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  1. it's not the meat, it's the cheese that's greasy.
  2. a constant alcohol buzz, and I feel as if I'm one with the ship 😄
  3. " I'm suggesting that no one is going to judge you because you wear the same clothes everyday." 😮 Unless your in public or military service probably not. Even then I had to keep my appearance up. It was an unsettling experience for me to be on a lift with a person sporting the same attire for the past three days and smelled like limburger cheese. I would rather have my nipples pieced by a blind man than go thru that again.
  4. is it the flight or the family that's stressful 🤔
  5. a mid day pick me up. A woman after my own heart 😍
  6. 😃 I'm going to use this thread as a litmus test for the aptitude of persons I might encounter onboard in the future.
  7. Are the targets, by any chance, photos of the IT team? 🤣 someone is having a bad day
  8. But I uploaded on a cruise that is 8 months out...🤔 yes, but you have the iVIP black app. soooo..😉
  9. editor and chief of c c, Colleen McDaniel is wearing her vaccinated band. https://www.cruisecritic.com/
  10. 🤣 what do they need I T for, They have c c'ers. Proud bunch of drum bangers and dart throwers.
  11. I see she's headin' north now 🛳️
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