the table etiquette practices that left when we declared that we wanted to be separated from England. 😄
  7. Buffets are great, and we will do them for breakfast and non port days. Dinner for us in an occasion, where we set and relax enjoy company and conversation.
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