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  1. well this is an interesting question. Is this for bragging rights ? .... cause .....
  2. The one that comes to mind is, the jogging track with Jackie Joiner Kersee. I have to go thru my rolodex for the others.
  3. maybe there's some barrel chairs on one of these that can be removed and given as gifts to some perturbed passengers.
  4. currently CCL, that's because we have a large position with them.
  5. ... " No matter how Covid-19 deniers try to spin it they want us to deny the dangerous position we are in as a country health wise." .this statement reminds me of this scene .
  6. 🤣... so if your a tour guide and you have 45-50 in your group, T A's come in handy.
  7. wonderful video, loved it. I see someone has a sweet tooth 😄
  8. 🤣 I donno, I can't shake the idea that being stuck on an 80th floor elevator ride with you, will lead to me questioning my sobriety.
  9. clo, your on holiday and should be relaxing, not worried about what they do.
  10. we'll be spending more time at the Bodega Bay abode.
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