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  1. We booked for the end of 2021, for an itinerary that's seldom offered. I hope it works out, we had 2 different cruises cancelled this year, in March and a re-book attempt in September.
  2. Blame the virus, not the US government. If the virus didn't exist, if people weren't dying in large numbers, there would be no reason for any government anywhere in the world to have to react to the virus in order to protect their people.
  3. Considering both the US and the world are currently on upwards swings of COVID infections, no one will be going very far for a little while. Atleast not in large groups.
  4. My comment is based on his previous decisions and actions. He didn't want the other cruise ships to dock and had the no sail order put into place. Time will tell which course he chooses this time.
  5. Don't hold your breath. It would need to be signed by the president and he has no love for cruise ships that could carry the virus. And with none of the cruise ships being registered in the US, he's not going to have an incentive to get things started again.
  6. We went ahead and booked a re-do in 2021 of our Sept 8th cruise that was cancelled. Price was similar when we researched but when we booked they took off the 20% and we actually have a whole bunch of money leftover with our FCCs.
  7. Not doing too bad in Canada, about 300 new cases and 4 deaths per day for the entire country. Ontario is at its most open controlled stage. Many municipalities have mask requirements for indoor activities as well as social distancing, but our restaurants and stores are open, and even some movie theaters are opening.
  8. I'm retired. DH's employer would require him to isolate for 14 days after his return from travelling. Fortunately, he can work from home.
  9. With COVID cases spiralling upward in new states, it's no surprise that the CDC wouldn't be interested in discussing sailing from US ports, right now.
  10. Our cruise was Sept 8th and is still showing the on hold/make a payment now page. I figure that page is just a general place holder. We did receive an email from NCL giving the same cancellation info as what is listed in the link that was previously posted. Chances are the place holder page will be removed at the same time the cruise listing is removed and replaced with an FCC (if you don't choose a refund).
  11. Still waiting for NCL to admit my Sept 8 Canada cruise is cancelled. My NCL account only says it's on hold. I guess they have to hold everyone's money a little longer to bring in enough interest to make it worth their while.
  12. I think the Canada cruise costs more than a Bermuda cruise?
  13. Urm, I have a Canada cruise booking with NCL for Sept and haven't heard a thing - except the website now says it's on hold.
  14. Disney announced their cancellations, already. https://www.travelmarketreport.com/articles/Disney-Cruise-Line-Cancels-More-Europe-and-Alaska-2020-Sailings
  15. That could just be how their IT handles web page changes.
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