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  1. that and Princess has a reasonable expectation of their customers abide to the dress codes.
  2. " the green apple quick step." 😄 haven't heard that one since 78' 1
  3. ya know what Lori , your on to something there. .. disregard my earlier post, carry on.
  4. a bit of an incline but not a stressful one. I gotta say Alaskan zip lines are a lot different than Caribbean and Mexico zip lines. Your up there, in a fir or spruce and if there's a breeze your swayin' ! it's exhilarating.
  5. 😄 ... "laundry hog " love it. 15 tops. If I had to wait any longer I would begin to wrinkle.
  6. this thread is making me ill !
  7. a lot of construction cranes, economy must be doing good.
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